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At HOTA, sneakers find their well-deserved place in art galleries at last

Sneakers were once traditionally associated with what fashion academic Naomi Braithwaite describes as “athleticism”: they were only considered in their relationship to sports. But things have changed in one of the most significant yet overlooked…

05/12/2023 The Conversation

What happens after net zero? The impacts will play out for decades, with poorest countries still feeling the heat

We can’t prevent continued global warming without reaching net zero carbon dioxide emissions. New climate simulations show what might happen when we get there.

04/12/2023 The Conversation

Implementing a basic income means overcoming myths about the 'undeserving poor'

Momentum on basic income is growing in Canada. However, pervasive myths about poverty are making implementing the idea challenging.

04/12/2023 The Conversation

Humans, rats and dogs pushed the takahē into Fiordland – new genetic research maps its dramatic journey

Examining the DNA of the takahē has upended long-held beliefs about how the flightless bird ended up on the southwestern tip of New Zealand. This new knowledge can help future conservation efforts.

04/12/2023 The Conversation

‘Honestly, he kind of sucks’: why trash talking can feel good – and bad

It’s a rush to realize you dislike the same person as someone else. There’s a delicate, intoxicating dance: throwing out oblique criticisms and prowling around the edges until one person takes the leap and bravely says: “Honestly, they kind of…

04/12/2023 The Guardian

The Atlantic launches the fifth season of its How To podcast with How to Keep Time, hosted by Becca Rashid and Ian Bogost

The Atlantic is today launching the fifth season of its popular How To podcast series with How to Keep Time, an exploration of our relationship with time and how to reclaim it. For the new season, The Atlantic’s Becca Rashid returns as co-host (and…

04/12/2023 The Atlantic

Was going to space a good idea?

Sixty years ago, philosopher Hannah Arendt argued an interplanetary perspective may be bad news for humanity as we know it.

04/12/2023 The Conversation

'A deeply thoughtful and sensuous show': a rarely experienced intimacy with Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois: Has the Day Invaded the Night or Has the Night Invaded the Day? is at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

04/12/2023 The Conversation

Holiday co-parenting after separation or divorce: 6 legal and practical tips for surviving and thriving

Holiday traditions involve expectations that can be especially challenging for parents post-divorce or post-separation. Proactive planning helps.

04/12/2023 The Conversation

'World's most famous Christmas tree' arrives in Trafalgar Square

A Christmas tree from the people of Norway has arrived in Trafalgar Square. Every year since 1947 Norway has sent a tree to Britain to thank it for its support during World War Two.

04/12/2023 BBC

‘I was completely, manically joyful’: How a trans woman changed computing in the modern world

Her ideas launched a global microchip revolution – but for years she was afraid to claim her share of credit. Io Dodds meets the LGBT+ pioneer who helped create the modern world

04/12/2023 The Independent

How to detect a toxic work environment during the recruitment process

Job candidates are also choosing the place where they are going to spend many hours of their life, so it is advisable to analyze the signs before it is too late

04/12/2023 El País

Rats are more human than you think – and they certainly like being around us

Rats are well known to cause problems for humans. But we need a new approach to our relationship with them.

04/12/2023 The Conversation

Scientists figure out how to make lasers nine-times more powerful

Scientists have discovered a method to scale up the power of lasers by up to nine times without reducing the beam quality. The breakthrough could have profound implications for the future of warfare through the development of long-distance laser…

04/12/2023 The Independent

Jason Manford angry at theatregoers leaving litter

"Unbelievable - you wouldn't treat your home like that," the comic says, at the litter-strewn floor.

04/12/2023 BBC

IBM unveils new quantum computing chip to ‘explore new frontiers of science’

The computer and artifical intelligence technology giant IBM on Monday unveiled a new quantum computing chip and machine that the company says could serve as the building blocks of much larger and faster systems than traditional silicon-based…

04/12/2023 The Guardian

20 years after 'Sideways,' Paul Giamatti may finally land his first Oscar nomination

“The Holdovers" marks the long-in-coming reunion of Paul Giamatti and director Alexander Payne, 20 years after “Sideways.”

04/12/2023 The Independent

How to properly warm up before exercising

The idea that you have to warm up before exercising is widely accepted. In fact, it is not uncommon to see people perform a series of diverse movements before running, playing a game of tennis or working out in the gym.

04/12/2023 El País