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Through war and decay, Libya’s ‘desert pearl’ tries to hold on

In the heart of the Libyan Sahara is a city known as the ‘pearl of the desert’ – built up around an oasis that has been a refuge for thousands of years.


‘Time running out’: US, Germany intensify climate change fight

Deal will see the two nations develop and deploy technologies to speed up the clean energy transition.


Five things we must achieve as environmental movement turns 50

This is the moment to create a global society that offers everyone the opportunity to live a healthy, fair life.


Lithuanian lawmakers agree to consider same-sex partnership bill

Move to approve further discussion comes a year after Lithuania's parliament voted down a similar piece of legislation.


South Africa needs $250bn for clean energy transition: Report

Approximately half of the funding required is needed to ramp up wind and solar power projects, new publication says.


New spinning wheel may boost India’s hand-woven pashmina business

Poor wages, competition from cheap shawls from mechanised mills have dealt severe blow to real pashminas for many years.


Translating India’s constitution into a tribal language

Sripati Tudu's translation of document into Santali marks a milestone in preservation of Indigenous Indian languages.


Pfizer to offer low-cost drugs to 45 lower-income nations

US pharmaceutical giant says it will sell patented drugs on a not-for-profit basis to world's poorest countries.


Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions fall to lowest on record

Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions fell to a record low in the financial year that ended March 2021, government figures showed on Friday, a result of slower industry activities amid the pandemic and wider use of renewable energy. The 5.1 percent…


Restoring wetlands can help combat climate change

Swamps are a major carbon store. Their regeneration can help sequester vast amounts of carbon dioxide.


‘Action time’: Ghanaians plant 5m trees to fight forest depletion

People from all walks of life take part in 'Green Ghana' project aimed at saving depleting forest reserves.


Ethical bling: Pandora will no longer use mined diamonds

Mined diamonds have been tainted by ethical concerns, and Pandora will now use only ones made in labs.


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