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Hippos recognise each other’s voices, study finds

Hippos can recognise each other’s voices and respond less aggressively to the calls of a neighbour compared to those of a stranger, a study has revealed.

25/01/2022 The Independent

Message in bottle travels from Maryland to Ireland, bringing comfort to grieving boy

‘We knew as soon as we found it that it was going to take us on an adventure,’ says Rita Simmonds, who found the bottle in Donegal

25/01/2022 The Independent

Floating offshore wind schemes to receive share of £31m Government funding

The cash will be matched by industry, delivering a £60m boost to the developing renewable technology.

25/01/2022 The Independent

Drinks firm plans carbon-neutral distillery after gaining new investor

A drinks firm is planning to build a new carbon-neutral, whisky distillery after winning a major new investment. Edinburgh-based, specialist, consumer-brand investor Inverleith LLP has just secured a majority stake in the Eden Mill St Andrews craft…

25/01/2022 The Independent

Where did the idea that alcohol was relaxing come from?

Explorers reported a warming glass of rum at the end of a long day’s sledging helped them sleep, and the idea hasn’t gone away, writes Edward Armston-Sheret

25/01/2022 The Independent

Plans to quadruple logging in US’s most popular forest – months after Biden’s Cop26 reforestation pledge

Portions of world-famous hiking routes like the Appalachian Trail will be open to logging under the new Forest Service plan, environmentalists warn

24/01/2022 The Independent

Don't ignore your spam folder. It's how this woman learned she won a $3 million lotto

Laura Spears, 55, says she stumbled on her life-changing win a few days after buying a ticket for the Mega Millions jackpot. "I couldn't believe what I was reading," she says.

24/01/2022 NPR

Instagram star Chiara Ferragni seeks investor to expand abroad

Italian Instagram star Chiara Ferragni has mandated BNP Paribas to find a new investor to help grow her fashion brand internationally, one of her financial backers said on Monday.

24/01/2022 Reuters

Fewer Jewish high-schoolers taking Arabic language matriculation exam

The number of Jewish students in Israel taking the exam has dropped by a third over the past five years

24/01/2022 Haaretz

Hippos unleash poop tornado in response to stranger danger

The thunderous calls of common hippos can be heard from more than half a mile (1 kilometer) away — and when a hippo hears the booming call of an unfamiliar hippo, the animal often responds by letting loose a dramatic spray of dung.

24/01/2022 LiveScience

Bastille invites listeners to escape in 'Give Me The Future'

With techno beats, '80s retro futuristic tones and sweeping production, “Give Me the Future,” Bastille’s 13-track album, dives into the world of science-fiction, exploring the way technology can be a tool for escape

24/01/2022 The Independent

Biden revives 'clean energy' program with $1B loan guarantee

The Biden administration has issued its first clean energy loan guarantee, reviving an Obama-era program that disbursed billions of dollars in guarantees to help launch the country’s first utility-scale wind and solar farms a decade ago but has…

24/01/2022 The Independent

New Transport Minister as Scottish Government makes changes

The First Minister of Scotland has announced two changes to her government, including the appointment of new Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth. The appointment comes after Graeme Dey, who formerly held the post, announced his resignation for…

24/01/2022 The Independent

Meat Loaf Owned the Power Ballad

A perhaps unlikely figure dominated the stage of the Grammy Awards in 1994. Meat Loaf—who died on Thursday at the age of 74—was not young, hip, or alternative.

24/01/2022 The Atlantic