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Grains vs Biodiversity: Germany's new, greener govt stages balancing act Gallery

Alarmed by the prospect of global food shortages due to the conflict in Ukraine, the EU wants to get as much land in Europe as possible turned over to grains, even at the cost of biodiversity. Berlin's new greener government is pushing back.


Japan reiterates plan to cut reliance on coal

Japan reiterated on Friday its policy to reduce reliance on coal-fired electricity generation as much as possible, with plans to phase out inefficient coal power plants towards 2030.


U.S. approves major transmission line from Wyoming to Utah Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery

The Biden administration on Thursday gave final approval to a 416-mile electric transmission line that will help connect more wind and solar energy to the Western U.S. grid.


Elvis film director calls Presley family response 'greatest review of my life'

Film director Baz Luhrmann said the reaction of Elvis Presley’s family to his film about the flamboyant American icon, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, was “the greatest review of my life.”


Fintechs fail to make a dent in Mexico as cash remains king

Financial inclusion levels in Mexico have worsened since 2018, official statistics show, despite a burst of financial startups hoping to 'bank the unbanked'.


Joby receives FAA nod to start air taxi services commercially Video

Joby Aviation Inc said on Thursday it had received a certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that would allow it to kick start its air-taxi operations commercially.


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