November 2022

Global 4-day week pilot was a huge success, organizers say

The verdict is in: A four-day work week is good for business.

30/11/2022 CNN

God of War Ragnarök breaks new ground for accessibile gaming – our research explains what more developers can do

Digital games are a bigger part of our culture than ever before. Over 50% of people in the UK, Europe and US are now gaming regularly, regardless of age or gender. Only recently, however, have developers begun consistently designing gameplay options…

30/11/2022 The Conversation

Barcelona's ambitious mental health plan sees results

The Catalan city, governed since 2015 by the alternative left, has made safeguarding mental health a priority, particularly for young people.

30/11/2022 Le Monde

Latin America could set a global example for a just energy transition

In Latin America and the Caribbean, a mix of technological, economic, social and political factors could come together to ensure that the region has the right conditions to become a global example of just energy transition.

30/11/2022 El País

Drug clears sleeping sickness parasite from the body in clinical trial

In a small trial, an experimental medicine was 100 per cent effective at ridding the parasite that causes sleeping sickness from the bodies of people with an early to intermediate infection

29/11/2022 NewScientist

Medical drones are saving lives and coming to skies near you

The unmanned vehicles are being deployed across the UK and beyond to deliver lifesaving medical treatment

29/11/2022 Positive News

London museum returns looted Benin bronzes to Nigeria

There are questions about whether thousands of items which are held at institutions globally, including the British Museum, will ever be sent back.

28/11/2022 The Independent

Why European Countries Are Giving Teens Free Money To Spend on Books, Music, and Theater

Here's why some E.U. countries are spending hundreds of millions of euros so teens can watch movies, go to concerts, or even buy comic books.

28/11/2022 Time Magazine

Universal flu vaccine using RNA technology successfully tested in mice

Trials in rodents and ferrets show that it protects against all known versions of the virus by using the same technique that has been effective against Covid-19

25/11/2022 El País

Here's how some therapists are tackling structural racism in their practice

A new wave of counselors is supporting people of color by 'decolonizing' the practice of therapy. They aim to make therapy more culturally responsive and to take generational trauma into account.

25/11/2022 NPR

Life After Prison: Podcast wants to break stigma of leaving jail

Getting out of prison might sound like a reason to celebrate. But for many freedom can be a frightening prospect. So two ex-inmates have launched a podcast about it. Busy streets, finding things to talk about, and getting on the housing ladder.

25/11/2022 BBC

Flatpack wind turbine invented by 15-year-old set to help communities in Kenya

Undergraduate engineers from Glasgow Caledonian University developed Douglas Macartney’s idea into a prototype.

25/11/2022 The Independent

Seeing red: meet the activists making periods positive for all

Taboos around menstruation abound. Luckily, activists are making bold strides to affect change

24/11/2022 Positive News

The Hibernator’s Guide to the Galaxy

Scientists are on the verge of figuring out how to put humans in a state of suspended animation. It could be the key to colonizing Mars.

24/11/2022 Wired

Adding bacteria can make concrete greener

Concrete is one of the world’s most important materials. But making the cement that binds it generates about 8% of anthropogenic carbon-dioxide emissions. This is not just because of the heat involved. That could, in principle, be supplied in…

23/11/2022 Economist

South Carolina program aims to boost ranks of Black teachers

A program in Charleston is trying to make the teaching profession more accessible to Black men, who are vastly underrepresented in classrooms in South Carolina and around the United States

23/11/2022 The Independent

Colombia's drug problem is worse than ever. But it has a radical solution

When Gustavo Petro, Colombia's first progressive president, took office in August, he laid out an ambitious agenda.

22/11/2022 CNN

The first satellites launched by Uganda and Zimbabwe aim to improve life on the ground

The nanosatellites will observe the health of the land to help people make the best use of their countries' natural resources. A growing number of African countries are venturing into space.

20/11/2022 NPR

Elon Musk Embraces Twitter's Radical Fact-Checking Experiment

The project allows users to suggest short notes that add missing context to viral tweets. It could change how social platforms operate.

20/11/2022 Wired

Game-changing type 1 diabetes drug approved in US

A "game-changing" immunotherapy drug proven to delay the development of type 1 diabetes has been approved by regulators in the USA. Experts say teplizumab marks a "new era" in treatment, tackling the root cause of the condition for the first time,…

18/11/2022 BBC

US to demolish four dams in river restoration effort

Decision by regulators comes after years of advocacy by Native American tribes and environmentalists.

17/11/2022 Al Jazeera

Don’t Let Crypto Bros Undermine Effective Altruism

The swift downfall of Sam Bankman-Fried brings unnecessary suspicion on a valuable form of philanthropy.

17/11/2022 The Atlantic

London council to use wasteland to help educate children about growing food

The west London council plans to open four new plots per year and expects the first to be ready for summer next year.

16/11/2022 The Independent

Kids in Brazil’s favelas are eliminating dengue fever – by breeding mosquitos

It might sound counterintuitive, but children in Brazil are breeding mosquitoes at home as part of a life-saving health initiative

16/11/2022 Positive News

The company making steaks out of thin air

It was space travel that inspired scientist Lisa Dyson to create an unusual climate solution: protein made from air, which can be grown inside a tank instead of using up valuable land.

