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Russian gas imports: Czech Republic and Slovakia scramble for alternatives

The Czech Republic and Slovakia rely heavily on Russian gas imports. Now, the Ukraine war and skyrocketing gas costs have forced both countries to consider other energy sources.


Learning to live with water scarcity

Regions around the world are facing drought and water shortage, even where rain was once abundant — and that will only worsen as the planet warms. In many parts of the world, cities and countries are learning to adapt.


Batteries versus e-fuels: Which is better?

As battery-fuelled electric vehicles get cheaper and 'climate-neutral' e-fuels ready to hit the market, which is the best solution for small and commercial vehicles?


Herbal medicines that actually work

Medicines have been extracted from plants for thousands of years and new ones are still being discovered. Here are several plant extracts with robust medical benefits.


Our love-hate relationship with supermarket self-checkouts

A retired British woman has launched a campaign to reverse the trend of cashless, humanless grocery checkouts. The technology may be her enemy, but could it soon come to her rescue?


Kyrgyzstan: Protecting pasture to protect walnut forests

In the mountain village of Arslanbob, a smartphone app is helping communities get the most out of their grazing lands, and in turn protect the world's largest natural walnut forest.


From Mumbai to Paris, the cities investing in the planet

This Earth Day, we show how city councils and mayors have stepped up to boldly decarbonize in the face of national government inaction.


Green construction: Fixing concrete's carbon footprint

The cement and concrete industry is one of the most neglected in the fight against climate change. It's responsible for about 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions, more than double those from flying or shipping.


Mushrooms: 4 uses that benefit the environment

As we look to transition from fossil to bio-based materials, fungi is becoming the ultimate biodegradable building block for furniture, fashion, housing and beyond.


Aquaponics: The future of agriculture?

Growing vegetables and fish together in a confined space, and without fertilizers and pesticides. Is this the future of food production?


Farmers reap double the benefits from solar-powered fields

Solar panels generate electricity in the field, helping both farmers and climate protection. A farm visit - and where else around the world this combination pays off.


Sprakebüll: A German village embraces a solar future

While Germany mulls over better solutions for a climate-friendly future, one northern village has already made the transition. And its residents say the benefits are worth every penny. A visit to Sprakebüll.


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