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The UK’s largest offshore wind tower factory to be built in Scotland

The UK’s largest offshore wind tower factory will create more than 400 manufacturing jobs when it opens in Scotland in 2023, a spokesperson for lead partner Global Energy Group said.


Galaxy of fungal networks, ‘invaluable climate ally’ beneath our feet, to be mapped for first time

Underground fungal networks, an “invaluable ally” in tackling the climate crisis, are to be mapped for the first time. Mushrooms are just the surface “fruits” and a small fraction of the vast networks embedded in soil and interwoven with tree roots.


Indigenous gamers advocate for representation and education

Marlon Weekusk, a member of the Onion Lake Cree Nation, is known by his icon: a howling white wolf that has held significance for him throughout his spiritual journey as a Cree


Vaccination programme passes 90% landmark in Northern Ireland

In total, more than three million jabs have been delivered since the programme began just under a year ago.


Scientists use stem cells to create models of pre-embryos

Scientists are using human stem cells to create a structure that mimics a pre-embryo and can serve as a research alternative to a real one


Banksy street murals recreated in Milan's main train station

Travelers through Milan’s main train station can take a break this week among reproductions of murals by street artist Banksy


Conservationists rescue two species of snail thought to be extinct for 100 years

The snails are now believed to be the last of their kind on the planet after being saved from extinction by experts.


Human embryo models research may pave the way for improved IVF rates – study

The research could also lead to the development of therapeutics for infertility or non-hormonal contraceptives.


How Christmas tree rental has taken off - and why it’s good for the climate

Every year around seven million Christmas trees end up in landfill. Samuel Webb looks at the alternatives


Morrisons to sell carbon neutral eggs by 2022

Morrisons has announced plans to launch carbon neutral eggs by 2022. The supermarket said it will reduce soya feed at 10 of its egg farms, replacing it with insect-based feed and Britishbeans, peas and sunflower seeds.


Call for people to eat ‘less and better meat’ from UK to tackle climate crisis

Lord Deben said British farmers producing low-carbon meat should not be undermined by trade deals with countries with a higher environmental footprint


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