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Concrete crisis: What is Raac and why is it dangerous?

Ministers remain under pressure to spell out their plans to make schools safe from aerated concrete after dozens more schools have been found to contain the potentially dangerous material.


Molly’s death showed social media firms can’t be trusted to protect children

In the last six months of her life my youngest daughter Molly was shown over 2,000 suicide and self-harm posts on Instagram.


Water cut off for homes across London

Large swathes of homes in London have been left without water or with no pressure after a fault was reported at a plant in the capital Thames Water said households dozens of postcodes across London have had supplies disrupted while parents have…


Sitting for more than 10 hours a day increases dementia risk, study suggests

Older adults who spend 10 or more hours a day sitting or being inactive may be at increased risk of developing dementia, research suggests.


Emphysema lung damage is reversed by using stem cells

Lung damage from emphysema has been reversed for the first time using stem cells from patients’ own organs, bringing hope that a cure is imminent. Two patients with mild emphysema saw the damage to their lungs repaired in a Chinese trial to see if…


Endangered Scottish wildcats bred in captivity will take first steps into the wild to save species

Scottish wildcats bred in captivity are to be released into the wild for the first time in a bid to save the critically endangered species, it has been announced.


Mystery of ancient dots and stripes on Europe's caves is solved

For decades, researchers had suspected that the seemingly random dots and stripes on cave paintings across Europe contained a hidden meaning, yet they were unable to decipher them.


Pine martens return to south of England after being on the brink of extinction

Pine martens are making a comeback in the south of England after scientists found evidence they are breeding in the New Forest. The cat-sized predator is a relative of stoats and otters and was once widespread across Britain before hunting drove…


Haemophiliacs’ faulty gene could be cured with single injection

Haemophiliacs could receive a single injection to cure the faulty gene that causes the disease, a University College London (UCL) study suggests There are around 6,000 people in the UK with haemophilia, a genetic condition which disproportionately…


First ever human trial confirms magic mushrooms are safe to treat mental health patients

A psychedelic chemical found in magic mushrooms is safe to give to people in small doses, early research suggests.  The findings from King’s College London are based on a trial which gave 60 people psilocybin in either a 10 or 25 milligram dose.


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