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Has the Rise of the One Percent Really Been Debunked?

Everyone knows that inequality has gotten out of hand in the United States. Thanks largely to the work of three now-famous economists—Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez, and Gabriel Zucman—it’s probably one of the most widely accepted facts in modern…


The Deeper Problem With Google’s Racially Diverse Nazis

Is there a right way for Google’s generative AI to create fake images of Nazis? Apparently so, according to the company. Gemini, Google’s answer to ChatGPT, was shown last week to generate an absurd range of racially and gender-diverse German…


Shark Teeth Are Time Machines

This article was originally published by Hakai Magazine. When a real-estate development threatened the remains of a 13th-century coastal fishing site on southern Brazil’s Santa Catarina Island in 1996, archaeologists rushed to excavate.


What’s the First Thing We Should Say to the Whales?

One night last winter, over drinks in downtown Los Angeles, the biologist David Gruber told me that human beings might someday talk to sperm whales.


Everyone Wants a Piece of the Moon

Our satellite hasn’t seen this many missions since the Apollo era. This time, humanity might be there to stay.


I Went to a Rave With the 46-Year-Old Millionaire Who Claims to Have the Body of a Teenager

The first few steps on the path toward living forever alongside the longevity enthusiast Bryan Johnson are straightforward: “Go to bed on time, eat healthy food, and exercise,” he told a crowd in Brooklyn on Saturday morning. “But to start, you guys…


The Gadget That Should Inspire All Gadgets

Modern appliances are rarely built to last. They could learn something from the KitchenAid stand mixer.


Revolutions Take Generations

The Bastille looms large in the revolutionary imagination. When Paris crowds seized the French king’s fortress in July 1789, they unwittingly created a model for every subsequent upheaval.


Chill Out About Your Gut Health

In my childhood home, an often-repeated phrase was “All disease begins in the gut.” My dad, a health nut, used this mantra to justify his insistence that our family eat rice-heavy meals, at the exact same time every day, to promote regularity and…


The Weather Is Perfectly Interesting, Actually

Oscar Wilde never said that “conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”


There Was Never Such a Thing as ‘Open’ AI

At the turn of the century, when the modern web was just emerging and Microsoft was king, a small but growing technology movement posed an existential threat to the company.


A Simple Solution for Keeping Microplastics Out of the Water Supply

This article was originally published by Hakai Magazine. Sponges. Is there anything they can’t do? For millennia, humans have used dried natural sponges to clean up, to paint, and as vessels for drinking; we’ve even used them as contraceptive…


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