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Paris 2024: Olympics organizers unveil 5 Olympic rings mounted on the Eiffel Tower

To celebrate the 50-day mark before the July 26 to August 11 Summer Games kick off in France's capital, the iconic monument was decorated with a recycled steel display of the the Olympic Games' iconic 5-ring logo.


Montpellier makes public transport free for residents

From Thursday evening, residents of the southern French city with a special pass can ride trams and buses free of charge.


Breast cancer drug reduces risk of most common form recurring by 25 percent

The study of ribociclib has been described as a 'very important and practice-changing clinical trial.'


In Benin, electric motorcycles are gaining popularity

To speed up the transition to a greener economy, the government has eliminated all VAT and customs duties on 100% electric vehicles.


One-in-five new cars sold in California in 2022 was zero-emission

The largest car market in the United States charges towards its goal of electrifying its fleet. Ten years ago, that figure was 2 percent.


In the United States, a Henrietta Lacks statue will replace General Lee monument

Tissue taken from the African-American woman in 1951, without her consent, has been used in medical research and credited with the development of the polio vaccine.


The European Union adopts a 15 % tax on multinational businesses

On Thursday, the EU passed the landmark agreement intended to stop governments racing to cut taxes to lure the world's richest firms to their territory.


Raising a glass to the end of the hotel minibar in France

More and more hotels are abandoning these energy-hungry mini-refrigerators, which pose management problems and are less and less in line with guests' expectations.


Barcelona's ambitious mental health plan sees results

The Catalan city, governed since 2015 by the alternative left, has made safeguarding mental health a priority, particularly for young people.


European Parliament adopts universal charger requirement for electronic devices as of 2024

After that date, all smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, including Apple's, must have a USB type-C standard port.


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