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Making merry: how we brought Melbourne’s Merri Creek back from pollution, neglect and weeds

It was once a gross industrial sewer. But decades of work has turned Merri Creek into a green ribbon in Melbourne’s north.

06/05/2024 The Conversation

How do you help patients who show up in the ER 100 times a year?

For decades, nonprofits, health insurers and hospitals have been trying to solve the problem of the people who need the emergency room again and again. Here are some of the lessons they've learned.

03/05/2024 NPR

Lab-cultured fish: the newest alt-protein making a splash

A way forward to eating fish without damaging the oceans

03/05/2024 Positive News

‘We can live again’: Belgian nursing home residents hit the nightclubs

A Belgian initiative with the motto “happiness overcomes old age” has found a novel way to counter feelings of loneliness among nursing home residents: unleashing them on to the dancefloor of Brussels’ largest nightclub.

02/05/2024 The Guardian

Hemp is more sustainable than timber – here’s how it could transform low-carbon construction

A hemp renaissance could transform the construction industry – this fast-growing crop sequesters or stores carbon and has multiple environmental benefits and practical applications.

01/05/2024 The Conversation

Fewer wildfires, great biodiversity: what is the secret to the success of Mexico’s forests?

Dexter Melchor Matías works in the Zapotec Indigenous town of Ixtlán de Juárez, about 1,600ft (490 metres) above the wide Oaxaca valley in Mexico, where community forestry has become a way of life.

01/05/2024 The Guardian

Carbon-negative cement can be made with a mineral that helps catch CO2

A process to dissolve the mineral olivine in acid could provide a plentiful, energy-efficient material for carbon-negative cement

01/05/2024 NewScientist

Patch to protect against measles shows promise

Painless and easier to store than injections, it remains early days for microneedle-patch technology.

30/04/2024 BBC

Four myths about vertical farming debunked by an expert

Vertical farming - growing plants without soil in huge controlled environments - has huge potential to support traditional agriculture but won’t ever replace it.

29/04/2024 The Conversation

Can Turning Office Towers Into Apartments Save Downtowns?

Nathan Berman has helped rescue Manhattan’s financial district from a “doom loop” by carving attractive living spaces from hulking buildings that once housed fields of cubicles.

29/04/2024 The New Yorker

Testing the Waters: Scotland Surges Ahead on Ocean Power

There is no question that the planet’s oceans contain enormous amounts of energy. But can that energy be harnessed economically — or is the idea of pulling watts from the water doomed to be a sideshow in the quest for green energy? In Scotland,…

29/04/2024 Undark Magazine

How an ancient water tunnel design is cooling 21st-century streets

In Seville, 3,000-year-old underground technology is being transformed in modern day air-conditioning.

28/04/2024 Al Jazeera

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