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Why public health policy needs to refocus

Amid the turbulence and political drama of recent months, there has been uncertainty around the future direction of public health policy.


Black Friday’s green dilemma

Black Friday has always been an exercise in spin. America’s annual sales bonanza allegedly first earned its name from the traffic congestion as crowds raced to begin their Christmas shopping.


Inside the Twittering machine

Will Elon Musk turn Twitter from a dysfunctional social media platform into a new kind of digital dystopia?


The man who lives on rubbish

Dumpster-diving with Patrick O’Hare, the anthropologist fighting for our right to what people throw away.


Why an end to economic growth is inevitable

Fifty years after the Limits to Growth report was published, the concept of post-growth remains largely taboo.


Scotland’s forests are the largest they have been for 900 years

The share of Scotland that is forested has increased from 6 per cent a century ago to around 18 per cent today.


“We grow meat from cells, they are just not connected to a cow”: Didier Toubia on the future of farming

Reducing the environmental impact of meat is becoming big business. The CEO of Aleph Farm explains why he is betting on lab-grown meat.


How forests are helping Rwanda heal the climate and its communities

Planting millions of trees is part of the national recovery from the 1994 genocide, when 800,000 people were killed.


How the world is winning the fight against neglected tropical diseases

New drugs have made the elimination of horrific conditions such as sleeping sickness feasible.


Could self-cooling clothes help us survive future heatwaves?

As Britain hits 39C today, scientists are working on new ways to keep our bodies cool. 


Instagram is testing a hidden like-count. Could that be a good thing?

The feature could create a drastically different social media landscape – but influencers may suffer. 


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