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World's oldest wine found in 2000-year-old Roman tomb

An urn found in a tomb in Spain contained the cremated remains of a man, a gold ring and about 5 litres of liquid, which has been identified as now-discoloured white wine


Cloud geoengineering could push heatwaves from US to Europe

Climate models suggest that a possible scheme to cool the western US by making clouds brighter could work under current conditions, but may have severe unintended consequences in a future scenario


Stunning JWST image proves we were right about how young stars form

It has long been thought that young stars forming near each other will be aligned in terms of their rotation, and observations from the James Webb Space Telescope have offered confirmation


Sick chimpanzees seek out range of plants with medicinal properties

Chimpanzees with wounds or gut infections seem to add unusual plants to their diet, and tests show that many of these plants have antibacterial or anti-inflammatory effects


Overheated trees are contributing to urban air pollution

An aerial survey of Los Angeles reveals that high temperatures cause plants to emit more compounds that can contribute to harmful ozone and PM2.5 air pollution


Watch leeches jump by coiling their bodies like cobras

Researchers have confirmed a centuries-old rumour that leeches can jump, which they may do to land their next blood meal


Saturn's moon Titan is experiencing coastal erosion from methane seas

Saturn’s moon Titan has coastlines matching ones on Earth that have been carved by waves, hinting that Titan’s hydrocarbon seas and lakes also has them


Phased introductions to smartphones will help kids more than bans

Creating "walled gardens", much like TV channels do, would provide children better tools to navigate a lifetime of social media than banning smartphones altogether


We finally know why some people seem immune to catching covid-19

Unique cell responses mean some people may be immune to catching the coronavirus, even if they are unvaccinated


Glassy gel is hard as plastic and stretches 7 times its length

A material made of liquid salt mixed with polymers is extremely stretchy but still as strong as the plastics used to make water bottles


Watch a humanoid robot driving a car extremely slowly

A robot named Musashi with a human-like skeleton and musculature can perform basic driving tasks – but this isn’t the safest approach to autonomous transport


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