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Giant Lego Made From Damaged Wood: How Triqbriq Could Revolutionise Timber Construction

What if there was a building material that was environmentally friendly, could be processed quickly and could also be completely deconstructed without leaving any residue? This idea is no longer utopian, as these new "bricks" prove.


Super-Sorting Robots Help Unlock the Full Potential of Recycling

Inefficient sorting means 25 percent of materials end up wrongly in landfills. AI is increasingly helping recycling centres ensure everything ends up where it belongs.


Jenga Green Library: Transforming Kenya’s Construction Landscape with Sustainable Building Solutions

Awareness, affordability and accessibility to green building technologies have stymied the uptake of green building in Kenya. Jenga Green Library could make things easier.


Carbon Concrete: Dresden Building 70 Percent More Sustainable Than Other Concrete Buildings

The CUBE in Dresden proves that carbon concrete is an exciting building material for a successful building turnaround.


Trash-Eating Mushrooms Are Being Deployed to Eat Demolition Debris

The environmental impact of construction waste is diverse and abundant.  Ecosystem destruction, natural resource consumption, pollution creation – it has all the hallmarks of a bonafide ecological menace. In fact, the construction industry accounts…


Planting Seeds in Building Construction: How Living Walls and Digital Technology Are Enhancing Sustainability

Living walls are a practical, and beautiful, way of adding greenery and lowering heating emissions in our cities. Here's how technology could be used to aid them.


Will Buildings in the Future Be Built From Mushrooms?

What if we could upcycle agricultural waste into a cheap, sustainable and biodegradable building material? Mycelium shows it's possible.


Using Half the Water, a Robot Gardens Just as Well as Humans

In a recent experiment conducted by researchers at UC Berkeley, a robot gardener performed just as well as its human counterpart while using significantly less water.


Utilising Waste Heat From Data Centres: How Our Browser Activity Soon Be Used to Heat Our Buildings

Data centres consume huge amounts of energy - and generate a lot of heat in the process. In Sweden, thousands of households are already heated with server heat - how does waste heat utilisation get a headwind elsewhere as well?


Can Long Haul Trucks Be Powered Like Trams and Trains?

A new study has explored the feasibility of large scale overhead power line trucking.


How Liquid Trees Could Help to Clean Up Our Urban Jungles

It might be desirable to live in the leafy suburbs, but for urban dwellers green spaces may be few and far between. Microalgae liquid trees might provide an alternative.


How Body Heat Could Be Used to Create Clean Energy

It sounds too good to be true. But more and more venues and companies are finding ways to turn body heat into usable energy.


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