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Sex ratio of babies linked to pollution and poverty indicators

A swathe of pollutants and indicators of poverty have been linked to changes in the ratio of baby boys to girls born to millions of parents.


Fossil remains of a herd of 11 dinosaurs discovered in Italy

A treasure trove of fossils of a herd of 11 dinosaurs has been identified for the first time in Italy, including the biggest and most complete dinosaur skeleton ever found in the country.


‘Like putting a lithium mine on Arlington cemetery’: the fight to save sacred land in Nevada

On a windy afternoon in northern Nevada, where her family has lived for generations, Daranda Hinkey stood before one of the largest lithium deposits in the world – the place where, as she puts it, “there’s so much lithium it makes people foam at…


Californian firm touts ‘mushroom leather’ as sustainability gamechanger

Vegan alternatives to leather could save more than just animals. The scientists behind fashion’s new latest must-have – the “mushroom leather” handbag – believe that mycelium, a material grown from fungi which can be engineered to look and feel…


EU launches €300bn fund to challenge China’s influence

The EU’s plan to invest €300bn (£255bn) in global infrastructure will be better than China’s belt and road initiative, the European Commission president has said, as she announced a strategy to boost technology and public services in developing…


‘Deluge of plastic waste’: US is world’s biggest plastic polluter

The US is the world’s biggest culprit in generating plastic waste and the country urgently needs a new strategy to curb the vast amount of plastic that ends up in the oceans, a new report submitted to the federal government has found.


Activists call for revolution in ‘dated and colonial’ aid funding

Aid donors are being urged to revolutionise the way money is spent to move away from colonial ideas and create meaningful change.


Even after 40 years the response to Aids in many countries is still held back by stigma

Forty years after the first cases of Aids were discovered, goals for its global elimination have yet to be achieved. In 2020, nearly 700,000 people died of Aids-related illnesses and 1.5 million people were newly infected with HIV.


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