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At Apple, Rare Dissent Over a New Product: Interactive Goggles

The company is expected to unveil an augmented reality headset in a few months. Some employees wonder if the device makes sense for Apple.


The Income Gap Is Becoming a Physical-Activity Divide

Nationwide, poor children and adolescents are participating far less in sports and fitness activities than their more affluent peers.


Who Will Take Care of Italy’s Older People? Robots, Maybe.

The Western world’s oldest population is facing a crisis of caregivers. Some are looking for a little helping, plastic, hand.


In a Roman Tomb, ‘Dead Nails’ Reveal an Occult Practice

Forty-one bent or twisted iron nails, unearthed from a second-century imperial burial site, were meant to keep the deceased in their place.


I’m Lost All the Time. So I Went on a Labyrinth Vacation.

To hear more audio stories from publications like The New York Times, download Audm for iPhone or Android. Who’s to say when exactly we started to walk twisting paths — to think of them as sites for enjoyment, for the holy, and for the surreal?


Your Power as a Citizen

What can I do, personally, about the climate crisis? You often ask us a version of this question. That was especially true this week, after the latest international scientific report on global warming. Some of the most obvious answers can seem…


Bard Fork, and How to Talk So Chatbots Will Listen

Google has unleashed its A.I. chatbot, Bard, to the world. And Spotify’s A.I. D.J. knows your taste — perhaps a little too well.


A Paler Uranus Emerges in the Latest Hubble Telescope Image

A pair of images, taken eight years apart, show changes to the ice giant planet as spring arrives in the northern hemisphere.


Relativity Space’s 3-D Printed Rocket Fails Just After Launch

Relativity Space, a private company with ambitions for sending people to Mars, made it off the launchpad, but the vehicle experienced problems during the second stage of its flight.


Geothermal Power, Cheap and Clean, Could Help Run Japan. So Why Doesn’t It?

For decades, new plants have been blocked by powerful local interests, the owners of hot spring resorts, that say the sites threaten a centuries-old tradition.


Oumuamua Was a Comet After All, a Study Suggests

Astronomers offer “a surprisingly simple explanation” for the curious behavior of the interstellar visitor in 2017.


U.S. Organ Transplant System, Troubled by Long Wait Times, Faces an Overhaul

The Biden administration announced a plan to modernize how patients are matched to available organs to shorten wait times and reduce the number of people who die while waiting.


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