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‘Very happy’ 93-year-old makes Bronx medical school free for all students for ever

The $1.5 billion donation is notable not only for its staggering size, but also because it is going to a medical institution in New York’s poorest suburb.


‘We’re tipped over’: First private lunar landing ends up on its side

The company that built the six-footed lander initially said the Odysseus lander, the first US moon landing in more than 50 years, was upright after touchdown.


A modern odyssey lands us at the dawn of a new moon age

As 1969 showed, there is something about a moon landing that lifts spirits around the world – and surely a new moon age dawned on Friday when America returned after 52 years.


Tahitians worry about hosting Olympic surfing in ‘Land of God’

“We hear a lot about the infrastructure and heritage that will be left by the Olympic Games, but we already have an ancestral heritage.”


Is this face made by AI, or is it real? We bet you can’t tell

Ever since the public release of tools such as Dall-E and Midjourney, distinguishing between a real versus an AI-generated face has proved difficult.


Why wealthy Londoners are paying $1400 for a jar of Australian honey

Billed as a new and healthier alternative of fine wine, the three varieties of Australian Rare are produced in Western Australia’s famed south-west ecoregion.


Island as energy ecosystem: Mallorca leads the charge on green hydrogen

From Jules Verne to Christopher Skase, Rafael Nadal’s native Mallorca has long had a powerful pull on the rich and famous. Now its natural assets of sun and sea are fuelling power itself.


How 35 kilometres of pipe helped Opera House win a 6-star green rating

Architect Jorn Utzon included plans for a state-of-the art heating and cooling system using seawater, which became crucial to the building earning the highest possible environmental certification.


Healing seagrass ‘scars’ to make Sydney Harbour cleaner and clearer

The world’s biggest harbour restoration project is focusing on an ancient, self-cloning species of seagrass.


‘Totally pristine’: Researchers discover new coral reef in the Galapagos

Until now, scientists believed the only Galapagos reef to survive El Nino weather in 1982 and 1983 was Wellington reef, along the coast of Darwin Island.


‘Marriage made in heaven’: Awnings that shade car parks can power cars

Solar awnings over car parks that are becoming compulsory in France and are under consideration in California could save emissions, water and lives in Australia.


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