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Japan holds first world championship of competitive rubbish collection

Japan on Wednesday held the first world championship of a unique homegrown competition of rubbish collection.

23/11/2023 The Independent

This Moroccan startup is growing crops in the desert

Sand to Green is working to transform patches of desert into sustainable and profitable plantations.

22/11/2023 CNN

Sails and satellite navigation could cut shipping industry's emissions by up to a third

In the vast expanse of the world’s oceans, a transformation is underway. The international shipping sector, made up of thousands of massive cargo ships laden with many of the goods we buy, emits carbon dioxide (CO₂) roughly equivalent to the entire…

21/11/2023 The Conversation

Carbon-dioxide-removal options are multiplying

In what used to be a fish-processing plant in Akranes, a small port in Iceland, fragments of seaweed rise and fall in glass columns lit by leds. Running Tide, the Maine-based company which runs the facility, is trying to work out how best to get…

20/11/2023 Economist

Magic touch: how ‘revolutionary’ changes are making braille better than ever

Blind from birth, Graeme Innes can’t remember the last time he sat down to read a book in braille. Instead, he listens to audiobooks.

19/11/2023 The Guardian

Suck carbon from the air? US facility launches novel climate solution

Inside a vast new warehouse in the California town of Tracy, tall towers of trays containing a gray powder are stacked in neat rows.

19/11/2023 The Guardian

Battery breakthrough brings ‘unprecedented performance’ to next-gen cells

A battery breakthrough made by researchers in Japan could pave the way for next-generation batteries to finally enter mass production. A team from Tokyo University of Science discovered a way to build sodium-ion batteries with an equivalent…

17/11/2023 The Independent

Sweden opens state-of-the-art plant for sorting plastics for recycling

Sweden has opened a new state-of-the-art plastic sorting facility, the largest of its kind and big enough to receive all plastic packaging waste generated from Swedish households

15/11/2023 The Independent

Glass-infused paint offers cooling breakthrough

Researchers have come up with a new form of glass-infused paint that they claim can reduce vast amounts of electricity used by air-conditioning units.

15/11/2023 The Independent

Breakthrough solar system outperforms military-grade diesel generator

Solar panels combined with next-generation batteries now outperform military-grade diesel generators, according to new analysis.

13/11/2023 The Independent

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