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Covid: Pfizer and Moderna jabs give best overall boost, UK trial finds

Researchers also say there are signs the boosters would still offer protection against new variant Omicron.


New plan to pay farmers who protect winter soil

The empty brown fields of winter countryside could be transformed under new land subsidy rules for England.


Scientists claim big advance in using DNA to store data

Scientists say they have made a major step forward in efforts to store information as molecules of DNA, which are more compact and long-lasting than other options. The magnetic hard drives we currently use to store computer data can take up lots of…


HIV: The misinformation still circulating in 2021

Huge progress has been made in treatment, prevention and understanding of HIV - but falsehoods still hurt people living with it.


Actor Mark Bonnar revisits his dad's famous concrete hippos

Growing up, Scottish actor Mark Bonnar thought it was normal to have a dad whose job was making concrete hippos for new towns.


Virgil Abloh: How he 'helped black people dream in fashion'

"Virgil gave me the ability to think and imagine I could be in spaces that weren't necessarily for black people in the first place." From musicians to models to sports stars, many people have paid tribute to designer Virgil Abloh this week.


The 'map nerds' who are building a national archive

Thousands of volunteers capture images across Britain and Ireland as part of a project called Geograph.


Madhya Pradesh: Husband builds Taj Mahal-like home to wife

A 52-year-old businessman in India has built a scaled-down replica of the iconic Taj Mahal as a home for his wife of 27 years.


French school bus experiment brings hope to Toulouse estates

Three sprawling housing estates on the edge of Toulouse are home to around 30,000 people, and they are considered to be amongst the poorest urban neighbourhoods in southern France. But each morning, from Monday to Friday, they are taking part in an…


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