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An Irish National Treasure Gets Set for a Long-Needed Restoration

The majestic Old Library at Trinity College Dublin, where some of Ireland’s most ancient and valuable books are stored, is a popular tourist attraction.


Dinosaurs Started Out Hot, Then Some of Them Turned Cold

Scientists directly measured the metabolic rate of extinct animals, which revealed that some giant dinosaurs became coldblooded.


How to Talk to Children About School Shootings

Whether you’ve got a kindergartner or a teenager, here is how to help them in the immediate aftermath of tragedy.


Boeing’s Starliner Returns to Earth: How to Watch

A successful return to Earth of the capsule on Wednesday could set up a flight for NASA with astronauts aboard before the year’s end.


‘Quantum Internet’ Inches Closer With Advance in Data Teleportation

Scientists have improved their ability to send quantum information across distant computers — and have taken another step toward the network of the future.


The Mango, India’s King of Fruits, Is a Victim of the Heat Wave

Blistering spring temperatures have devastated crops of the country’s most beloved fruit. “The soul of a farmer shudders at seeing these fruitless trees,” one grower said.


I Tried Apple’s Self-Repair Program With My iPhone. Disaster Ensued.

Apple’s do-it-yourself tools and instructions are far from ideal for most of us. I know this because I broke my phone trying to use them.


Why Is ‘Bob’s Burgers’ So Freakishly Lovable? This Guy.

Loren Bouchard’s accidental career as a comedy mogul has now brought his TV family to the big screen.


A feud over fossil fuel money

Some faculty and students at Stanford want the university to reject industry donations. It’s the latest clash in a wider battle over whether to shun oil and gas money.


Redwood Forest in California Is Returned to Native Tribes

Ownership of more than 500 acres of a forest in Mendocino County was returned to 10 sovereign tribes who will serve as guardians to “protect and heal” the land.


Senegal's 'Plastic Man' Is on a Mission to Clean Up Pollution

Dressed head to toe in plastic, Modou Fall is a familiar sight in Dakar. But however playful his costume, his goal couldn’t be more serious: ridding the capital of the scourge of plastic bags.


Malta Becomes First E.U. Country to Legalize Marijuana

The government said that the new law was aimed at ending the criminalization of people for smoking the drug and at reducing criminal trafficking.


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