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Do neurons melt? How extreme temperatures affect the functioning of the brain

Scientific research shows higher temperatures decrease positive emotions such as joy or happiness and increase negative ones such as anger or stress


A bodybuilder on the catwalk at 71: How Marissa Teijo became the sensation of Miss Texas USA

The Texan bodybuilder and elementary schoolteacher participated in the pageant in June, becoming the oldest contestant in the history of beauty competitions


Invented memories: From psychiatric disorder to tricks for writing novels

There is a type of amnesia that prevents the formation of new memories, its place taken by confabulations. The writer W. G. Sebald used this illness to relate the story of a family member who ended his days in a psychiatric hospital


Peter Walter, biochemist: ‘The ISRIB molecule could become a wonder drug’

The German scientist, in the running to win the Nobel Prize, believes that his experimental drug can rejuvenate the brain and reverse a multitude of diseases


How dogs prevent us from going barking mad

Walking, playing or simply being with our canine friends provides multiple benefits, such as easing anxiety, stress and even depression


Mother’s milk and umbilical cord rings: Treasured jewelry or the mythification of motherhood?

Television presenter Cristina Pedroche helped to popularize accessories designed to remind moms of their baby’s early years, made with actual biological remnants. But not all moms feel a connection to such jewels


Asher Liftin, the child prodigy discovered by filmmaker Wes Anderson, points out where the future of art lies

The 25-year-old artist, whose work appears in the 2012 film ‘Moonrise Kingdom,’ sells paintings to famous clients, such as producer David Geffen, or Jan Koum, the founder of WhatsApp. Liftin is also in favor of images created with the help of…


La Morada, the place for ‘all those who are hungry’ in New York

Every day, in this restaurant in the Bronx, the Méndez-Saavedra family distributes more than 500 free meals to immigrants who have recently arrived in the city


Dennis Gross, celebrity dermatologist: ‘In the US we’ve gone too far with botox’

The rich and famous may fill his waiting room, but he is the real star. One of the most famous doctors in New York welcomes EL PAÍS to dismantle the myths and legends of skincare


Why we sleep worse when it’s hot out and what we can do about it

High temperatures on equatorial nights, which have multiplied in recent years, are associated with less — and less efficient — sleep


‘Ugly Betty’ returns, this time looking for self-love

The most successful soap opera of all time is back 25 years later with a new 10-episode season that premieres Friday on Amazon Prime


In Spain’s wealthiest town, residents protest against luxury development that will cut down thousands of trees

The Montegancedo project plans to erect 1,050 homes in Pozuelo de Alarcón. Protesters say nearly 300 trees have already been felled in a natural space home to a diversity of animal and plant species


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