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These Electric School Buses Are on Their Way to Save the Grid

Loaded with ever more renewables, the grid will need to store a whole lot of energy. Enter: a new kind of magic school bus—one that can both charge and give power back.

15/05/2024 Wired

These Artificial Blood Platelets Could One Day Save Lives

Platelets help blood clot, but they have a short shelf life. With blood in short supply, synthetic platelets could help meet demand.

13/05/2024 Wired

‘A world first’: project recycles polyester into yarn for new clothes

Football shirts, sports event banners and uniforms are piled up ready to be pumped into a machine which melts them down for recycling ready to be made into new clothes. In a world first in Kettering, Northamptonshire, Project Re:claim is taking…

11/05/2024 The Guardian

New antibiotic buys medicine time in the never-ending fight against superbugs

Emblaveo has been developed by Pfizer, with the help of the EU and the United States, and is effective against some multidrug-resistant infections that have been untreatable until now

10/05/2024 El País

Should we fight climate change by re-engineering life itself?

Organisms that produce synthetic fuel and suck carbon out of the air are just some of the possibilities of ‘engineering biology’ – if policymakers can shepherd the industry towards success.

09/05/2024 The Conversation

How a filmmaker, a pile of old shells and a bunch of amateurs are bringing our oyster reefs back

A clever approach to restoring Australia’s native oyster and mussel reefs in Queensland’s Moreton Bay is catching on, giving community groups a way to get involved in their local patch.

07/05/2024 The Conversation

Making merry: how we brought Melbourne’s Merri Creek back from pollution, neglect and weeds

It was once a gross industrial sewer. But decades of work has turned Merri Creek into a green ribbon in Melbourne’s north.

06/05/2024 The Conversation

How do you help patients who show up in the ER 100 times a year?

For decades, nonprofits, health insurers and hospitals have been trying to solve the problem of the people who need the emergency room again and again. Here are some of the lessons they've learned.

03/05/2024 NPR

Lab-cultured fish: the newest alt-protein making a splash

A way forward to eating fish without damaging the oceans

03/05/2024 Positive News

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