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What went right this week: saving magical fungi, plus more positive news

A project launched to save fungal networks, Ireland’s most famous music pub was saved, and renewables smashed records, plus more


Landowner pact in England could ‘turbo charge’ rewilding efforts

Some of the country’s biggest landowners have agreed to restore habitats on their estates. Despite the lack of targets, it’s progress


Back to the drawing board: the movement to reclaim cities from ad hoardings

Can we do better than the ad billboards that dominate our towns? A swelling movement for more inspiring alternatives says ‘yes’


‘They deserve to choose what to wear’: the fashion portal for refugee women

A project launched during lockdown links refugee women with preloved clothes – but this is no ordinary donation scheme


‘No child should go to bed hungry’: the project helping families eat affordably

Tom Kerridge’s chef smarts combine with Marcus Rashford’s star power to tasty effect in Full Time Meals, which aims to tackle food poverty


The climate solutions making life better for people and the planet

While politicians make promises at COP26, these grassroots groups have ready-to-go climate solutions that can help build a fairer world


The future of flying? Hybrid plane takes to the skies in landmark UK flight

The hybrid aircraft is an important step in the race to decarbonise aviation, but net-zero flights remains some way off yet


Edible packaging – the beginning of the end for single-use plastic?

An edible alternative to plastic has won an award for innovation. It is one of a number of viable alternatives to single-use packaging


Europe’s night trains are making a comeback amid concern about the climate

Budget airlines pushed them towards extinction, now concern about plane emissions is sparking a night train renaissance across Europe


Timber’s time: wood is making a comeback in construction, bringing many benefits

It’s versatile, light, carbon-capturing and may even make us feel better when we’re surrounded by it


‘A disruptive solution to pollution’: introducing edible packaging

An alternative to plastic that can be composted (and even eaten) has won an award for innovation


The city that gave its citizens free money – and what we can learn from it

A citizen's basic income experiment in Stockton, California has concluded – and the preliminary results are in


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