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How AI is helping to save the Amazon

Machine learning gets a bad rap, but when harnessed for good, it can supercharge environmental work, writes Martin Wright


Right to roam: a campaign to ramble freely in England

A growing movement across England aims to challenge trespass laws with poetry, picnics, and joy


Taking a mental health day can be good for you – here’s how to make the most of one

From painting to tree bathing, there are many ways to look after yourself on a mental health day


What went right this week: climate compensation for developing countries, plus more

Denmark promised funding for poorer countries experiencing climate impacts, a four-day week trial showed promise, plus more positive news


‘On stage I have a release’: the theatre making stars of care leavers

From ‘worst-behaved child in Westminster’ to Bafta-nominated actor – how one theatre company is brining marginalised voices to the stage


Long read: Changing how we measure progress is key to tackling a world in crisis

‘GDP measures everything except that which makes life worthwhile,’ said John F Kennedy. But what are the alternatives?


‘We’re making Britain fairer’: the man filling the City with working-class stars

A radical recruitment firm has developed an algorithm that identifies talent from disadvantaged backgrounds


‘A seismic shift could be underway’: the mission to make steel green

If steel were a country, it would be the planet’s third largest emitter. But the race to decarbonise the sector is gaining momentum


Five possible solutions to deforestation

Halting deforestation is vital if we are to solve the climate and biodiversity crises. We have the tools to meet the challenge. Here’s how


What would happen if the insurance industry stopped underwriting fossil fuel projects?

The insurance sector has a huge amount of power to help steer us towards a greener future. How is it using its clout?


The plan to put an orchard in every prison in England and Wales

A charity is working to ‘green’ the UK’s prisons using orchards, a project that is reaping rewards for inmates and the environment


‘Wastewater can be very valuable’: the hydroponic system that provides clean water for Kenyans

Using the power of plants, a Nairobi-based startup has engineered an effective wastewater cleaning system. And it’s attractive to boot


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