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I used to laugh at people who took pictures at the Kusama show. Now I'm one of them

Just what make us different from all the other visitors taking selfies at the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art?


Meet the self-decapitating, deep-sea version of Shaun the Sheep

The solar-powered Sacoglossa sea slug is survival-oriented, at levels unmatched in the animal kingdom


Israel’s first university venture capital fund proves the model works

Tel Aviv University’s TAU Ventures has raised a second fund of $50 million to invest in early-stage startups, after seeing the success of their first fund


As Bedouin women pursue higher education, community's birth rate drops rapidly

Once among the world's highest, Israeli Bedouins' birth rates have dropped to the national average in just two decades, shocking demographers


Mysterious footprints from 3.6 million years ago in Africa were made by unknown hominin

Bipedal trail at Laetoli, Tanzania was thought to have been left by a bear. It was in fact made by an ancestral hominin who confused researchers by cross-stepping like a ballerina


U.S. design maven Denis Weil likely to head Israel Museum

Designer and activist Denis Weil's family has been donating to the museum for years. His father Ernst established the Swiss Friends of the Museum organization


Volcanic winter drove the Neolithic Revolution in America, study says

For a thousand years the people on the Colorado Plateau maintained their diverse, mobile lifestyles, some foraging, some farming, some roaming around. Then disaster struck, and struck again


Israeli physicist at MIT paves way to resolve Stephen Hawking’s black hole paradox

How Netta Engelhardt of MIT and colleagues found a way to reconcile the basic theories of physics. You’re about to discover what ‘unitarity’ is


Largest collection of ancient graffiti ever found in Pompeii. Some are hysterically funny

Graffiti in Pompeii could be usually emotionally charged: 'Cruel Lalagus, why do you not love me?' And guess what’s drawn next to the caution ‘Handle with care’


How to make a Hanukkah sambousak (Iraqi chickpea turnovers) – recipe

Jews around the world interpret the tradition of eating fried foods for Hanukkah in different ways. For Iraqi Jews, a traditional food is sambousak b'tawa, turnovers filled with chickpeas.  This recipe yields about 16 sambousaks. 1. Put flour, yeast…


Visual poems in the footsteps of Leonard Cohen in Hydra

I explored Greek island Hydra, where Leonard Cohen lived for years. A diary of a personal journey inspired by music


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