October 2022

Cocoa producers trial new farming scheme to save chocolate from climate change

The ‘agroforestry’ project in Ghana aims to protect cocoa crops against climate impacts and provide added income for farmers.

31/10/2022 The Independent

This Ancient Grain-Sowing Method Could Be Farming’s Future

The traditional practice of mixing crops was nearly wiped out by industrial agriculture, but maslins are poised for a comeback.

29/10/2022 Wired

A Plan to Cool Off the Hottest Neighborhoods

“Grandma, is the air on?” Kisha Skipper was worried. She’s the vice president of the Yonkers NAACP and a member of the Climate Safe Yonkers Task Force, a group that’s planning projects to make the city safer in a hotter world.

26/10/2022 The Atlantic

Gigafactories are making greener EV batteries by recycling old ones

Though dark satanic mills are long gone from industry, the start of the lithium-ion-battery production line in a factory in Vasteras, west of Stockholm, is particularly squeaky clean.

26/10/2022 Economist

Kenya has lifted its ban on genetically modified crops: the risks and opportunities

Kenya’s GMO policy about-turn was underpinned by improved safeguards on top of a commitment to review each new application on a case-by-case basis.

26/10/2022 The Conversation

Uzbekistan’s solution to a lack of rural preschools? Kindergartens on wheels

Five years ago, just one in four children went to preschool in Uzbekistan. Offering a solution is a fleet of book-filled buses that take education to rural areas

26/10/2022 Positive News

Most teens who start puberty suppression continue gender-affirming care, study finds

A new study from a Dutch clinic found that 98% of transgender adolescents who received puberty suppression treatment went on to continue gender-affirming treatment.

26/10/2022 NPR

New NASA instrument detects methane ‘super-emitters’ from space

The Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation (EMIT) identified more than 50 methane hotspots around the world.

26/10/2022 Al Jazeera

Some good news on energy

Renewable sources made up the vast majority of new generating capacity last year, a new report found. But the world’s energy transition still needs to speed up.

25/10/2022 New York Times

Building subsidized low-income housing actually lifts property values in a neighborhood, contradicting NIMBY concerns

The concentration of subsidized low-income housing developments isn’t as bad as residents fear: It actually increases property values – at a faster rate than other neighborhoods.

25/10/2022 The Conversation

Un-draining the swamp: Rewilding project aims to resurrect Israeli wetlands

Wildcats, birds and frogs. Hyenas. Maybe (shh) even otters are staging a comeback as floundering fish farms are given back to nature

25/10/2022 Haaretz

Rats with backpacks could help rescue earthquake survivors

Buildings don't collapse very often -- but when they do, it's catastrophic for those trapped inside. Natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes can level entire towns, and for the search and rescue teams trying to find survivors, it's a…

24/10/2022 CNN

Is Zinc the Future for Renewable Power Energy Storage?

A new zinc-based battery claims to do away with many of the disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries, and at a lower cost.

24/10/2022 Reset.org

Laser brain therapy offers hope to epilepsy sufferers in England

Hundreds of people with hard-to-treat epilepsy will be offered laser therapy targeting the brain on the NHS in England from next year. A tiny laser inside a probe in the skull enables doctors to destroy brain tissue causing seizures.

22/10/2022 BBC

She’s Inheriting Millions of Euros. She Wants Her Wealth Taxed Away.

Marlene Engelhorn, 30, heir to a fortune, isn’t interested in philanthropy, believing it only perpetuates existing power dynamics. She’s calling for structural change to how the ultrarich are taxed.

21/10/2022 New York Times

Vast marine protected area 'boosts tuna stocks'

A huge marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean has led to the recovery of tuna and other migratory fish around its borders, according to a study. The Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument in Hawaii is almost four times the size of California.

20/10/2022 BBC

A new treatment is restoring skin coloration to some with vitiligo. It's giving patients hope.

A new study shows a treatment for vitiligo, which recently won FDA approval, restores natural skin color to one-third of patients.

20/10/2022 USA Today

Methane is a global climate concern, but new technologies offer hope

For years, carbon dioxide has been the bogeyman of climate change, and rightly so. But the focus on CO2 has allowed other greenhouse gasses to slide under the radar. Methane, in particular -- a potent greenhouse gas with more than 80 times the…

20/10/2022 CNN

Science Has a Communication Problem – and a Connection Problem

Scientists face barriers when trying to effectively communicate their work. How can they make sure the public understands – and doesn’t misinterpret – important research? If scientists are to gain the public’s trust, it’s crucial that they connect…

20/10/2022 Undark Magazine

Potent antifungal antibiotic found in rotten potatoes

Spanish and British researchers discover a bacterium in the tuber that produces a broad-spectrum fungicide

17/10/2022 El País

If You Don’t Already Live in a Sponge City, You Will Soon

Less pavement and more green spaces help absorb water instead of funneling it all away—a win-win for people and urban ecosystems.

