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Supermarket food could soon carry eco-labels - study

Supermarket shoppers could soon be checking the environmental impact of food before putting it in their trolleys, thanks to new research. Reliable information of this kind hasn't been available.


Will there be a hosepipe ban in my area?

Hosepipe bans are being introduced in some parts of southern England and Wales after unseasonably dry weather. People living in these areas will not be allowed to use hosepipes to water lawns or plants, to clean cars or fill paddling pools.


Cost of living: How you can save money on pet care

From fuel and electricity to milk and eggs, we've all noticed the price of things around us going up. And if you're a pet owner, it can be difficult to save money while keeping the same level of care.


Horniman Museum to return 72 artefacts to Nigeria

A London museum says it has agreed to return to Nigeria artefacts looted in the 19th Century from the Kingdom of Benin. The Horniman Museum said ownership of 72 objects would be transferred to the Nigerian government.


Bridgend avant garde hairdresser nominated for UK award

"I used to say I was going to be a celebrity hair stylist and they were like 'you're in the wrong area, Aberkenfig is not going to get you there'." Growing up in a small village in Bridgend county, Shelley Lane practised hairstyling on her Barbie…


Partition: My journey to the ‘place no-one spoke of’

Sparsh's family fled in terror 75 years ago - it wasn't spoken about until his grandfather agreed to talk.


UK should move to one dose of HPV jab for teens

Two doses are now given but experts say one shot is enough to give protection against cervical cancer.


Depression myths: 'Stopping medication made me twice as bad'

Shock headlines suggesting anti-depressants don't work swept across social media recently. The reports have been challenged and some myths debunked. But what is like for people taking medication to read those stories? "A $15bn hustle?" "Not based on…


Tiny manuscript by Charlotte Brontë returns home to Haworth

A miniature manuscript written by a 13-year-old Charlotte Brontë has gone on public display after being returned to her West Yorkshire home. The 15-page book, smaller than a playing card, is dated December 1829 and is stitched in its original brown…


Did we all believe a myth about depression?

A study showing depression isn't caused by low levels of the "happy hormone" serotonin has become one of the most widely shared medical articles. It has provoked a wave of misleading claims about antidepressant drugs, many of which increase the…


Edinburgh Festival: Biggest arts festival in the world begins

Thousands of performers from across the world are in Edinburgh for the start of the world's biggest arts festival. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe will see more than 3,000 shows from 58 countries mark its 75th anniversary. Its line-up will include…


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