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This butterfly was once thought extinct. Now it's off the endangered species list

The Fender’s blue butterfly has fluttered away from the brink of extinction.

21/01/2023 CNN

One-in-five new cars sold in California in 2022 was zero-emission

The largest car market in the United States charges towards its goal of electrifying its fleet. Ten years ago, that figure was 2 percent.

21/01/2023 Le Monde

Could Ultrasound Replace the Stethoscope?

Miniaturization, experimentation, and A.I. have unlocked revolutionary potential in an old technology.

20/01/2023 The New Yorker

The Chatbots Can’t Outsmart You. Yet.

The Turing test used to be the gold standard for proving machine intelligence. This generation of bots is racing past it. We need to stay calm — and develop a new test.

20/01/2023 New York Times

How to talk to someone about conspiracy theories in five simple steps

People’s first instinct when engaging with conspiracy believers is often to try and debunk their ideas with factual and authoritative information. However, direct confrontation rarely works. Conspiracy theories are persuasive, often playing on…

20/01/2023 The Conversation

Meet the gay imam changing attitudes from within

An Islamic scholar who broke taboos when he came out is empowering gay Muslims around the world

18/01/2023 Positive News

Creating new life from dead mines

Huge open pits that were once mined for coal and metals are enjoying a sometimes fragrant, or even tasty, afterlife. DW looks at different ways old mines are being rehabilitated.

16/01/2023 Deutsche Welle

How can artificial intelligence protect whales? Offshore wind company has a plan

Vineyard Wind will partner with Charles River Analytics to use artificial intelligence to protect whales from devastating, often fatal vessel strikes.

13/01/2023 USA Today

Can India's new cervical cancer vaccine protect more women?

Indian scientists have developed a more accessible, low-cost vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. Health officials hope to reduce what has become the second-most common cancer in India.

12/01/2023 Deutsche Welle

The US Just Greenlit High-Tech Alternatives to Animal Testing

Lab animals have long borne the brunt of drug safety trials. A new law allows drugmakers to use miniature tissue models or "organs on chips" instead.

11/01/2023 Wired

Wasp larvae that eat aphids alive may save apple crops

Few insects strike greater fear into the hearts of orchard-owners than rosy apple aphids. These tiny bugs feed on the leaves of apple trees, draining them of nutrients.

11/01/2023 Economist

Triggering cancer cells to become normal cells – how stem cell therapies can provide new ways to stop tumors from spreading or growing back

Many tumors have cancer stem cells that help them grow and evade treatments. Differentiation therapy forces these cells to mature, stopping growth with less toxicity than traditional treatments.

11/01/2023 The Conversation

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