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Can we know how big a supernova will be before it happens?

The neutron core left after the collapse of a supermassive star determines the magnitude of the stellar explosion


South Africa rushes to dehorn rhinos to protect them from poachers

The extreme measure helps the species survive, but it’s not without its dangers: according to a study, dehorned rhinos reduce their home range because they feel more vulnerable


From San José to Silicon Valley: Costa Rica is emerging as a hotbed for US chips

Nurtured by Washington, multinationals and universities, the small Central American country is on its way to becoming a hub for integrated circuits


Taylor Lorenz, tech journalist: ‘The first influencers were women because media did not speak to their interests’

The ‘Washington Post’ reporter, a digital culture specialist, has written the definitive history of content creators on the internet


How to deal with parental burnout

Parents experience chronic stress because they neglect themselves, leading to long-lasting dissatisfaction, exhaustion and emotional distancing


Johan Norberg: ‘Some time ago, they told me that I was far-right, and now, from the right, they tell me that I am a woke capitalist’

The Swedish historian, an advocate of classical liberalism, argues that for a certain sector of the right today, defending the beliefs of Thatcher and Reagan is being a ‘cultural Marxist’


From Mariana Enriquez’s chaos to the perfect workspace: What the disorder of our work desk says about us

Some studies suggest that those who work remotely spend up to 13 hours a day anchored to this piece of furniture where we have all kinds of habits, manias and superstitions


Fewer screens and more domino: Why playing cards and board games are staging a comeback in bars

The sight of a group of friends playing a game together is no longer confined to retirees. Young people are rediscovering Connect 4, Trivial Pursuit and chess, and establishments are embracing a long-term business opportunity: building a community…


Overcoming coitocentrism: How penetrative sex is losing ground

Experts say that reducing sexual relations to penetration is on the decline, now that younger generations have a much more ample concept of pleasure


The pros and cons of saying ‘thank you’ and ‘good morning’ to AI

While some experts see little value in being nice to non-sentient entities, others say the way we interact with artificial intelligence could influence the quality of its responses


Food neophobia, or when children do not want to try new foods

Minors refusing to eat new foods is usually a temporary problem between two and six years of age, and does not commonly lead to an eating disorder


Oki Sato, the minimalist designer inspired by manga cat Doraemon

Like the cosmic feline, the founder of design studio Nendo has a magical talent for producing infinite, people-pleasing inventions from nothing


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