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What went right this week: a ‘surge in benevolence’, plus more

The World Happiness Report offered a surprise, green travel got a boost, and a lost species returned to London, plus more


‘It can be done. It must be done’: what the latest IPCC report tells us

Is time running out? Yes. Are we falling short? Yes. Can we turn things around? Yes. The IPCC report explained, by two of its authors


The magical moss helping women in rural Peru to become entrepreneurs

In the Peruvian Andes, life is not always easy. Now, sustainable harvesting of sphagnum moss is helping women to thrive


The surprisingly simple solution to poverty that is changing lives

What if we just give money directly to people who need it? It’s a simple idea that is catching on, with encouraging results


What went right this week: women on the board, plus more

There were wins for gender inclusivity, a DIY smartphone launched, and renewables reined in emissions, plus more


Why England’s hospitals are putting venison on the menu

Instead of farmed meats, patients at some hospital are being served wild venison, which proponents say is healthy and sustainable


The ‘bin-novative’ approach to rubbish that’s slashing beach litter

AI and some creative thinking have slashed litter by three quarters in one English seaside town. Here’s how


The black barbers giving poor mental health the chop

Barbers in London are being trained as mental health first aiders as part of an NHS initiative to help young black men


The ‘bubble barriers’ that stop plastic pollution before it reaches the sea

The low-fi pollution solution has proven surprisingly effective in the Netherlands. Now, it’s being rolled out elsewhere in Europe


Meet the gay imam changing attitudes from within

An Islamic scholar who broke taboos when he came out is empowering gay Muslims around the world


Medical drones are saving lives and coming to skies near you

The unmanned vehicles are being deployed across the UK and beyond to deliver lifesaving medical treatment


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