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Glastonbury, the British town where druids commune with trees

'The Heralds of the Forests' (4/6). In the southwest of England, the druid Penny Billington is fighting to keep Celtic tree traditions alive.


A selection of the most versatile ingredients to spice up your summer dishes

'Le Monde' has drawn up a list of the most easy-to-find ingredients to use as spices or condiments in side dishes, salads and as main course.


Those foods cooking up a storm on social media

"Great chefs and the small screen" (6/6). Dishes, recipes and top locations are now being shared on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube... With productions that are reinventing the audiovisual culinary genre.


Icelanders' reforestation efforts paint volcanic lava green

'The heralds of the forests 3/6.' Though Iceland has undergone intensive deforestation over centuries, its inhabitants persist in reforesting the island, even at the foot of glaciers or volcanoes.


Amazon to buy Roomba-maker iRobot in $1.7 billion deal

The online retail giant has been investing in smart home and automation technologies with acquisitions such as Ring doorbells, Kiva warehouse robots and self-driving startup Zoox.


South Korea launches first lunar orbiter

The aerospace company SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 rocket on Friday, August 5, for a year-long Moon observation mission.


Will we have a winter without gas? What difference can individual actions make? Seven questions on saving energy

We answer questions about protecting French people's wallets, how to live without Russian gas and what we need to do to fight climate change.


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