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Archaeologists reveal how a town in Syria survived the Bronze Age collapse of civilizations

Analysis of remains at Tel Tweini reveals what they ate more than 3,000 years ago, and how they overcame the climate change and chaos that overwhelmed great empires


Revered and feared, serpents in world's largest prehistoric etchings may have marked territories

The monumental snake engravings in the Amazon stretch as long as 40 meters, with researchers estimating they date back at least 2,000 years


Fish achieves suspended animation using primordial genes from half a billion years ago

When ponds housing the African killifish dry up, its embryos survive by lying dormant for up to eight months. Now the mechanism is revealed


Would you eat a cookie with fake fat to save the planet?

Chances are you don’t know where your pie crust came from and don’t care, so would you switch to artificial oils to save the planet?


Un-draining the swamp: Rewilding project aims to resurrect Israeli wetlands

Wildcats, birds and frogs. Hyenas. Maybe (shh) even otters are staging a comeback as floundering fish farms are given back to nature


‘You’re either naive, stupid or a con man’: The firm using AI to optimize immunology

When Immunai, a machine learning firm creating a ‘GPS’ for drug development, was just getting started a leading professor though it was a joke – now he's their consultant


These gummy bears taste delicious. They are made from locust

Israeli company Hargol wants to convince Westerners of the benefits of eating locusts, including serving them as candy or chocolate-flavored protein shakes


A simple Israeli invention could help 2.5 billion people – and NASA

Prof. Moran Bercovici and Dr. Valeri Frumkin developed cheap technology for making optic lenses, with the potential to produce glasses for developing nations where many have no access to them. Now, NASA says it could be used to make space telescopes


Lose the gluten, keep the taste: Israeli firm Ukko is reinventing wheat

Israeli startup Ukko is redesigning wheat so it doesn’t hurt celiac patients, and may even be able to solve ‘the holy grail’ of allergies - peanuts


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