January 2022

Redwood Forest in California Is Returned to Native Tribes

Ownership of more than 500 acres of a forest in Mendocino County was returned to 10 sovereign tribes who will serve as guardians to “protect and heal” the land.

26/01/2022 New York Times

Blind UK patient sees signals after bionic eye implant at Moorfields hospital in London

‘This groundbreaking device offers the hope of restoration of sight to people suffering vision loss due to dry AMD’

21/01/2022 The Independent

False banana: Is Ethiopia's enset 'wondercrop' for climate change?

Scientists say the plant enset, an Ethiopian staple, could be a new superfood and a lifesaver in the face of climate change. The banana-like crop has the potential to feed more than 100 million people in a warming world, according to a new study.

21/01/2022 BBC

Senegal's 'Plastic Man' Is on a Mission to Clean Up Pollution

Dressed head to toe in plastic, Modou Fall is a familiar sight in Dakar. But however playful his costume, his goal couldn’t be more serious: ridding the capital of the scourge of plastic bags.

20/01/2022 New York Times

Fix the Planet newsletter: The weird and wonderful rivals to batteries

As Scotland announces the building of 17 enormous wind farms off its coast, we look at the novel solutions for storing the electricity they will produce

20/01/2022 NewScientist

Inside Finland’s Plan to End All Waste by 2050

Finland believes education is key—getting every citizen to understand the need for a circular economy, and how they can be part of it

20/01/2022 Time Magazine

Viruses unleashed into a woman's wound to slay superbug in her leg

A woman's oozing wound failed to heal after nearly two years of antibiotic treatments intended to vanquish the bacterial infection. So her doctors unleashed viruses to slay the superbug.

19/01/2022 LiveScience

Millionaires call on governments worldwide to ‘tax us now’

More than 100 members of the global super-rich called on Wednesday for governments around the world to “tax us now” to help pay for the pandemic response and tackle the gulf between rich and poor.

19/01/2022 The Guardian

Death rate from cancer has dropped 30% over the last decade

A new report credits increased access to screening and care, declining rates of smoking, and new treatment methods with the drop

13/01/2022 The Independent

Meet Mr Trash Wheel – and the other ingenious tools that eat river plastic

The Great Bubble Barrier is just that – a wall of bubbles. It gurgles across the water in a diagonal screen, pushing plastic to one side while allowing fish and other wildlife to pass unharmed.

11/01/2022 The Guardian

IVF For Coral Reefs: ‘Coral Babies’ Grow to Maturity in Breakthrough Restoration Research

With coral IVF proven to work, researchers turn to robots and citizen science to deliver the new aquatic 'bundles of joy'.

10/01/2022 Reset.org

In Spain, legal change helps young at-risk migrants get their first job contracts

A month after new regulations went into effect, over 4,500 foreign-born youths have applied for residency and work papers

06/01/2022 El País

An Indian startup could revolutionize ocean farming with its 'sea combine harvester'

Often used to wrap sushi and flavor soups, seaweed has much greater potential -- both as a food and for use in a wide range of products from cosmetics and textiles to biodegradable packaging and even biofuel.

06/01/2022 CNN

First ever human trial confirms magic mushrooms are safe to treat mental health patients

A psychedelic chemical found in magic mushrooms is safe to give to people in small doses, early research suggests.  The findings from King’s College London are based on a trial which gave 60 people psilocybin in either a 10 or 25 milligram dose.

04/01/2022 Telegraph

‘Giant leap’ made by scientists using supercomputers to fight antibiotic resistance

Scientists have made a “giant leap” in combatting resistance to antibiotics - which is considered to be the greatest threat to human health - through the use of supercomputers.

04/01/2022 The Independent