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Disney appoints its first female board chair

Susan Arnold has been elected as chairman of the Walt Disney Co. Arnold will be the first woman to hold the position at Disney.


The case for free tampons and pads in schools

Activists say menstrual products are a basic necessity that shouldn't require a long walk to the school nurse's office, and that providing them is key to removing the stigma of periods.


Alvin Lucier, inquisitive and innovative composer, has died at 90

Lucier changed the way we think about sound through monumental works like I Am Sitting in a Room and Music on a Long Thin Wire.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art scores its largest capital gift ever — $125 million

The money will be used to complete a long-delayed renovation the museum's Modern Wing and comes from philanthropist Oscar Tang, a museum trustee, and his wife Agnes Hsu-Tang.


Conservationists flew 30 white rhinos to Rwanda in a huge operation to protect them

The roughly 2,000-mile journey took the rhinos to their new home in Akagera National Park, where advocates hope the animals will be able to establish a new breeding stronghold and evade poachers.


City trees are turning green early, prompting warnings for food and pollination

A study of trees in dozens of cities found that urban heat and light pollution are pushing urban trees to sprout leaves earlier than trees in more rural areas.


Merriam-Webster's 2021 word of the year is, of course, 'vaccine'

The word "vaccine" saw a more than 600% increase in lookups this year over last. In its announcement, Merriam-Webster noted that it's come to represent much more than just medicine.


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