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This French city was once a crime hub. It could teach Melbourne how to green its laneways

Melbourne spent millions in a failed attempt to green its grey laneways. A successful scheme shows the better way to beautify the city comes from empowering residents.


Dutton’s plan to build nuclear plants on former coal sites not as easy as it seems

Experts have called into question Peter Dutton’s insistence that existing coal power plant sites and transmission lines could be used for nuclear power.


How Ornella’s ‘very expensive education’ in Sydney pushed her to build a school across the Timor Sea

Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. The last time Ornella Byak came to North Sydney’s oldest watering hole was after her year 12 graduation, nearly seven years ago.


The loophole that let me buy weed just blocks from the White House

In the US, where obtaining cannabis is as easy as ordering Uber Eats, Joe Biden hopes relaxing federal drug laws will help him win young and black votes.


Why the stove top is the last front in the war on household gas

A growing number of chefs are backing induction cooking over gas, including for the legendary “wok hei” of Asian cuisine.


The accounting trick at the heart of the world’s climate goals

Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. Earlier this year, I was swimming laps to raise money for charity and I set myself a goal of a certain distance over the month.


Wollongong’s wind era powers-up despite blowback from opponents

Chris Bowen has finally given the go-ahead to the Illawarra offshore wind zone, but its detractors remain.


Sun-powered savings: smart investment in solar energy

Solahart’s solar water heating systems are at the forefront of helping homeowners tackle two significant challenges: high energy costs and environmental degradation.


Energy-from-waste plans lead urgent push to beat bulging landfill

In the age of the circular economy waste is becoming a source of valued recoverable material such as metals, biogases and nutrient-rich by-products suited for fertiliser.


How to keep warm, save money, and help the planet this winter

While many households will need more serious heating options in winter, good home design and the principle of heating the person, not the room, can go a long way.


Electric vehicles alone won’t be enough to hit climate goals, research shows

More public transport travel and rail freight are expected to be needed to rein in Australia’s carbon emissions to help the world limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.


England’s social event of the year: The Duke of Westminster’s wedding

British tabloids dubbed it the society wedding of the year as Hugh Grosvenor, one of the UK’s richest people, married Olivia Henson at a ceremony attended by Prince William.


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