15/11/2022 CNN

Compostable, reusable, or none at all? The future of plastic packaging

Big oil regards plastic as a growth market. But these startups have other ideas that will help us use less of the stuff

14/11/2022 Positive News

From science fiction to reality, 'no kill' meat may be coming soon

The meat of the future may be cultured directly from animal cells without slaughtering livestock. It's not yet sold in the U.S., but NPR got a tour of a leading start-up and a taste of their chicken.

14/11/2022 NPR

Degrowth: A dangerous idea or the answer to the world's biggest crisis?

Conventional economic logic hinges on a core assumption: Bigger economies are better, and finding ways to maintain or boost growth is paramount to improving society.

13/11/2022 CNN

Chile’s Reservoirs Are Evaporating Thanks to Climate Change. This Startup Is Trying To Stop It

Leaning over the edge of a reservoir the size of two football fields, a farm technician swings an upturned gallon bottle wildly from side to side, tipping out its clear contents. “Do you like my technique?” he says with a laugh. An oily layer…

12/11/2022 Time Magazine

In Colorado election, voters legalize psychedelic mushrooms for medicinal purposes

Voters in Colorado said yes to regulated access to natural medicine for those 21 and up, including plants or fungi that impact mental health.

11/11/2022 USA Today

On New Zealand farm, scientists reduce cow burps to save the world

More than a dozen calves wait at a research farm in New Zealand to be fed Kowbucha, a punnily named probiotic that studies show reduces burps -- or methane emissions.

11/11/2022 Reuters

Burning waste must end: African leaders look to recycling for better health and value

The decision by African ministers of environment to end open waste burning will not only save lives but also open up new income streams.

10/11/2022 The Conversation

STEM Graduate Programs Should Embrace Failure

My Ph.D. research culminated in a published article that was a success by any metric. I couldn’t have done it without hitting some dead-ends first. Departments push for quantity over quality, often requiring a number of publications before…

10/11/2022 Undark Magazine

Bone marrow neurons can be rewired to enable paraplegics to walk

Swiss researchers have identified a group of nerve cells unrelated to the locomotor system with the capacity to change function

10/11/2022 El País

A new record label is bringing forgotten female composers out of obscurity

The contribution that women have made to classical music has been almost entirely ignored. A French record label aims to change that

09/11/2022 Positive News

This new ‘risky' playground is a work of art – and a place for kids to escape their mollycoddling parents

The new playground in Melbourne’s Southbank is the work of artist Mike Hewson – and it’s exactly the ‘risk’ it proposes that makes it so valuable.

09/11/2022 The Conversation

How Belize Is Trying To Save Its Coral Reef

Developing nations are reducing their debt by pledging to protect their resources in financial deals that could give them a bigger role in the fight against climate change.

07/11/2022 New York Times

How human composting could reduce death's carbon footprint

You probably know that composting banana peels and eggshells can help reduce your negative impact on the environment. But did you know that, once you die, you can do that with your body, too?

07/11/2022 CNN

Chile, the land of mines, leads the way in solar energy

The Latin American country has far exceeded its goal to reach 20% of energy production from renewable sources by 2025

07/11/2022 El País

Lab-grown blood given to people in world-first clinical trial

Blood that has been grown in a laboratory has been put into people in a world-first clinical trial, UK researchers say. Tiny amounts - equivalent to a couple of spoonfuls - are being tested to see how it performs inside the body.

07/11/2022 BBC

The surprisingly simple solution to homelessness that is getting results

Across the world, cities adopting a remarkably simple homelessness policy are seeing the numbers of rough sleepers plummet

04/11/2022 Positive News

Case of woman who survived 12 tumours paves way for early cancer diagnosis

Researchers suggest the patient’s immune system naturally generates a strong anti-inflammatory response that fights the tumours.

02/11/2022 The Independent

Alien plants and animals are not all bad

Introduced species have a bad rap. From American grey squirrels displacing European red ones, to Japanese knotweed displacing just about everything everywhere, their purported negative effects on nature are there for all to see.

02/11/2022 Economist

Thousands of babies and children are hospitalized by RSV every year. Why that could soon change.

Six drug companies are now developing RSV vaccines or antibodies, suggesting this year could be the last without adequate tools to fight the virus.     

02/11/2022 USA Today

This coral reef resurrected itself — and showed scientists how to replicate it

While scientists studied a coral reef ecosystem in the South Pacific, rising temperatures led them to believe it was doomed. Then, something miraculous happened.

02/11/2022 NPR

Microalgae promise abundant healthy food and feed in any environment

Global food supply faces a range of threats including climate change, wars, pests and diseases. But an organism too small for the human eye to see could offer some answers

01/11/2022 El País

This Platform Makes Sure Companies Stick to Their Climate Pledges

Lubomila Jordanova explains how her carbon-reporting firm—Plan A—uses relentless data analysis to guarantee businesses aren’t greenwashing.

01/11/2022 Wired