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Use Whatever Cooking Oil You Want

Olive oil is a great choice. So is canola oil, vegetable oil, avocado oil, and pretty much everything else.


How to Be Self-Reliant Like Emerson

The great American thinker never pretended that true independence of mind was easy, but he made a thrilling case for its rewards.


MyBook Is Coming for Your Children

Recently, an old friend of mine from elementary school ran a hand over my bookshelf, stopped, and said, “You stole this.” “I did not!” “Yes, you did. You totally stole it from school.” She pulled out my copy of The Once and Future King, and showed…


The Anglosphere Is Depressed

The argument that smartphones and social media are contributing to the rise in teen mental distress is strong.


How to Step on a Stingray Without Getting Stung

This article was originally published by Hakai Magazine. Stingray 12 is surprisingly calm for an animal that’s getting squeegeed. The ray, roughly the size of a dinner plate, is submerged in the sand of a tank about the size of a chest freezer; even…


Kids Are Getting the Full Blast of Generative AI

This spring, the Los Angeles Unified School District—the second-largest public school district in the United States—introduced students and parents to a new “educational friend” named Ed.


When Anxiety Is Not a Superpower

There is no feeling or metaphysical concept that Pixar Animation Studios can’t turn into some sort of blob.


LLM-Free Is the New 100 Percent Organic

As soon as Apple announced its plans to inject generative AI into the iPhone, it was as good as official: The technology is now all but unavoidable. Large language models will soon lurk on most of the world’s smartphones, generating images and text…


Is Ozempic an Obesity Drug, or an Everything Drug?

The weekly shots keep getting linked to health benefits beyond weight loss. It’s maddening to figure out what’s causing them.


The Death of the Dining Room

The dining room is the closest thing the American home has to an appendix—a dispensable feature that served some more important function at an earlier stage of architectural evolution. Many of them sit gathering dust, patiently awaiting the next…


The Geologists of the Future

The government SUV is a white dot on the vast volcanic landscape. Beneath the open rear hatch, the geologists Jim Skinner and Alexandra Huff are bent over a map, glancing up at corresponding landmarks.


Could Your First EV Be the Last Car You Ever Buy?

An electric car that keeps running for severals decades is technologically possible. That is, unless car companies get in the way.


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