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Newly discovered dinosaur had 'blades' on tail

From its bird-like snout to a tail that resembles an Aztec weapon, a new dinosaur species discovered in Chile is thrilling scientists. "It just looks crazy," said one researcher.


Hydrogen: What's the big deal?

Hydrogen has been hyped as a key to a global energy transition. But so far its contribution has been marginal. Why the hold-up if hydrogen is so great?  


How reliable are rapid antigen tests?

Rapid antigen tests for detecting the coronavirus could be giving people a false sense of security. In Germany, manufacturers are allowed to certify the efficacy of their tests without independent quality control.


EU unveils 'Global Gateway ' €300 billion global infrastructure plan

The EU has called the plan a "road map for investment" in the developing world. It is seen as an eventual alternative to China's "Belt and Road" global infrastructure strategy


40 years of HIV/AIDS: The progression of a pandemic

About 38 million people live with HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS. Since the first cases in 1981, almost an equal number have died with it. Where to now?


Mushrooms: 4 uses that benefit the environment

As we look to transition from fossil to bio-based materials, fungi is becoming the ultimate biodegradable building block for furniture, fashion, housing and beyond.


Aquaponics: The future of agriculture?

Growing vegetables and fish together in a confined space, and without fertilizers and pesticides. Is this the future of food production?


Farmers reap double the benefits from solar-powered fields

Solar panels generate electricity in the field, helping both farmers and climate protection. A farm visit - and where else around the world this combination pays off.


Sprakebüll: A German village embraces a solar future

While Germany mulls over better solutions for a climate-friendly future, one northern village has already made the transition. And its residents say the benefits are worth every penny. A visit to Sprakebüll.


Solar energy heats up job market across the globe

Millions of workers stand to benefit from new jobs in the solar industry. But experts still see challenges that could overshadow this golden opportunity


Indians plant 250 million saplings in green campaign

Uttar Pradesh state in India has carried out a mass tree planting aimed at increasing forest area. India has pledged to keep a third of its total land under forest cover.


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