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Low iron is a health risk made worse by COVID. How to get more without reaching for supplements

Getting enough iron is tricky – even if we eat enough, we might not absorb enough. But diversifying the menu and looking for fortified foods can help.

07/07/2022 The Conversation

EL PAÍS America wins the World Association of News Publishers award for the best news site in Latin America and the feminist newsletter ‘Americanas’

The newspaper’s American edition of the was recognized for its webpage and weekly bulletin on gender

06/07/2022 El País

What is the best place to wear a fitness tracker?

Most trackers are made to be worn on the wrist – but is that really the best place to wear a fitness tracker? The popularity of fitness trackers has made for a crowded marketplace. There are now plenty of options that can be worn in other ways: some…

06/07/2022 LiveScience

Chew this over: Talking with your mouth full is no longer considered bad manners

Never talking with your mouth full is an outdated rule, according to half of people surveyed.  Much of the dinnertime etiquette followed by parents and grandparents is a thing of the past, three-quarters of 18 to 40-year-olds said in a study.

06/07/2022 Telegraph

Are your squabbling kids driving you mad? The good/bad news is, sibling rivalry is 'developmentally normal'

A psychology researcher explains, squabbling is a child’s first go at figuring out how to get along with others. So, it is possible to see it as a positive.

06/07/2022 The Conversation

Nude Tuesday has a sex therapy retreat, an egotistical guru, a script in gibberish – and two very different translations

Now on Stan, the film comes in versions subtitled by Julia Davis, and Celia Pacquola with Ronny Chieng. The result is two very different types of humour.

06/07/2022 The Conversation

Tesla previews a solar-powered ‘trailer’

Photos have emerged of an apparent solar-powered, battery-boosting trailer for Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) as news broke that Elon Musk’s company had lost its top sales spot to a rival. The photos, posted to Twitter, showed a trailer with the…

06/07/2022 The Independent

Taika Waititi takes a hammer to Thor in 'Love & Thunder'

To a large degree, modern blockbuster moviemaking has depended on the appeasement of fans to keep franchise juggernauts smoothly humming

06/07/2022 The Independent

How fitness trackers monitor your sleep

These smart, stylish devices provide an impressive array of data; here’s how fitness trackers monitor your sleep

06/07/2022 LiveScience

Fragments of ancient linen help complete mummy picture

A new exhibition to mark 200 years since scholars first unlocked the mystery of hieroglyphs demonstrates just how much experts are still learning.

06/07/2022 Sydney Morning Herald

Meet Australia’s oldest freshwater fish, which can breathe air like a land dweller

Scientists have discovered the Australian lungfish can live longer than a century, after genetic testing revealed a specimen kept in Chicago was about 109 years old when he died.

06/07/2022 Sydney Morning Herald

Dinosaurs took over the planet because they could endure the cold, scientists say

The researchers say their findings defy stereotypes of dinosaurs only thriving in warm, humid environments.

06/07/2022 LiveScience

‘Hangry is a real thing’: psychologists find link between hunger and emotions

For those who get snappy when they miss out on lunch, it may be the perfect excuse: researchers have confirmed that a lack of food makes otherwise bearable people “hangry”. In one of the first studies to explore how hunger affects emotions as…

06/07/2022 The Guardian

Ways to stay cool in the heat

In the peak of summer on those baking hot afternoons, when the sweat begins to pour down your face and your clothes start to stick to your body, you probably want nothing more than to crawl back inside to the respite of your AC.

06/07/2022 LiveScience

What are core muscles?

What are core muscles? Easily misunderstood, and often overlooked, your core muscles are an intricate and constantly interacting system. “The core is a vast number of muscles that operate together to keep you moving safely and with control,” says…

06/07/2022 LiveScience

30-minute class can improve teenagers’ stress response, study finds

Stress in teenagers can be reduced by a single 30-minute online training session aimed at encouraging a growth mindset and seeing the body’s reaction to stress as a positive, according to scientists.

06/07/2022 The Guardian

Transformations abound in new 'Thor' film

06/07/2022 Reuters

Scientists are eavesdropping on whales - and it could save their lives

06/07/2022 The Independent

Memorial service to honour actress Mona Hammond announced

06/07/2022 The Independent

Hybrid Work Is (Probably) Doomed

06/07/2022 The Atlantic

A pediatric neurosurgeon reflects on his intense job, and the post-Roe landscape

06/07/2022 NPR

Granholm, actor Robert Downey Jr. boost clean energy jobs

06/07/2022 The Independent

Wendy Joseph Q&A: “My hero was Sherlock Holmes – I prayed for a mind like his”

06/07/2022 New Statesman

Sister Rosetta Tharpe, singer who inspired Elvis: one of many women sidelined from musical history

06/07/2022 The Conversation