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Plant-Based Meat Boomed. Here Comes the Bust

Sales of vegan meat are trending downward in the US, with companies scrambling to win back customers.


Green Roofs Are Great. Blue-Green Roofs Are Even Better

Amsterdam is experimenting with roofs that not only grow plants but capture water for a building’s residents. Welcome to the squeezable sponge city of tomorrow.


Here’s a Clever Way to Uncover America’s Voting Deserts

this story Quanta Magazine In Georgia’s 2020 gubernatorial election, some voters in Atlanta waited over 10 hours to cast a ballot.


A Wave of AI Tools Is Set to Transform Work Meetings

An AI-powered wearable from startup Limitless promises to make meetings more productive. It’s the beginning of a wider transformation of human interactions.


Unruly Gut Fungi Can Make Your Covid Worse

An infection can upset your microbiome, and if certain gut fungi run riot, this can kick the immune system into overdrive.


Meta Is Already Training a More Powerful Successor to Llama 3

The open source Llama 3 AI model released by Meta today is just the start, according to the company’s chief AI scientist, Yann LeCun. He said a new, much larger version is in the works.


We Finally Know Where Neuralink’s Brain Implant Trial Is Happening

After months of secrecy, Neuralink revealed that the partner site for its brain implant study is the Barrow Neurological Institute.


What If Your AI Girlfriend Hated You?

AngryGF offers a perpetually enraged chatbot intended to teach men better communication skills. WIRED took it for a spin.


The Rise of the Carbon Farmer

Farmers around the world are reigniting the less intensive agricultural practices of yesteryear—to improve soil health, raise yields, and trap carbon in the atmosphere back down in the soil.


Luxury Airbnb High-Rises Are Reshaping Miami’s Skyline

Airbnb is encouraging developers to build condo towers purposefully designed to be listed for short-term rentals. Units are selling fast in Miami and coming soon to other US cities.


US Infrastructure Is Broken. Here’s an $830 Million Plan to Fix It

WIRED spoke with US transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg about recent grants to fix ancient roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure before it’s too late.


The Paradox That's Supercharging Climate Change

Humanity needs to burn less fossil fuels. But that means fewer aerosols to help cool the planet—and a potential acceleration of global warming.


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