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A pioneer in forestry environmentalism

A highly original thinker to the end, John Jack exhaustively generated ideas and concepts to address global warming; the extinction of flora and fauna; and the regeneration of biodiversity.


La dolce vita might not cure COVID, but it sure felt like an antidote

Cross-border human connection and conversation, as it turns out, are what we’ve been missing these past few years.


Yay, a rat! No seriously, this is good news

A sphere of soft fluff when sitting still, and a lean shape-shifter as it runs along tiny tunnels, the broad-toothed rat has reappeared after 32 years.


Plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic cutlery? We never needed them!

Here’s the truth about the Australia of not so long ago: we didn’t have throw-away plastic, and we survived.


‘Reversible death’: Scientist revive heart, cells of dead pigs

“We did not know what to expect,” said Yale’s Dr David Andrijevic, one of the authors of the paper. “Everything we restored was incredible to us.”


Renewable gas can satisfy our energy hunger

Right now, at this very instant, NSW produces enough waste biomass every year to provide the entire state with all the carbon-neutral gas we need to cater for our eight million residents.


Europe takes on cheap flights and landlords in race to net zero emissions

Trains instead of flights, fossil fuel ad bans and charging landlords for tenant’s heating emissions will be legislated in parts of Europe.


Scott Morrison and Anthony Pratt break new ground, glass, in Sydney

As the packaging giant Visy moves into the glass sector it is seeking to cut costs and expand markets by embracing more recycling.


C'est la vie: Paris shows the world how to live

The mayor of Paris is implementing a vision for the city that embodies the good life - and we should learn from her.


Renewables push: Senegal opens West Africa's first big wind farm

Wind farms remain scarce throughout sub-Saharan Africa compared with solar plants but Senegal hopes to draw 30 per cent of its energy from this plant.


'Fuel falls from the sky': The solar revolution coming down the road

Long the pursuit of technology geeks and futurists, self-charging electric vehicles available for a mass market may not be too far away.


'What the hell is that?': Brewery uses algae to reduce carbon emissions

Young Henrys has installed a 400-litre 'bioreactor' of algae at its Newtown brewery to reduce carbon emissions from its beer production.


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