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The Climate Summit Embraces A.I., With Reservations

The idea of using artificial intelligence to fight emissions has made a splash at COP28, but there’s a catch: The energy it requires could make matters worse.


The Who’s Who Behind the Modern Artificial Intelligence Movement

Before chatbots exploded in popularity, a group of researchers, tech executives and venture capitalists had worked for more than a decade to fuel A.I.


The Plan to Save a California Island? Shoot All of the Deer.

For decades, nonnative animals have ravaged the rare habitat on Catalina. The proposed solution has infuriated local residents and animal lovers.


Japan to Limit Unusual Baby Names

As such names have increased, so has media attention to cases of people unhappy with them. But critics say new rules may infringe on the right to be creative.


Exactly How Much Life is on Earth?

According to a new study, living cells outnumber stars in the universe, highlighting the deep, underrated link between geophysics and biology.


Penguins Take Thousands of Naps Every Day

The birds’ impressive ability to nod off may be an adaptation to an environment of constant interruptions.


Apple Is Doing Its Part to End Green Bubble Shaming. It’s Our Turn.

While texting technology will soon get better, the “blue versus green bubble” disparity is far from over.


Amazon Introduces Q, an A.I. Chatbot for Companies

Amazon has been racing to shake off the perception that it is lagging in the push to take advantage of artificial intelligence.


Former Coal Towns Get Money for Clean-Energy Factories

An Energy Department program designed to create jobs and manufacturing in communities reliant on fossil fuels is backing projects in West Virginia, Colorado and elsewhere.


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