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What is vasculitis? What to know about disorder that 'knocked out' Ashton Kutcher's vision

Ashton Kutcher revealed he was diagnosed with vasculitis several years ago. But what is vasculitis? What are the symptoms of the autoimmune disorder?


'One in 30 million': Yet another rare orange lobster rescued, this time in Mississippi

Biscuit, an orange lobster, was saved from a Red Lobster in Mississippi. The uncommon creature might not be quite as rare as we once thought.


Fitness on all fours: Meet the trainer getting attention for his eye-catching exercise

What started as an online training journal to track his progress, has now amassed to 1 million followers obsessed with his training tactic.


I resent my parents for having more children. Was I wrong to tell them?

My parents were able to give my younger siblings the life I never had and it bothers me even though I love them. How can I let go of these feelings?     


Missing Mega Millions mania? Try prize-linked savings to party on. Here's how they work

If you're feeling sad the excitement of Mega Millions drawing is over, check out prized-link savings accounts. Just save, no need for winning numbers.     


When billionaires like Bill Gates give away 'virtually all' their wealth, where does it go?

Philanthropists including Bill Gates have pledged to donate their fortunes but that money often doesn't go directly to charities Americans know of.


Demi Lovato updated their pronouns to include she/her again. Experts say that's more than OK.

Experts say Lovato updating her pronouns isn't that uncommon – and should remind us that gender identity is fluid and can change over time.


Is the Cracker Barrel menu getting woke? Meat eaters rage on Facebook over addition of Impossible sausage

Cracker Barrel ruffled the feathers of meat eaters when it put plant-based Impossible sausage on the menu, sparking a culture war of words on Facebook     


Aaron Rodgers credits ayahuasca for his recent MVPs: What is the psychedelic drug?

What is ayahuasca, the psychedelic drug Aaron Rodgers credits for helping him produce back-to-back MVP-winning seasons and how does it affect people?


Pumpkin spice already? Fall Oreo flavor set to return this month after five-year hiatus

Summer may not be over yet, but one unforgettable fall product is slated to be back in grocery stores well ahead of autumn: Pumpkin Spice Oreos.


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