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Elon Musk says ‘disc replacement’ worked for him. But evidence this surgery helps chronic pain is lacking

Musk has recommended people experiencing severe neck and back pain should consider disc replacement surgery. Here’s what the research says.

23/04/2024 The Conversation

Microsoft Makes a New Push Into Smaller A.I. Systems

The company that has invested billions in generative A.I. pioneers like OpenAI says giant systems aren’t necessarily what everyone needs.

23/04/2024 New York Times

Electric and hybrid car sales to rise to new global record in 2024

Electric and plug-in hybrid car sales will jump to a new global record in 2024 despite slowing growth in some markets, according to forecasts from the influential International Energy Agency (IEA). The Paris-based forecaster said that 17m battery…

23/04/2024 The Guardian

Switching to decaf in care homes could save NHS £85 million per year, trial says

Decaffeinated drinks have been shown to reduce bladder and bowel urgency in those with an overactive bladder or incontinence.

23/04/2024 The Independent

‘It’s rude not to offer three cups’: the lengthy, beloved coffee rituals binding Ethiopians together

Drinking coffee takes time in Ethiopia, a nation of caffeine lovers. In her village in Kafa, Ethiopia’s coffee heartland, Hagre Bekele starts by roasting the raw green beans over an open fire.

23/04/2024 The Guardian

Curious Kids: who makes the words? Who decides what things like ‘trees’ and ‘shoes’ are called?

Ever wondered where everyday things got their names? Or where words come from? Language is a powerful thing, creating new words all the time.

23/04/2024 The Conversation

In Vietnam, farmers reduce methane emissions by changing how they grow rice

Vietnam aims to transform its rice sector, making it more resilient to climate change while also reducing its emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas far more potent than carbon dioxide

23/04/2024 The Independent

Could House of the Dragon star change the face of gaming?

Abubakar Salim set up his own studio to tell a personal tale of grief inspired by his Kenyan heritage.

23/04/2024 BBC

Chat room helps Destiny-Rae, 5, find a new kidney

Destiny-Rae, who is five, is a record breaker. Her kidneys stopped working properly when she was 10 months old, making her the youngest patient to go on dialysis at Great Ormond Street Hospital.  She's had to visit there three times a week for…

23/04/2024 BBC

California announces first new state park in a decade and sets climate goals for natural lands

California will open its first new state park in a decade this summer, Gov. Gavin Newsom and state officials announced Monday, as the state sets targets for cutting planet-warming emissions on natural lands.

23/04/2024 The Independent

Can AI image generators be policed to prevent explicit deepfakes of children?

Child abusers are creating AI-generated “deepfakes” of their targets in order to blackmail them into filming their own abuse, beginning a cycle of sextortion that can last for years.

23/04/2024 The Guardian

Hospital patients treated by women doctors are ‘less likely to die’

‘What our findings indicate is that female and male physicians practice medicine differently, and these differences have a meaningful impact on patients’ health outcomes,’ professor says

22/04/2024 The Independent

What if flat feet were…normal? Debunking a myth about injuries

Having asymptomatic flat feet is not a problem and does not require treatment. It’s important to debunk this common myth.

22/04/2024 The Conversation

Generative A.I. Arrives in the Gene Editing World of CRISPR

Much as ChatGPT generates poetry, a new A.I. system devises blueprints for microscopic mechanisms that can edit your DNA.

22/04/2024 New York Times

Insider Q&A: Trust and safety exec talks about AI and content moderation

Alex Popken was a trust and safety executive at Twitter, leaving in 2023 after a decade at the social media company focusing on content moderation

22/04/2024 The Independent

It’s the End of the Web as We Know It

The web has become so interwoven with everyday life that it is easy to forget what an extraordinary accomplishment and treasure it is. In just a few decades, much of human knowledge has been collectively written up and made available to anyone with…

22/04/2024 The Atlantic

Choice and control: people with disability feel safer when they can select their NDIS providers

Structuring the NDIS around principles of choice and control recognised that not having those things puts people with disability in more vulnerable situations. That’s true for support workers, too.

22/04/2024 The Conversation

Would you be happy as a long-term single? The answer may depend on your attachment style

Secure, anxious, avoidant, fearful: research shows people’s feelings about being single may depend on their attachment style

22/04/2024 The Conversation