May 2022

Researchers successfully preserve human liver for three days outside of the body using machine

A damaged human liver has been repaired and preserved in a machine for three days before being successfully transplanted into a patient, researchers say, in what is the first operation of its kind.

31/05/2022 The Independent

Tidal Power: The New Wave of Hydroelectricity?

Hydropower is one of humanity's oldest forms of energy, but there are still vast areas of the sector left unexplored.


‘You’re either naive, stupid or a con man’: The firm using AI to optimize immunology

When Immunai, a machine learning firm creating a ‘GPS’ for drug development, was just getting started a leading professor though it was a joke – now he's their consultant

22/05/2022 Haaretz

Meet the guy who wants to help save the planet with thousands of buoys, seaweed and giant antacids

As a kid growing up on the Gulf of Maine, he'd jump from boat to boat on Portland docks humming with the kind of energy that once hauled hundreds of thousands of pounds of cod into port each day. "People were making money," Odlin wistfully told…

22/05/2022 CNN

Life at 30: the EU project that has saved species from lynx to flying squirrels

“It has been a miracle,” whispers biologist Gabriel Llorens Folgado as he studies a tumble of granite boulders for any signs of movement. The miracle is that Spain’s lynx population has been saved.

21/05/2022 The Guardian

5 technologies that will help make the food system carbon neutral

The world is facing one of the century’s biggest challenges: How to nutritiously feed the growing population, address climate change and not destroy the ecosystems on which we all depend for life.

18/05/2022 The Conversation

He dropped out of school to learn robotics. Now he's teaching STEM across Ghana

Jonathan Kennedy Sowah says wherever he goes, he's always looking for a problem to solve. His latest mission is to help transform Ghana's approach to STEM -- science, technology, engineering and mathematics -- and he believes he's found a solution.

18/05/2022 CNN

Robot-assisted surgery can cut blood clot risk and speed recovery, study finds

Patients having major abdominal operations should be offered the option of robotic surgery, doctors and scientists have said, after a world-first clinical trial found the procedures dramatically speed up recovery times, reduce complications and…

15/05/2022 The Guardian

Coffeezilla, the YouTuber Exposing Crypto Scams

In the golden age of con artistry, self-proclaimed finance gurus are everywhere, with few checks on their claims.

14/05/2022 The New Yorker

California just ran on 100% renewable energy, but fossil fuels aren't fading away yet

California broke its record for renewable energy when solar and wind provided enough to meet all consumer demand. At the time, natural gas power plants were still on, a necessity for the grid.

13/05/2022 NPR

Scientists grow plants in soil from the moon for the first time

In the study researchers showed that the arabidopsis plant – thale cress – can successfully grow in soil collected during the Apollo missions.

12/05/2022 The Independent

First picture of our galaxy’s supermassive black hole revealed

The Event Horizon Telescope collaboration has released the first picture of our galaxy’s supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*, and it’s just as predicted

12/05/2022 NewScientist

These Nanobots Can Swim Around a Wound and Kill Bacteria

Researchers have created autonomous particles covered with patches of protein “motors.” They hope these bots will tote lifesaving drugs through bodily fluids.

12/05/2022 Wired

Computer powered by colony of blue-green algae has run for six months

Blue-green algae, a type of cyanobacteria, set in a container on a windowsill powered a computer continuously for six months using photosynthesis

12/05/2022 NewScientist

Beyond meat: insects and lab mushrooms to save the planet

At some point this century, our food production system will collapse. Currently, its most critical link is meat, particularly beef, whose production, according to data from the FAO, has doubled in the last sixty years.

07/05/2022 El País

What would happen if the insurance industry stopped underwriting fossil fuel projects?

The insurance sector has a huge amount of power to help steer us towards a greener future. How is it using its clout?

06/05/2022 Positive News

Growing African mangrove forests aim to combat climate woes

In a bid to protect coastal communities from climate change and encourage investment, African nations are increasingly turning to mangrove restoration projects, with Mozambique becoming the latest addition to the growing list of countries with large…

06/05/2022 The Independent

Researchers should be assessed on quality not quantity: here's how

How do you assess academic researchers for promotion or funding? This question has become ever more central in higher education settings since the 1980s saw substantial growth in investment in research.

05/05/2022 The Conversation

Virus saves man from antibiotic-resistant bacteria

The 56-year-old joins the small but growing number of patients who have overcome superbug infections thanks to bacteriophages

04/05/2022 El País