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Why you should let your dog sniff as many lamp posts as they want

Dogs should be allowed to sniff as many lamp posts as they want when out on a walk and not be yanked onwards by bored owners, a canine expert has said.


How sweat can make you feel less anxious

Odours from other people's sweat may be able to help treat social anxiety, new research suggests. The study found that social anxiety was reduced when people underwent mindfulness therapy while exposed to what is commonly referred to as body odour…


Endangered Scottish wildcats bred in captivity will take first steps into the wild to save species

Scottish wildcats bred in captivity are to be released into the wild for the first time in a bid to save the critically endangered species, it has been announced.


Council replaces 'confusing' wiggly lines with 'yellow brick road'

Residents who hit out at a council's use of confusing “wiggly lines” on a busy road have responded angrily after the markings were replaced with bright resurfacing, likening it to a scene from the Wizard of Oz.


Theatre's 'all-gender' toilets make women 'incredibly uncomfortable'

The Lyric Hammersmith has been criticised for leaving female theatregoers “uncomfortable” with their gender-inclusive lavatories which feature five urinals and one cubicle.


Polio vaccines offered to children aged 1 to 11 in London after disease returned

Children aged one to 11 in London will be offered polio vaccines as part of a catch-up campaign. Health officials warned last year there had been "some transmission" of the virus in the capital after detecting poliovirus in sewage samples. Polio was…


Most rural homes can’t afford heat pumps as 2026 boiler ban looms

More than two-thirds of people living in off-grid rural homes fear they would not be able to afford a heat pump if required to install one, a survey found.


Beethoven’s DNA reveals one of his ancestors had an affair

The paternity of Ludwig van Beethoven sparked intrigue in his lifetime, with some publications even claiming he was the illegitimate son of the King of Prussia.


Ford Capri set for return after electric makeover

The Ford Capri is to return to the road after receiving an electric makeover. The 1970s classic, which became known as the "working man's Porsche", is expected to go on sale again next year with 300 horsepower and a £40,000 price tag.


Modern hormonal contraceptives increase breast cancer risk by a quarter

Modern forms of hormonal contraceptives increase the risk of breast cancer by around one quarter, landmark research by Oxford University has found.


3D-printed cherry cheesecake points the way to future of ‘personalised nutrition’

Robots have learned to drive on Mars, carry out brain surgery and defeat grandmaster chess players. But when it comes to baking, whipping up tasty desserts is far from a piece of cake, engineers have discovered.


Mystery of ancient dots and stripes on Europe's caves is solved

For decades, researchers had suspected that the seemingly random dots and stripes on cave paintings across Europe contained a hidden meaning, yet they were unable to decipher them.


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