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This Moroccan startup is growing crops in the desert

Sand to Green is working to transform patches of desert into sustainable and profitable plantations.


Batteries for hire could help Nigerians ditch their generators

Reeddi rents out small, lightweight solar-powered batteries in Nigeria that can power devices including TVs, laptops and refrigerators.


Some 60,000 people return from prison each year. Her program is now a nationwide model for providing second chances

For 25 years, Susan Burton has dedicated herself to helping women rebuild their lives after prison. Today, she's established an alliance that helps others around the world follow her path.


He converted a van into a mobile medical clinic. Now, he's bringing care to thousands in rural Ghana

After losing loved ones to preventable diseases, Osei Boateng dedicated his life to delivering health care directly to people in need in his home country who often live hours away from the nearest hospital.


How electric tuk-tuks could become a 'virtual power plant' for this country

The streets of Dhaka are filled with constant clamor. Among the chorus of honking horns and ringing bells, roaring cars and rattling rickshaws, you can hear the electric hum of the city's three-wheeled open taxis, called tuk-tuks, as they weave…


How 'lab-grown' meat could help the planet and our health

What if there was a way to eat meat without farming and killing billions of animals per year, contributing to the climate crisis and risking high cholesterol levels?


Countries agree historic oceans treaty to protect the high seas

Nearly 200 countries have agreed to a legally-binding treaty to protect marine life in international waters, which cover more than half of the planet's surface, but have long been essentially lawless.


Newly discovered chemicals are so deadly to fungi they are named after Keanu Reeves

It's not every day that effective fungus-killing compounds are discovered, so researchers in Germany knew their recent find needed a special name. Identifying and testing three natural compounds that proved lethal to fungi, they were so impressed…


Electric buses are driving a silent revolution in Nairobi

During the early days of the coronavirus pandemic in Nairobi, Kenya, something improbable happened: a mountain appeared. To curb the transmission of the virus, authorities called on the city's thousands of private bus operators to cease trading.…


This butterfly was once thought extinct. Now it's off the endangered species list

The Fender’s blue butterfly has fluttered away from the brink of extinction.


Why the future of our cities might be headed underground

There is a megaproject underway that's not so much breaking new ground, as burrowing beneath it. In Singapore, a series of extensive tunnels are being bored into the soil some 60 meters down -- below subterranean shopping malls and even the city's…


Global 4-day week pilot was a huge success, organizers say

The verdict is in: A four-day work week is good for business.


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