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Five powerful ways to take action against period poverty

Inflation is exacerbating period poverty. Here are five things that you can do, from buying a menstrual cup to lobbying


Marine biologists may have found a surprisingly low-tech solution to bycatch

Early trials of a new type of fishing net have revealed that porpoises largely avoided getting entangled in them


What went right this week: the ‘Green Nobel Prize’, plus more positive news

A prize honoured eco activists, Afghan men stood for women’s rights, and nature recovery projects launched in England, plus more


The living coffin that transforms your body into compost

A Dutch startup has created a fully biodegradable mycelium casket – and it says the orders are flooding in


Cost of living crisis: six creative ways communities are responding

From car shares to clothes swaps, here are six responses to the cost of living crisis that can be replicated anywhere


What would happen if the insurance industry stopped underwriting fossil fuel projects?

The insurance sector has a huge amount of power to help steer us towards a greener future. How is it using its clout?


The plan to put an orchard in every prison in England and Wales

A charity is working to ‘green’ the UK’s prisons using orchards, a project that is reaping rewards for inmates and the environment


‘Wastewater can be very valuable’: the hydroponic system that provides clean water for Kenyans

Using the power of plants, a Nairobi-based startup has engineered an effective wastewater cleaning system. And it’s attractive to boot


Seesaws are out, saws are in: the (welcome) rise of risky playgrounds

Tools, old cars and even prickly bushes are being introduced to playgrounds, amid research highlighting the benefits of risky play


The climate solutions making life better for people and the planet

While politicians make promises at COP26, these grassroots groups have ready-to-go climate solutions that can help build a fairer world


The future of flying? Hybrid plane takes to the skies in landmark UK flight

The hybrid aircraft is an important step in the race to decarbonise aviation, but net-zero flights remains some way off yet


Edible packaging – the beginning of the end for single-use plastic?

An edible alternative to plastic has won an award for innovation. It is one of a number of viable alternatives to single-use packaging


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