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Blood cancer multiple myeloma, once a death sentence, is now highly treatable. Here's why

With treatment advances over the last few years, and particularly in recent months, multiple myeloma has become treatable and may soon be curable.


A new research effort takes aim at 8 rare diseases. It could revolutionize many more.

The new project, Bespoke Gene Therapy Consortium, hopes its work on 8 rare diseases will set the standard and framework to help thousands of others.


FDA approves first-ever RSV vaccine, shots to be available for older adults

Trial data showed the new vaccine, developed by GlaxoSmithKline, reduced severe respiratory synctial virus, or RSV, by 94% in older adults.


Duchenne muscular dystrophy promises a bleak future. Gene therapy may change that.

The treatment of Duchenne's is in the midst of a revolution, bringing hope to a disease that inevitably left boys in a wheelchair in their teens.


Cutting-edge advances in cancer treatment are underway. Here are 3 that could change lives.

A look at some of the most hopeful, surprising advances in cancer treatment and research presented at the American Association for Cancer Research.


'You are enough': After suicide attempt, one mother finds simple ways to help save others

One phrase helped carry Emily-Sue Snyder, 32, out of her darkest hours. Now, the Oklahoma mom is spreading her message far and wide: "You are enough."


Guaranteed basic income pilot programs are growing around the country, and community leaders are doing something about it

Guaranteed basic income pilot programs across the country are launching to give people a little extra money


How can artificial intelligence protect whales? Offshore wind company has a plan

Vineyard Wind will partner with Charles River Analytics to use artificial intelligence to protect whales from devastating, often fatal vessel strikes.


'Fully vaccinated queens': First vaccine for honeybees approved in US

The first vaccine for honeybees has been approved by the U.S.D.A. in an effort to help one of the planet's most important pollinators.


A new HIV treatment shot is given only twice a year. It could be a 'game changer.'

Senlenca, a new injection regimen for HIV, is for patients who have suffered drug resistance. But experts worry about the hefty cost.     


Ancient farming practice makes a comeback as climate change puts pressure on crops

Farmers used to plant "cover crops" to rejuvenate fields in the off season. When those were replaced with chemicals, the soil suffered


Men who dress up as Black Santa Claus spread joy, diversity and inclusion for the holidays

"We're trying to make sure kids see the things we didn't grow up seeing so they can pass that on to their kids," said Chris Kennedy, a Black Santa.


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