April 2023

Duchenne muscular dystrophy promises a bleak future. Gene therapy may change that.

The treatment of Duchenne's is in the midst of a revolution, bringing hope to a disease that inevitably left boys in a wheelchair in their teens.

30/04/2023 USA Today

California approves rule phasing out big diesel trucks

California air regulators approved a rule to stop selling new big rigs and buses that run on diesel starting in 2036

29/04/2023 The Independent

How shading crops with solar panels can improve farming, lower food costs and reduce emissions

Canada can meet its carbon emission reduction targets, make food cheap again and open up a gigantic trade surplus with the U.S. by shading farm crops with solar panels.

26/04/2023 The Conversation

How to make low-carbon concrete from old cement

The world gets a little greyer every year. According to a paper published in 2014 concrete—an aggregate material made by mixing cement, sand and gravel—is the second-most consumed substance in the world after water.

26/04/2023 Economist

Dutch government outlines new package to reduce emissions

The Dutch government has unveiled a new package to slash carbon emissions by promoting clean energy, sustainable homes and industry and the use of electric cars among other a raft of measures to combat climate change

26/04/2023 The Independent

An experimental hormone-free drug shows promise against menopausal hot flashes

The drug would be useful for women with a history of cancer or who are reluctant to accept hormonal treatments

26/04/2023 El País

Climate change: How can we make flying greener?

Biofuels, alternative flight routes and newer, more efficient aircraft can make flying better for the environment. How close are we to introducing these climate-friendly alternatives?

26/04/2023 Deutsche Welle

Can Long Haul Trucks Be Powered Like Trams and Trains?

A new study has explored the feasibility of large scale overhead power line trucking.

26/04/2023 Reset.org

Dam fine work: record number of barrier removals helps restore rivers across Europe

A record number of river barriers, including dams and weirs, were removed across Europe in 2022, with at least 325 taken down in 16 countries, allowing rivers to flow freely and migratory fish to reach breeding areas.

25/04/2023 The Guardian

Healing seagrass ‘scars’ to make Sydney Harbour cleaner and clearer

The world’s biggest harbour restoration project is focusing on an ancient, self-cloning species of seagrass.

24/04/2023 Sydney Morning Herald

Tracking health threats, one sewage sample at a time

Researchers in Virginia Beach, Va., show how they test wastewater for signs of COVID-19, and how they're preparing to look for other health threats.

24/04/2023 NPR

Cities reviving downtowns by converting offices to housing

A growing number of developers are considering converting empty office towers into housing as part of an effort to revive struggling downtown business districts that emptied out during the pandemic

24/04/2023 The Independent

Champion of the gorillas: the vet fighting to save Uganda’s great apes

The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is tucked away in a remote corner of southwest Uganda. Meaning “place of darkness” in the Runyakitara language, this dense, mist-swathed rainforest makes for a good hiding place for half of the world’s remaining…

23/04/2023 The Guardian

Historic investment in urban trees underway across the U.S.

A historic amount of money is being spent on urban tree planting and maintenance in underserved, often concrete-covered neighborhoods across the country

21/04/2023 The Independent

California researchers attempt ocean climate solution

Engineering faculty at the University of California Los Angeles say they have developed a technique that can remove carbon dioxide from seawater and produce green hydrogen, a clean fuel, in the process

20/04/2023 The Independent

Cutting-edge advances in cancer treatment are underway. Here are 3 that could change lives.

A look at some of the most hopeful, surprising advances in cancer treatment and research presented at the American Association for Cancer Research.

20/04/2023 USA Today

Volcanic microbe eats CO2 ‘astonishingly quickly’, say scientists

A microbe discovered in a volcanic hot spring gobbles up carbon dioxide “astonishingly quickly”, according to the scientists who found it.

19/04/2023 The Guardian

UK rivers are too polluted to swim in – but European countries offer solutions

The post UK rivers are too polluted to swim in – but European countries offer solutions appeared first on Positive News.

19/04/2023 Positive News

‘Totally pristine’: Researchers discover new coral reef in the Galapagos

Until now, scientists believed the only Galapagos reef to survive El Nino weather in 1982 and 1983 was Wellington reef, along the coast of Darwin Island.

19/04/2023 Sydney Morning Herald

Building telescopes on the Moon could transform astronomy – and it's becoming an achievable goal

Lunar exploration is undergoing a renaissance. Dozens of missions, organised by multiple space agencies – and increasingly by commercial companies – are set to visit the Moon by the end of this decade.

18/04/2023 The Conversation

Kelp forests capture nearly 5 million tonnes of CO2 annually

Towering underwater kelp forests generate a potential value of $500 billion each year by providing a boost to commercial fishing, as well as nitrogen and carbon removal

18/04/2023 NewScientist

Scientists create ‘mini beating heart’ in a petri dish in major medical breakthrough

A team of scientists have developed a beating “mini-heart” formed in only a small petri dish – paving the way for future treatments.

17/04/2023 The Independent

Ghana first to approve Oxford malaria vaccine

An Oxford University malaria vaccine has been approved for use in Ghana. The African country is ramping up efforts to combat the mosquito-borne disease that kills a child every minute.

13/04/2023 Deutsche Welle

The eye-popping new school designed by its pupils

What happens when you let children design their school? For clues look to Madrid, where this fantastical property has opened

12/04/2023 Positive News

Chilean Congress approves bill reducing work week to 40 hours

Chilean legislators have overwhelmingly passed a bill reducing the country’s work week from 45 to 40 hours in a bid to improve the quality of life and rights of workers in the South American nation.

12/04/2023 Al Jazeera

Scientists design robot hand that can grasp objects based on wrist movement

Scientists have designed a robotic hand that can grasp objects – and not drop them – using just the movement of its wrist and the feeling in its “skin”. Researchers from the University of Cambridge said that this mechanical hand does not require its…

12/04/2023 The Independent

How electric tuk-tuks could become a 'virtual power plant' for this country

The streets of Dhaka are filled with constant clamor. Among the chorus of honking horns and ringing bells, roaring cars and rattling rickshaws, you can hear the electric hum of the city's three-wheeled open taxis, called tuk-tuks, as they weave…

11/04/2023 CNN

Hope on the Front Lines of the Drug Overdose Crisis

In 2021, the first overdose prevention center opened in the United States. WIRED spoke to its director about what “harm reduction” really means.

10/04/2023 Wired

How Liquid Trees Could Help to Clean Up Our Urban Jungles

It might be desirable to live in the leafy suburbs, but for urban dwellers green spaces may be few and far between. Microalgae liquid trees might provide an alternative.

10/04/2023 Reset.org

New Orleans teens’ Pythagorean proof gains compelling evidence

Compelling evidence supports the claims of two New Orleans high school seniors who say they have found a new way to prove Pythagoras’s theorem by using trigonometry, a respected mathematics professor said, even if the students’ “really important…

08/04/2023 The Guardian

Probiotics shield corals from deadly tissue loss disease

A bacterial treatment for coral stopped or slowed 68 per cent of infections with stony coral tissue loss disease in the lab, and it prevented the spread of the disease as well

06/04/2023 NewScientist

How Body Heat Could Be Used to Create Clean Energy

It sounds too good to be true. But more and more venues and companies are finding ways to turn body heat into usable energy.

03/04/2023 Reset.org