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Don’t sweat it: how to find an effective deodorant

Despite an ever-growing selection, finding a “holy grail” deodorant is tough. Over the years, I’ve slathered my pits with pure salt crystal (bad), lemon juice (even worse), DIY rubbing alcohol and essential oil spritzes (the dryness!


How to rewild your teenagers: a parents’ guide to reconnecting them with nature

From sniffing dandelions to prodding frogspawn and chasing butterflies, young children are often automatically and unashamedly drawn to nature. Then a chasm opens.


Scientists transplant soil fungi in race to save the world’s rthreatened orchids

Scientists are racing against the clock to save the world’s orchids by discovering the soil fungi they need to thrive, breeding them and then, in a first for conservation, transplanting them into orchid habitats.


Huge number of deaths linked to superbugs can be avoided, say experts

Every year 750,000 deaths linked to drug-resistant superbugs could be prevented through better access to clean water and sanitation, infection control and childhood vaccinations, research suggests.


No sex drive and a ‘tanking libido’: how I redefined intimacy in midlife

Talking with women my age, sex – specifically, a lack thereof – comes up frequently. One friend referred to her “tanking libido”; another sent a text that read “sex drive” followed by two thumbs-down emojis.


Nature’s ghosts: how reviving medieval farming offers wildlife an unexpected haven

The Vile clings on to the edge of the Gower peninsula. Its fields are lined up like strips of carpet, together leading to the edge of the cliff that drops into the sea. Each one is tiny, around 1-2 acres.


Euclid telescope spies rogue planets floating free in Milky Way

Astronomers have spotted dozens of rogue planets floating free from their stars after turning the Euclid space telescope to look at a distant region of the Milky Way.


Google Pixel 8a review: new Android mid-range champion

Google’s latest mid-range A-series Pixel handset steps it up a notch, bringing almost every feature from its high-end phones down to a more affordable price, including the latest AI and camera tricks. The Pixel 8a starts at £499 (€549/$499/A$849).…


Half of world’s mangrove forests are at risk due to human behaviour – study

Half of all the world’s mangrove forests are at risk of collapse, according to the first-ever expert assessment of these crucial ecosystems and carbon stores.


Electric cars more likely to hit pedestrians than petrol vehicles, study finds

Hybrid and electric cars are more likely to strike pedestrians than petrol or diesel vehicles, particularly in towns and cities, according to an analysis of British road traffic accidents.


Mount Fuji: why a small Japanese town is hiding the big tourist hotspot

Name: Mount Fuji. Age: Formed 100,000 years ago. Appearance: A blank rectangular expanse. It’s actually pointy, like a volcano. Not from this angle. What are you talking about? I’ve seen Mount Fuji. No, you haven’t. And if anybody asks, neither…


Latin America labels ultra-processed foods. Will the US follow?

Candy lines every inch of the mercado de dulces in Mexico City’s historic center. Tantalizing strawberry-flavored chocolates and Tajín-covered mango gummies pack the narrow aisles of the meandering marketplace.


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