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‘Wild dog’ bounty in crosshairs as DNA research upends dingo myths

Experts have questioned a Victorian bounty scheme that pays farmers more than $100 for “wild dog” pelts after new research revealed most dingoes in the state are purebred.


Leave the gas on: Company offers cash to plug electric exodus

A bid to have customers dump electric appliances for new gas ones is like propping up the tobacco industry by handing out free cigarettes, says one critic.


Archaeologists discover biggest ever Egyptian mummification workshop

The workshop, which dates from the 30th Dynasty and the early Ptolemaic era (4th century BC), was found near the oldest stone pyramid, Djoser’s Step.


Penny for her thoughts? When an activist joins the establishment to ‘cause trouble’

Penny Sharpe’s political journey has taken her from street protests to Macquarie Street. Now she is responsible for climate change action and saving the koalas.


Five changes you can make today to live more sustainably

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the climate crisis, but experts say that the best way to cure climate anxiety is to take action – and often it’s surprisingly easy to make a substantial change to our greenhouse-gas emissions. Here’s how.


A paralysed man can walk naturally again with brain and spine implants

Gert-Jan Oskam was left paralysed from the hips down after a motorcycle accident in 2011. Now, with a combination of devices, scientists have given him control over his lower body again.


NSW government renewable energy projects delayed and more expensive

Energy Minister Penny Sharpe will unveil a new plan on Thursday which sets out the energy transition plans from coal-fired power to renewable energy.


Before creation of koala national park, loggers target key habitat

The state government stands by its promise to create a Great Koala National Park despite its own logging company planning operations in 20 per cent of the land inside its proposed boundaries this year.


First woman among Saudi astronauts on private flight to space station

Sponsored by the Saudi Arabian government, they’re the first from their country to ride a rocket since a Saudi prince launched aboard shuttle Discovery in 1985.


Is it too late to save an Aussie icon from extinction? I asked ‘Dr Koala’

Koalas are up against the formidable foes of logging and climate change, but solutions exist if we want to grasp them.


‘They’re young, they’re hungry’: Born after independence, the next Timorese generation finds its voice

With a national median age of just 21, Asia’s youngest nation’s population holds the future in its hands.


‘Shoes and champagne bottles’: Groundbreaking scan may unlock Titanic secrets

The largest underwater 3D scan in history has allowed researchers to see details of the shipwreck that have been in pitch-black for over a century.


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