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Could therapy horses be the solution to Britain’s prison crisis?

A rehabilitation programme is using ‘equine therapy’ to break the cycle of crime and ease overcrowding in prisons.


France, China launch satellite in attempt to explore the universe

China's advances in space exploration are outpacing those of the US and attracting partners from Europe and Asia.


Summer solstice 2024: Is it going to get even hotter now?

While Thursday marks the longest day of the year in Northern Hemisphere, it will not necessarily be the hottest.


Fossil fuel use, emissions hit record highs in 2023, industry report says

Global fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions hit record highs last year, even as renewables generated more energy than ever before, an industry report has found. Fossil fuel consumption rose 1.5 percent compared with 2022, while…


McDonald’s scraps AI pilot at drive-through outlets after order mix-ups

Fast food giant pulls plug on AI-powered voice-ordering at about 100 outlets after viral videos of order mishaps.


Austrian group finalises 25-million-euro giveaway of heiress’s money

A total of 77 organisations will receive funds from Austrian-German heiress Marlene Engelhorn's inheritence.


US falling far behind China in nuclear power, report says

The US is between 10 and 15 years behind China in rolling out next-generation reactors, research institute says.


Audiences suspicious of AI being used to create news, survey shows

Most news consumers in the United States and the United Kingdom would be uncomfortable with journalism produced mainly by artificial intelligence (AI), a survey has found.


‘My crew are my brothers’: Inside Tunisia’s dance revolution

Breakdance 'battles' and a steep rise in the popularity of contemporary dance are fuelling a cultural renaissance.


Wild Przewalski’s horses return to Kazakhstan after 200 years

The first group of seven horses arrived in Kazakhstan in early June and about 40 more are planned for the coming years.


As China scrambles for Zimbabwe’s lithium, small miners are left behind

Small-scale miners are finding ways to navigate decreased demand and lower prices of the raw material they supply.


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