August 2023

Some 60,000 people return from prison each year. Her program is now a nationwide model for providing second chances

For 25 years, Susan Burton has dedicated herself to helping women rebuild their lives after prison. Today, she's established an alliance that helps others around the world follow her path.

31/08/2023 CNN

Blood cancer multiple myeloma, once a death sentence, is now highly treatable. Here's why

With treatment advances over the last few years, and particularly in recent months, multiple myeloma has become treatable and may soon be curable.

31/08/2023 USA Today

Canada study debunks stereotypes of homeless people’s spending habits

The widely held stereotype that people experiencing homelessness would be more likely to spend extra cash on drugs, alcohol and “temptation goods” has been upended by a study that found a majority used a $7,500 payment mostly on rent, food,…

30/08/2023 The Guardian

Creating an ‘oasis of bio-abundance’ in the North Yorkshire countryside

The Broughton Sanctuary estate near Skipton is rewilding its sheep-grazed hillsides into woodlands rich with birds and insects.

30/08/2023 The Independent

Trash-Eating Mushrooms Are Being Deployed to Eat Demolition Debris

The environmental impact of construction waste is diverse and abundant.  Ecosystem destruction, natural resource consumption, pollution creation – it has all the hallmarks of a bonafide ecological menace. In fact, the construction industry accounts…


Boston will no longer require prospective spouses to register their sex or gender to marry

Couples filling out marriage certificates in Boston will no longer be required to identify their sex or gender

29/08/2023 The Independent

Planting Seeds in Building Construction: How Living Walls and Digital Technology Are Enhancing Sustainability

Living walls are a practical, and beautiful, way of adding greenery and lowering heating emissions in our cities. Here's how technology could be used to aid them.


Two people regain speech thanks to brain implants

Researchers were able to translate neural signals into words with experimental devices in one woman with ALS and another who suffered a stroke

23/08/2023 El País

A Brain Implant Helped Stroke Survivors Regain Movement

Stimulating the brain with electricity has been used for 30 years to treat Parkinson’s disease. Now, researchers are testing whether it could help restore hand and arm motion.

22/08/2023 Wired

Welcome to the world’s first zero-waste island

A tiny Greek island has undergone a green revolution, becoming energy self-sufficient and permanently closing its landfill site

21/08/2023 Positive News

A gold mine in the trash: how precious metals are recovered from discarded devices

An international mining company is constructing the only plant in southern Europe, and the seventh in the world, to recycle valuable metal elements present in electronic waste, amid criticism for polluting the environment

19/08/2023 El País

A 4% income tax on millionaires will make lunch free for Massachusetts K-12 students

Massachusetts voters approved the Fair Share Amendment in November. It places a 4% tax on incomes above $1 million, in addition to the state's standard income tax of 5%.

18/08/2023 NPR

Inhalable mRNAs will boost vaccines and therapies for lung conditions

Delivering mRNAs to the cells lining the nose and lungs will make vaccines more effective and may also lead to better treatments for conditions such as cystic fibrosis

16/08/2023 NewScientist

AIDS: Tanzania makes progress in fight to end epidemic by 2030

Tanzania is prioritizing early testing efforts and effective treatments to meet the global target of ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030. One man is leading his community by example, opening up about his own struggle.

16/08/2023 Deutsche Welle

This Bold Plan to Kick the World’s Coal Habit Might Actually Work

Novel climate-financing deals are promising to shut off dirty energy plants in developing countries and retrain their staff to work in the green economy.

15/08/2023 Wired

This Showdown Between Humans and Chatbots Could Keep You Safe From Bad AI

Thousands of security experts, hackers, and college students competed to trick powerful text-generation systems into revealing their dark sides at the Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas.

15/08/2023 Wired

Groundbreaking new cancer trials see seriously ill patients go into remission

Groundbreaking cancer trials are producing “incredibly impressive” results, with seriously ill people going into remission for months and years, according to a leading hospital.

14/08/2023 The Independent

‘It helps with my stress’: US basic income project shows signs of success

La-Kingya Singleton almost didn’t answer the call. It was after 5 pm and from an 800- phone number. “I thought it was a robocall,” she said. But it wasn’t. It was someone from the In Her Hands initiative – the largest guaranteed-income pilot…

13/08/2023 The Guardian

How to grow rhinos in a lab: the science that could save an endangered species

Efforts to save one species can provide scientific knowledge that enables us to save other creatures in need.

13/08/2023 The Conversation

He converted a van into a mobile medical clinic. Now, he's bringing care to thousands in rural Ghana

After losing loved ones to preventable diseases, Osei Boateng dedicated his life to delivering health care directly to people in need in his home country who often live hours away from the nearest hospital.

11/08/2023 CNN

AI Is Building Highly Effective Antibodies That Humans Can’t Even Imagine

Robots, computers, and algorithms are hunting for potential new therapies in ways humans can’t—by processing huge volumes of data and building previously unimagined molecules.

09/08/2023 Wired

Can a bra detect breast cancer? This Nigerian entrepreneur thinks so

It was a school competition to build a radio that set Kemisola Bolarinwa on her path to becoming the inventor of a bra that can detect cancer. “My physics teacher brought the idea of coming up with a radio transmitter and a receiver.

09/08/2023 The Guardian

Will Buildings in the Future Be Built From Mushrooms?

What if we could upcycle agricultural waste into a cheap, sustainable and biodegradable building material? Mycelium shows it's possible.


Curbing Contrails: A Climate Solution in the Skies

Slowing down climate change is going to require big fixes, and many small ones, too. Case in point: contrails, those wispy white lines that trail some airplanes flying high in the sky.

08/08/2023 New York Times

Biden designates 1.1m acres around Grand Canyon a national monument

Joe Biden will designate a “nearly one million acres” expanse around the Grand Canyon as a new national monument, protecting the region from future uranium mining.

08/08/2023 The Guardian

Voyager 2: Nasa fully back in contact with lost space probe

Nasa is back in full contact with its lost Voyager 2 probe months earlier than expected, the space agency said. In July a wrong command was made to the spacecraft, sent to explore space in 1977, changing its position and severing contact.

04/08/2023 BBC

Would You Drive an Extra Five Minutes to Save the Planet?

All my life, I thought there was just one way to get to my hometown’s ShopRite: right on Fair Street, right on Gleneida Avenue, right into the parking lot. That was until I plugged ShopRite into Google Maps. Now I had two options.

03/08/2023 The Atlantic

Norway Took On Meta’s Surveillance Ads and Won

Meta has long fought Europe's demands that it get people's consent before using their data for targeted ads. Then a Norwegian regulator threatened fines of $100,000 per day.

03/08/2023 Wired