November 2020

Brighton: How Britain’s most sustainable city for food is setting a thriving example for the rest of us

Exclusive: Brighton has won the first gold Sustainable Food City award – with its pay-as-you-feel cafes, cooking classes for teenagers and a zero-waste community pub on a working-class estate

29/11/2020 The Independent

It's only fake-believe: how to deal with a conspiracy theorist

Unless you’ve been on a silent retreat for the past year, you will have almost certainly heard the rumours – that the pandemic is an elaborate hoax, or that the virus was created as a Chinese weapon, or that dangerous elites are trying to kill off…

29/11/2020 The Guardian

Coding the future: the tech kids solving life’s problems

I started getting interested in coding when I was about 11. I joined a local community lab where biologists and computer scientists come together and conduct experiments.

29/11/2020 The Guardian

The Weekly Planet: A Startup’s Unusual Plan to Suck Carbon Out of the Sky

Updated at 2:25 p.m. ET on December 1, 2020. Every Tuesday morning, our lead climate reporter brings you the big ideas, expert analysis, and vital guidance that will help you flourish on a changing planet. Sign up to get The Weekly Planet, our guide…

25/11/2020 The Atlantic

Scotland becomes first nation to provide free period products for all

Scotland has become the first country in the world to provide free and universal access to period products after a four-year campaign that has fundamentally shifted the public discourse around menstruation.

24/11/2020 The Guardian

Hydrogen-powered trains could replace diesel engines in Germany

Siemens and Germany's rail operator Deutsche Bahn have announced plans to test a hydrogen-powered train with a range of more than 370 miles, technology that promises to reduce CO2 emissions and help make 1,300 diesel units obsolete.

23/11/2020 CNN

Scientists kill cancer cells in mice in ‘world first’ development

A group of scientists have discovered a “more elegant chemotherapy” that can accurately target cancerous cells in a first in the battle against the disease. The research successfully killed cancerous cells while leaving healthy ones around it using…

23/11/2020 The Independent

Job guarantees and free money: 'Utopian' ideas tested in Europe amid the pandemic

Christine Jardine, a Scottish politician who represents Edinburgh in the UK parliament, was not a fan of universal basic income before the pandemic hit.

23/11/2020 CNN

Could we ever pull enough carbon out of the atmosphere to stop climate change?

Can we harness natural and human-made carbon traps to help us slow climate change?

22/11/2020 LiveScience

Potent new antifungal discovered in the microbiome of marine animals

A new antifungal compound that is effective against multidrug-resistant fungi has been isolated from bacteria living in filter-feeding marine animals called sea squirts

19/11/2020 NewScientist

Meet Noah Harris, the first Black man Harvard's student body elected as council president

Growing up in Mississippi, Noah Harris didn't picture himself going to Harvard. He said, "I just didn't even know that it was it was an option."

19/11/2020 USA Today

Invention that makes renewable energy from rotting veg wins James Dyson prize

A novel material made from rotting fruit and vegetables that absorbs stray UV light from the sun and converts it into renewable energy has landed its designer the first sustainability gong in this year’s James Dyson awards.

19/11/2020 The Guardian

Cybathlon tournament showcases life-changing tech for people with disabilities

Maneuvering around household furniture or slicing bread for breakfast are tasks that most of us do without thinking.

18/11/2020 CNN

Climate crisis: Paper wine bottles designed to reduce emissions go on sale for first time

Shops in Scotland have become the first place in the UK to stock wine in paper bottles in a move which aims to reduce the carbon footprint associated with glass bottles.

17/11/2020 The Independent

Breakthrough COVID vaccine tech could help defeat other diseases

Breakthrough technology that transforms the body into a virus-zapping vaccine factory is poised to revolutionise the fight against COVID-19 but future pandemics and even cancer could be next, scientists say. The initial success of so-called…

16/11/2020 Reuters

The rise of citizen science: can the public help solve our biggest problems?

It is hard not to feel a thrill of excitement when you land on the Galaxy Zoo homepage and read the words “Few have witnessed what you’re about to see” looming out of a star-strewn black background.

16/11/2020 The Guardian

British artist creates a 'human atlas' of Detroit to tell 100 stories of the city's unsung heroes

Rocking a blazer with a t-shirt, John George tips the brim of his baseball cap embroidered with an Old English "D."

15/11/2020 CNN

Climate heroes: the countries pioneering a green future

While the world must wait to see whether US president-elect Joe Biden can fulfil his election promise of a $2tn Green New Deal, nations elsewhere in the world are setting carbon-neutral targets and pushing ahead with mega-programmes to cut…

11/11/2020 The Guardian

Turning a Water Plant Plague Into Useful Biochar

An organisation has developed a process to produce biochar from the invasive water hyacinth. The so-called C2C biochar destroys weeds, improves soil yield, protects the climate and generates new sources of income for communities.


UK’s first robot delivery vehicle completes landmark journey in London

Transporting medical supplies from pharmacy to care home shows how driverless vehicles could become common sight on UK streets

10/11/2020 The Independent

Virgin Hyperloop pod transport tests first passenger journeys

The "sci-fi" travel concept involves travelling in pods inside vacuum tubes at very high speeds.

09/11/2020 BBC

Rigorous Study Backs A Psychedelic Treatment For Major Depression

Psilocybin, the hallucinogenic substance found in "magic" mushrooms, appears to relieve the symptoms of major depression.

04/11/2020 NPR

The Xenobot Future Is Coming—Start Planning Now

We're on the cusp of being able to program biological systems like we program computers. That raises some thorny questions.

04/11/2020 Wired