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There’s New Proof Crispr Can Edit Genes Inside Human Bodies

The technique had largely been limited to editing patients’ cells in the lab. New research shows promise for treating diseases more directly.

22/09/2022 Wired

'Truly remarkable' drug helps motor neurone disease

Scientists say they have slowed and even reversed some of the devastating and relentless decline caused by motor-neurone disease (MND). The treatment works in only 2% of patients but has been described as "truly remarkable" and a "real moment of…

21/09/2022 BBC

What's 'deliberative' democracy? Research in Nepal shows it could spur global youth voting

At a time when democratic norms appear to be in decline around the world, deliberative democracy is one potential remedy worth pursuing.

20/09/2022 The Conversation

How did the patriarchy start – and will evolution get rid of it?

READER QUESTION: Matt, 48, London. The patriarchy, having been somewhat in retreat in parts of the world, is back in our faces . In Afghanistan, the Taliban once again prowl the streets more concerned with keeping women at home and in strict dress…

20/09/2022 The Conversation

Electric Vehicles Could Rescue the US Power Grid

By 2035, the batteries in California’s zero-emission cars could power every home in the state for three days.

19/09/2022 Wired

Degrowth is not austerity – it is actually just the opposite

“We are living through the end of abundance,” French President Emmanuel Macron recently declared after a summer that saw parts of Europe ravaged by forest fires and unprecedented heat and drought.

19/09/2022 Al Jazeera

We can predict final school marks in year 11 – it's time to replace stressful exams with more meaningful education

Research which shows you can reliably predict a student’s year 12 results by year 11. This suggests we don’t need a battery of stressful exams to work out what they do next.

18/09/2022 The Conversation

Beavers return to Dorset after being extinct for 400 years

Beavers have returned to Dorset after being extinct in the area for around 400 years. As a part of a conservation project, two adult beavers have been relocated from Scotland to an eight-acre woodland enclosure near the Mapperton Estate in west…

16/09/2022 The Independent

In Chad, a mobile school offers nomad children hope

Chad's nomad population make up almost tenth of ithe country and many children in the community hardly get an education.

12/09/2022 Al Jazeera

Using only sunlight, this device turns seawater to drinking water

A summer of extreme heat and drought around the world has been a reminder that water scarcity is a pressing issue and one that will only get worse with climate change. Already, more than two billion people worldwide lack easy access to clean water,…

12/09/2022 CNN

Self-sterilising plastic kills viruses like Covid

Scientists have developed a virus-killing plastic that could make it harder for bugs, including Covid, to spread in hospitals and care homes. The team at Queen's University Belfast say their plastic film is cheap and could be fashioned into…

09/09/2022 BBC

Doomscrolling is literally bad for your health. Here are 4 tips to help you stop

Research shows doomscrolling can be harmful. These experts have found evidence-based tips that can help you help yourself.

08/09/2022 The Conversation

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