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Hydrogen no break from fossil fuels, energy colonialism: Report

The Corporate Europe Observatory is sounding the alarm on the hydrogen industry at the centre of the EU climate agenda.


A vanishing coast, deserted fields, and the search for solutions

Senegalese communities battle with climate-driven rising sea levels that disrupt habitats and threaten livelihoods.


DNA from Beethoven’s hair gives insight into fatal liver disease

Using five hair locks, scientists found the composer was genetically predisposed to liver disease and had hepatitis B.


China approves first domestic mRNA COVID-19 vaccine

In a study of 4,000 participants, the vaccine showed efficacy of 85.3 percent 14 to 28 days after a booster vaccination.


World Poetry Day: Can you tell which poem was written by ChatGPT?

We know poetry is subjective, but why don’t you take the quiz below to rate ChatGPT’s poetic prowess?


A Bali island was full of rubbish. Residents made cleaning up pay

Community-run recycling centre is being credited with transforming Nusa Lembongan's once-polluted beaches and waterways.


From displacement to homecoming: Dispatch from Nigeria

A community in northeast Nigeria, devastated by Boko Haram, is rebuilding a remarkable story of resilience and hope.


Latin America can lead the way to a new public health model

The pandemic demonstrated that the current global public health system is failing the Global South. We need a new one.


Back from extinction: Resurrecting the Tasmanian tiger

The last thylacine is thought to have died in the 1930s. Meet the scientists who want to bring it back.


Jacinda Ardern, the public servant

The resignation of New Zealand's prime minister shows humility and empathy still have a place in politics.


Lessons from Sierra Leone: How to get girls back to school

Millions of girls globally haven't returned to classrooms after COVID-19 lockdowns. One country has the solution.


An HIV-free world is finally within reach

But to get there we need to give everyone, everywhere equal access to groundbreaking new drugs and treatments.


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