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The Fight to Preserve the Urdu Script in the Digital World

The Nastaliq font is often seen as too complex to use online. Developers and designers are trying to change that.


India Puts Pause on New Coal Plants to Boost Clean Energy

The Indian government will not consider any proposals for new coal plants for the next five years and focus on growing its renewables sector.


This Dutch Airport Wants to Ban Private Jets

Schiphol’s example could be a harbinger of how other countries deal with the intersection of wealth, climate politics and a growing backlash against emissions seen as particularly gratuitous.


Why Lebanon Is Having a Surprising Solar Power Boom

About 2,300 ft. above Beirut in the Matn District mountains, Roger Mazloum and his brother Elias greet me on an unusually balmy winter day as they chop wood to help keep their early 20th century home warm before the cold returns.


India Approves $2.3 Billion Plan To Become Global Hub for Green Hydrogen

The funding decision will support production, use, and exports of green hydrogen for the nascent industry.


Farming Destroyed Brazil’s Rain Forests. It Could Also Save Them

In a field of bare red dirt in São Paulo state, Paula Costa is trying to turn back the clock. Five hundred years ago, this land was part of the Mata Atlantica, a dense, diverse rain forest that covered 15% of Brazil.


Prince William’s Earthshot Prize Winners Include a Seaweed-Based Plastic Startup and Cleaner Cookstoves

Prince William's Earthshot Prize awarded over $6 million to five projects seeking to solve the world’s most urgent environmental problems.


Why European Countries Are Giving Teens Free Money To Spend on Books, Music, and Theater

Here's why some E.U. countries are spending hundreds of millions of euros so teens can watch movies, go to concerts, or even buy comic books.


Chile’s Reservoirs Are Evaporating Thanks to Climate Change. This Startup Is Trying To Stop It

Leaning over the edge of a reservoir the size of two football fields, a farm technician swings an upturned gallon bottle wildly from side to side, tipping out its clear contents. “Do you like my technique?” he says with a laugh. An oily layer…


This Danish Musician Powered His Outdoor Concerts with Batteries and Wind

Instead of diesel generators, shipping containers filled with wind-powered batteries were used to cut emissions at Lukas Graham's concerts


The Miraculous Trees That Could Save Pakistan’s Largest City from Climate Disaster

On a recent Tuesday morning, several dozen Pakistani schoolchildren barreled down a wooden walkway into a thicket of mangroves. They jostled for space at a small viewing platform and eagerly pointed out fish darting between the exposed tree roots.…


The Motion of the Ocean Could Be the Next Big Source of Green Energy

In 1851, Charles Babbage, the English mathematician and inventor, found himself preoccupied with what might happen should coal mines—then and now one of the primary sources of usable energy—become depleted. He concluded that “the sea itself offers a…


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