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The case for a tuberculosis vaccine to prevent dementia

The BCG vaccine has been in use since 1921. Now two new papers survey the vaccine and explain how it may protect not only our lungs but our minds


Coffee is in danger. Could salvation for caffeine addicts come from the lab?

Americans alone drink 400 million cups of coffee a day. But with climate change wreaking havoc on crops, scientists are starting to produce coffee from cell cultures grown in a bioreactor – which they believe does amount to a hill of beans in this…


Get a grip: Unsuspected Neanderthal abilities revealed in France

Neanderthals in Le Moustier cave were creating compound materials. Only sapiens was thought to do that, at the other end of the prehistoric world


Israeli scientists looking for new male infertility test make shock discovery about sperm – and hamsters

Helped by hamsters, scientists at Israel's Technion discovered a creepy, hitherto unknown property of sperm that could lead to a fast, effective diagnostic for cryptic male infertility


Paleontologists find ancient fish with nostrils: May have been first animal to breathe air

Harajicadectes, which lived in Australia 380 million years ago, had fins, not legs - and apertures on its head that apparently served as air holes


Would you eat a cookie with fake fat to save the planet?

Chances are you don’t know where your pie crust came from and don’t care, so would you switch to artificial oils to save the planet?


Un-draining the swamp: Rewilding project aims to resurrect Israeli wetlands

Wildcats, birds and frogs. Hyenas. Maybe (shh) even otters are staging a comeback as floundering fish farms are given back to nature


‘You’re either naive, stupid or a con man’: The firm using AI to optimize immunology

When Immunai, a machine learning firm creating a ‘GPS’ for drug development, was just getting started a leading professor though it was a joke – now he's their consultant


These gummy bears taste delicious. They are made from locust

Israeli company Hargol wants to convince Westerners of the benefits of eating locusts, including serving them as candy or chocolate-flavored protein shakes


A simple Israeli invention could help 2.5 billion people – and NASA

Prof. Moran Bercovici and Dr. Valeri Frumkin developed cheap technology for making optic lenses, with the potential to produce glasses for developing nations where many have no access to them. Now, NASA says it could be used to make space telescopes


Lose the gluten, keep the taste: Israeli firm Ukko is reinventing wheat

Israeli startup Ukko is redesigning wheat so it doesn’t hurt celiac patients, and may even be able to solve ‘the holy grail’ of allergies - peanuts


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