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Chipotle's cilantro soap is sold out, but some Chipotle Rewards members can collect a cilantro badge

Chipotle sold out of its $8 Cilantro Soap online but through Dec. 8 has a "Cilantro Lover badge" for some Chipotle Rewards members.


Ed Sheeran thought he was gay as a child. We need to talk about why.

Why do concerns about queerness begin as prepubescent childhood? Because of adults and the expectations society sets, according to experts.


'Tiny homes' offer homeless temporary stability as they search for their 'forever home.'

A rise of tiny homes across U.S. cities for the homeless is seen as a temporary fix as more than 500,000 people in the U.S. are homeless, experts say.


Let's talk about (queer) sex: The importance of LGBTQ-inclusive sex education in schools

Just because a teen is hesitant to talk about sex isn't a reason to give up on the conversation. Not talking is especially dangerous for LGBTQ youth.


Can my remote work location impact pay? Ask HR

Whether it is the regional labor market or local cost of living, where you live has always been calculated into your pay rate.     


Researchers discover skull of deadly, fast swordfish-like reptile with a 3-foot-long skull

Ichthyosaurs were fast creatures that preyed on small fish. But a recently discovered skull suggests the species was able to eat large prey.


200,000-year-old remains of close relative to modern humans found in Siberian cave

Scientists have found 200,000 year old remains of a close relative to the modern human known as the Denisovans.      


Bees with a taste for rotting flesh evolved to have guts like vultures, researchers find

Researchers say a species of bees evolved to have an extra tooth for biting and a gut that more closely resembles a vulture's.


Jessica Watkins to be first Black woman to join an extended mission on the International Space Station

NASA has assigned astronaut trainee Jessica Watkins to SpaceX's next crewed launch, making her the first Black woman to join a full ISS mission.


Is Disney's Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience worth the cost? Here's what you get.

We got a sneak peek of Disney World's new Galactic Starcruiser experience and did the math to see if it's worth the hefty price.


'You're so mature for your age' isn't always a compliment. Sometimes it's from trauma.

"You're so mature for your age." People who were forced to grow up due to childhood trauma share their stories.


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