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From the NS archive: Hay-making

Educated city dwellers may consider farm labourers “unskilled”, but, as a writer who signs as “CM” points out in this 1913 piece, the making of hay is a hugely complex process. “What does the onlooker know about it? Simply nothing.


Don’t listen to the climate doomists

On 25 April 2022 Australia’s public radio station replayed an interview with Jonathan Franzen in which the American author suggested we should resign ourselves to the climate crisis.


Do you want to live forever? Big Tech and the quest for eternal youth

Anti-ageing drugs are bankrolled by some of the wealthiest people on Earth, including Jeff Bezos and Peter Thiel. Are the scientists close to a cure?


Freelance café culture is dying and I have nowhere else to go

My regular haunt has closed and co-working spaces are too pricey. I’m not the only one, so why can no one fix this?


“There’s still not enough focus on the economy,” says Scotland’s chief entrepreneur Mark Logan

Your typical tech bro doesn’t tend to quote TS Eliot and Joseph Conrad in conversation, or explain business through its parallels with chess. Mark Logan is very far from your typical tech bro.


The energy crisis: what the UK could learn from Germany

While Berlin is investing heavily to boost energy efficiency and cut usage, the British government is in denial.


Food waste is a cost-of-living problem as well as a climate problem

As people struggle to afford to eat, two million tonnes of food fit for consumption is ending up in landfill — and the government is letting it happen.


Nuclear energy vs renewables: which is the best solution for the climate crisis?

There is no silver bullet to the climate crisis, and renewables look like a better, cheaper solution.


The man who lives on rubbish

Dumpster-diving with Patrick O’Hare, the anthropologist fighting for our right to what people throw away.


Why an end to economic growth is inevitable

Fifty years after the Limits to Growth report was published, the concept of post-growth remains largely taboo.


Scotland’s forests are the largest they have been for 900 years

The share of Scotland that is forested has increased from 6 per cent a century ago to around 18 per cent today.


“We grow meat from cells, they are just not connected to a cow”: Didier Toubia on the future of farming

Reducing the environmental impact of meat is becoming big business. The CEO of Aleph Farm explains why he is betting on lab-grown meat.


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