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Hernan Diaz on Vastness and Claustrophobia

“Although the scope of ‘The Generation’ may seem, literally, cosmic, it is in fact intimate and highly personal.”


The Generation

We’re gathered around Victor’s body. I can’t look at his face and don’t want to look down like the others. Find myself staring at the glass of water on the counter. The nervous little ripples. This is why I know the hum is there, although I can’t…


What the Body Means to Say

Patient: Mechanism of injury: self-immolation. Pt conscious upon EMT arrival. Lighter fluid and matches on scene. When asked about the incident, pt reported intent to “turn herself into a phoenix.” Psych eval ordered. The summer before last, I met a…


Dolphins Might Have Elite Spice Tolerance

This article was originally published in Hakai Magazine. Fishers around the world are desperate for a reliable way to stop dolphins from plundering their catch. Dolphins’ net burgling—known as depredation—costs fishers income and also puts dolphins…


We Still Don’t Know What Fundamentally Causes Canker Sores

A canker sore—a painful white ulcer inside the mouth—might be brought on by stress. Or the wrong toothpaste. Or certain foods: tomatoes, peanuts, cinnamon. Or an iron deficiency. Or an allergy. Or a new prescription. Or an underlying autoimmune…


Cookbooks Are About More Than Just Food Now

The new ethos of recipe collections elevates them beyond how-to manuals: Your weekly guide to the best in books


Is This the Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever?

Congrats! You are probably about to eat the very best Thanksgiving meal of your life. Maybe your turkey is drier than a World Cup fan in Qatar, or maybe you overcommitted and nothing is ready by 8 p.m. Maybe you’re making the same exact menu as last…


Sweet Potatoes Deserve So Much More Than Thanksgiving

Since the start of 2022, I’ve consumed more than my body weight in sweet potatoes. The average American eats closer to the equivalent of one (1) fry a day, but for the past decade, I’ve had at least half a pound of the roots at almost every dinner.


What You Learn From Eating Alone

“No food is sadder than personal pizza” is something I once read and promptly disagreed with. There are hundreds of objectively sadder foods. An unsold pie in a deli case, for example, is a celebratory food that should be shared at a bustling table…


Housing Breaks People’s Brains

Supply skepticism and shortage denialism are pushing against the actual solution to the housing crisis: building enough homes.


Don’t Let Crypto Bros Undermine Effective Altruism

The swift downfall of Sam Bankman-Fried brings unnecessary suspicion on a valuable form of philanthropy.


A Plan to Cool Off the Hottest Neighborhoods

“Grandma, is the air on?” Kisha Skipper was worried. She’s the vice president of the Yonkers NAACP and a member of the Climate Safe Yonkers Task Force, a group that’s planning projects to make the city safer in a hotter world.


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