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New Denser-Than-Water Fluid Could Make Pumped Hydro Cheaper and More Efficient

Can you have hydro storage without water? A British start-up is looking to open up the potential of pumped hydro renewable energy storage.

13/03/2023 Reset.org

The NHS worker singlehandedly rewilding kelp forests in Sussex

Steve Allnutt shivers and zips up his coat as he checks on the water tanks holding thousands of specimens. He confirms the temperature, adjusts the lighting and fishes out a tiny piece of kelp to inspect under his microscope.

13/03/2023 The Guardian

'You are enough': After suicide attempt, one mother finds simple ways to help save others

One phrase helped carry Emily-Sue Snyder, 32, out of her darkest hours. Now, the Oklahoma mom is spreading her message far and wide: "You are enough."

11/03/2023 USA Today

Inside One of the World’s Biggest Green Hydrogen Projects

Hundreds of billions of dollars are being invested in a high-tech gamble to make hydrogen clean, cheap and widely available. In Australia’s Outback, that starts with 10 million new solar panels.

11/03/2023 New York Times

Greening the desert: the architect regenerating Jordan’s native forests

Walking along a path in Jordan’s Birgish forest, one of the very few remaining patches of woodland in one of the world’s driest countries, Deema Assaf is careful not to step on any of the delicate wild orchids.

09/03/2023 The Guardian

How 'lab-grown' meat could help the planet and our health

What if there was a way to eat meat without farming and killing billions of animals per year, contributing to the climate crisis and risking high cholesterol levels?

08/03/2023 CNN

We can suck CO2 from the air and store it in the ocean as baking soda

A copper-based material boosts the effectiveness of the direct air capture process, turning carbon dioxide into sodium bicarbonate through a reaction with seawater

08/03/2023 NewScientist

The magical moss helping women in rural Peru to become entrepreneurs

In the Peruvian Andes, life is not always easy. Now, sustainable harvesting of sphagnum moss is helping women to thrive

07/03/2023 Positive News

How common is transgender treatment regret, detransitioning?

Lawmakers often cite concerns about young people regretting irreversible body-altering transgender medical treatment, but studies suggest regret is uncommon

05/03/2023 The Independent

Countries agree historic oceans treaty to protect the high seas

Nearly 200 countries have agreed to a legally-binding treaty to protect marine life in international waters, which cover more than half of the planet's surface, but have long been essentially lawless.

05/03/2023 CNN

Newly discovered chemicals are so deadly to fungi they are named after Keanu Reeves

It's not every day that effective fungus-killing compounds are discovered, so researchers in Germany knew their recent find needed a special name. Identifying and testing three natural compounds that proved lethal to fungi, they were so impressed…

03/03/2023 CNN

The surprisingly simple solution to poverty that is changing lives

What if we just give money directly to people who need it? It’s a simple idea that is catching on, with encouraging results

03/03/2023 Positive News

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