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The science of happiness comes under examination

Psychology has undergone serious upheaval over the last decade, as researchers realized that many studies were unreliable and unrepeatable

06/02/2024 El País

Solid-state batteries: inside the race to transform the science of electric vehicles

Working in the dry room at Deakin University’s Battery Research and Innovation Hub is no day at the beach. “[It’s] more desert than beach,” says its general manager, Dr Timothy Khoo. “At the beach, you at least still get the moisture coming in.

04/02/2024 The Guardian

In Kenya, Nigeria and Malawi, gene-editing is saving crops

A dozen genetic-editing projects for crops in Africa are achieving incredible results. For more than 20 years, European countries have been repressing this technology, due to pressure from certain environmental groups

03/02/2024 El País

A Startup Has Unlocked a Way to Make Cheap Insulin

Houston-based rBIO has invented a new process to churn out insulin at higher yields using custom-made bacteria.

02/02/2024 Wired

Malaria vaccine is highly effective in young children, study suggests

New data from a phase 3 trial of R21/Matrix-M in African children confirmed the jab is effective and safe.

02/02/2024 The Independent

The Dominican Republic miracle: a fifth of the country regreened in 10 years

The Yaque River basin restoration project has reduced soil degradation by 18%, although gentrification and climate change remain threats

02/02/2024 El País

India on the verge of eliminating 'black fever' kala-azar

Kala-azar, also called visceral leishmaniasis, is the second deadliest parasitic disease after malaria, affecting 200 million people in dozens of countries.

30/01/2024 Deutsche Welle

What Canada can learn from Ireland on citizen engagement to bolster democracy

As Canada’s nearest neighbour grapples with serious attacks on democracy, a fresh approach to citizen engagement in Canada is an exciting prospect, worthy of serious consideration.

29/01/2024 The Conversation

Will we ever be able to have a conversation with animals?

The arrival of AI has turned expectations on their head when it comes to achieving complex communication with other species, and makes it possible to analyze their sounds, movements and behaviors to a degree of precision previously unthinkable

26/01/2024 El País

‘It beats getting stoned on the street’: how Portugal decriminalised drugs – as seen from the ‘shoot-up centre’

Paulo picks up a lighter from the table in front of him, holds it beneath the foil-encased bowl of his thin metal pipe for a few seconds, and then inhales. For a brief moment, he falls silent, head slumped forward.

25/01/2024 The Guardian

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