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AI designs bespoke 3D-printed prosthetic eyes

Using an artificial intelligence model and 3D printer to create prosthetic eyes reduces the time required to make such implants, which could make them available to more people


Greener way to dye denim could cut the environmental impact of jeans

The jeans industry uses harmful chemicals to dye denim with indigo, but an alternative process can achieve the same thing with 92 per cent less environmental impact


Bizarre fish can extend its mouth to make a kind of trunk

The hingemouth, an African freshwater fish, can stick out a proboscis for feeding or breathing thanks to the unique arrangement of its jaw anatomy


We finally know why live music makes us so emotional

Hearing live music tugs at our heartstrings more than a recording, probably because it increases activity in an emotion-processing region in our brain


How one of the smallest fish makes a sound as loud as a firecracker

The drumming sound of the 12-millimetre-long fish Danionella cerebrum can hit 140 decibels – now scientists have figured out how they do it


Wasabi could help preserve ancient Egyptian papyrus artefacts

Ancient and fragile papyrus samples are at risk of being damaged by fungi, but a wasabi-based treatment can disinfect them without damage


Hard-to-digest starch supplements may help people lose weight

A small trial has strengthened the idea that foods containing the special form of starch could lead to weight loss and improve blood glucose control


Tiny magnet could help measure gravity on the quantum scale

A device that measures minuscule gravitational forces could help us understand how gravity works on the quantum scale


A robot dog has learned to open doors with its leg

Four-legged robots typically need an arm to open doors or pick up objects, but this mechanical canid can carry out tasks with its front leg


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