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Scientists excited to find ocean of one of Jupiter’s moons contains carbon

The vast subterranean ocean of Europa, one of Jupiter’s many moons, contains carbon, one of the crucial ingredients for life, scientists have discovered.


Team behind AI program AlphaFold win Lasker science prize

Researchers behind Google DeepMind’s AlphaFold program have landed one of the most prestigious prizes in science for solving a grand challenge in biology that stood for half a century.


Bob Ross’s first TV painting goes on sale for nearly $10m

Bob Ross was an artist who brought painting to the people, his works completed for PBS viewers in less than a half-hour with little more than a large bristle brush, a putty knife and plenty of encouragement.


Britain is much more liberal-minded than is was 40 years ago, study finds

From attitudes to gay sex and single parenting to views on abortion and the role of women in the home, Britain has evolved into a dramatically more liberal-minded country over the past four decades, a leading study has found.


Australia should wipe out climate footprint by 2035 instead of 2050, scientists urge

Australian engineers and technology scientists have urged the Albanese government to “make up for lost time” and set itself a “monumental challenge” by setting a target to wipe out the country’s climate footprint by 2035 – 15 years earlier than…


ADHD has become an identity, not just a disorder. We need a new way to talk about it

We desperately need to find a new way to talk about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In the past couple of years, we have entered a new age of ADHD awareness.


‘We are living in a soup of DNA’: how new technology is helping track eels in UK ponds

The astonishing secrets being revealed by the science of environmental DNA (eDNA) are revolutionising the way in which we study and protect biodiversity, from the densest tropical jungle to the deepest ocean trench.


Málaga announces Spain’s first public pet cemetery

The dogs, cats and other scaly, furry and beaked creatures of Andalucía’s second-largest city can look forward to a little more dignity in death than eternal rest in a half-forgotten, ash-filled cardboard box, after Málaga city council announced…


Swedish government criticised for curbing green policies in budget

Sweden’s government has come under criticism after unveiling a budget that will dramatically increase emissions.


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