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When the boss doesn’t respect your right to disconnect

In digital or hybrid environments where the workday is organized remotely, getting away from work is much more complicated


So short they almost aren’t there: Rosalía has brought back 2000s-style short shorts

Today, wearing shorts isn’t confined to any gender or age, but people have not always enjoyed such freedom when it comes to dressing. In the past, women could only wear long dresses that went down to their feet and only men were allowed to show…


A fake salsa band ignites the rebirth of an old New York record label

The Colombian group Meridian Brothers is releasing an album in tribute to a band that never existed; it is produced by Ansonia Records, a forgotten label that was the seed of the renowned La Fania


Meet the Quechua engineer who brought a smart crop back from oblivion

Bolivian agronomist Trigidia Jiménez combines scientific and ancestral knowledge for the production of cañahua, a climate change-resistant grain


Do animals possess self-awareness?

Knowing what it is like to be a dog or a cat is as impossible as imagining ourselves in the mind of any other person


An experiment ‘resurrects’ the organs of dead pigs with artificial blood

A system that injects a hemoglobin-based fluid reverses cell death, a breakthrough that could have a major impact on organ donation


‘Cacator cave malum’: what collective latrines teach us about ancient Rome

They were spaces to share stories, jokes, and even a sponge attached to a stick that they used to clean themselves. “If you want to understand the culture, look at its bathrooms,” says the scholar Mary Beard


Edurne Pasabán: ‘I faced death in the Himalayas, but I couldn’t find happiness’

The alpinist, first woman to climb the 14 eight-thousanders, talks about her depression and suicidal attempts and the importance of caring about one’s mental health


Despite its drawbacks, robotic-assisted surgery is on the rise

These expensive systems offer a very sophisticated scalpel that doctors do not need to hold in their hands. Their use is growing in countries like Spain


James Webb telescope reveals spectacular image of Cartwheel Galaxy

The space observatory provides a new view of the star formation, which is located 500 million light-years away from Earth


AI predicts the structure of all known proteins and opens a new universe for science

The DeepMind lab, owned by the same company as Google, has calculated the predicted shapes of 200 million molecules, some of them essential for understanding devastating diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s


Doctors awed at ‘unique’ patient who has been living HIV-free for over 15 years without medication

A team of researchers from Barcelona has studied the cellular mechanism that allowed a woman to be ‘functionally’ cured despite not taking antiretrovirals


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