17/10/2022 Wired

UC Berkeley is repatriating cultural artifacts, including ancestral remains, to Indigenous tribes

The University of California, Berkeley is working on repatriating thousands of ancestral remains and sacred belongings to the Indigenous tribes they were taken from over a century ago.

17/10/2022 CNN

Computers May Have Cracked the Code to Diagnosing Sepsis

Where doctors struggle to diagnose a condition that kills more Americans than stroke, machine learning could help.

16/10/2022 The Atlantic

Climate change: Can an enormous seaweed farm help curb it?

A British businessman believes it could suck a billion tonnes of carbon out of the atmosphere annually.

15/10/2022 BBC

How One School Avoided the Pandemic Plunge in Math Scores

Benjamin Franklin Elementary in Connecticut overhauled the way it taught math — and the way it ran the classroom. Every minute counted.

15/10/2022 New York Times

'Water batteries' could store solar and wind power for when it's needed

San Diego has an ambitious plan to store renewable energy, using extra solar power to pump water up a mountain. This old-style "water battery" technology could be set for a revival.

14/10/2022 NPR

Major rewilding project in Somerset to restore ancient floodplain and boost biodiversity

National Trust-led scheme will reconnect river to former floodplain to tackle drought, reduce flood risks and provide extensive wildlife habitat

13/10/2022 The Independent

Greece says its entire electrical grid ran on 100% renewables for the first time

Renewable energy sources covered Greece's electricity demands for about five hours last Friday, the operator of the country's power grid said.

13/10/2022 NPR

Recycled Battery Materials Can Work as Well as New Ones

In an independent test, cathode components Redwood Materials made from reused metals matched the performance of those made from raw ones.

13/10/2022 Wired

Robots Are Helping Immunocompromised Kids 'Go to School'

Sure, my telepresence robot had some issues—but for students like me who can’t make it to campus because of disability or illness, these tools open new doors.

11/10/2022 Wired

Electric car charging in just 5 minutes achieved with ‘unprecedented’ Nasa tech

New technology is capable of delivering 4.6 times the current of the fastest electric car chargers on the market

10/10/2022 The Independent

World’s top myeloma researcher: ‘We’re talking about curing blood cancer, unthinkable 20 years ago’

María Victoria Mateos, a doctor from Salamanca in Spain, recently received an international award in Los Angeles for a career devoted to the study of this disease

07/10/2022 El País

A Pennsylvania prison gets a Scandinavian-style makeover – and shows how the US penal system could become more humane

A pilot project at a Pennsylvania prison is trying out lessons from Scandinavia that could offer some ideas for reforming US prisons.

07/10/2022 The Conversation

Dancers' moves help to power Glasgow music venue

Heat energy is being captured from people dancing to help a Glasgow venue reduce its carbon emissions.

07/10/2022 BBC

How to Recycle a 14-Story Office Tower

Buildings are responsible for nearly 40 percent of the world’s carbon emissions. In Amsterdam, they are trying to create a blueprint to do something about it.

06/10/2022 New York Times

A Bold Effort to Cure HIV—Using Crispr

An experiment tests whether the gene-editing technology can stop the virus from replicating, which would ultimately wipe out the infection.

05/10/2022 Wired

What Does Sustainable Living Look Like? Maybe Like Uruguay

No greater challenge faces humanity than reducing emissions without backsliding into preindustrial poverty. One tiny country is leading the way.

05/10/2022 New York Times

European Parliament adopts universal charger requirement for electronic devices as of 2024

After that date, all smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, including Apple's, must have a USB type-C standard port.

04/10/2022 Le Monde

Electric ‘flying’ ferries are about to take off in Stockholm

The Swedish capital’s dirty diesel ferries will soon be superseded by a greener, sleeker fleet that runs on electricity

04/10/2022 Positive News

The Lebanese farm regenerating soil and promoting food security

Farm based on respecting the ecosystem is sheltered from the changing market amid global food insecurity.

03/10/2022 Al Jazeera

Anti-Vaccine Parents Go From Welcome to Ostracized in Marin County

The wealthy California county just north of San Francisco has one of the nation’s highest Covid-19 vaccination rates after years of being known for parents who opposed shots for childhood diseases.

02/10/2022 New York Times

After #FreeBritney, California courts to limit conservatorships

On Friday, September 30, California governor Gavin Newsom signed a law that will limit the use of conservatorships, following the debates sparked by the members of the #FreeBritney movement.

01/10/2022 Le Monde