October 2020

New Experiment Could Pave the Way for Practical, Affordable Nuclear Fusion

Many researchers consider nuclear fusion as inevitable, but will be simply be too expensive for some? A new experiment looks to make it more practical.

31/10/2020 Reset.org

First wave of ships explore green hydrogen as route to net zero

Developers across the world are for the first time testing the use of hydrogen to power ships as the maritime industry races to find technologies to cut emissions and confidence grows the fuel is safe to use commercially.

30/10/2020 Reuters

Climate crisis: Scotland announces target to power 8 million homes by offshore wind over next 10 years

‘Huge shift away from established norms’ will support green recovery and net-zero ambitions, Scottish government says

29/10/2020 The Independent

Democracy is in decline. Here’s how we can revive it

In a citizens’ assembly, members of the public convene to look for solutions to the toughest political challenges, like climate change. Why would a citizens’ assembly succeed where politicians fail?

27/10/2020 The Correspondent

SkyTruth: Using the Power of Satellites to Hold Oil, Fracking and Fishing Companies to Account

With a focus on oil spills, natural gas fracking and illegal fishing networks, SkyTruth’s work empowers NGOs and members of the public to become watchdogs with a bird’s eye view.

26/10/2020 Reset.org

The lynx effect: Iberian cat claws its way back from brink of extinction

Spotty of coat, tufty of ear, and teetering on the verge of extinction less than two decades ago, the Iberian lynx is continuing to claw its way back across Spain and Portugal.

25/10/2020 The Guardian

Superwhite paint can cool buildings even in hot sunlight

A new superwhite paint is so reflective that it can cool a surface to below the surrounding air temperature, even under sunlight. It could help reduce the use of energy-intensive air conditioning in hot countries

21/10/2020 NewScientist

Why there is hope that the world's coral reefs can be saved

For most of us, the colourful, otherworldly marinescapes of coral reefs are as remote as the alien landscapes of the moon.

18/10/2020 The Guardian

Yemen’s ‘microgrid girls’ power community amid war and COVID-19

A women-run solar station near the front line in Abs is empowering its owners and improving life in their community.

18/10/2020 Al Jazeera

Want Some Eco-Friendly Tips? A New Study Says No, You Don’t

Nagging, giving unsolicited advice, and “ecopiety” are out. But there are better ways to get people to adopt green habits.

17/10/2020 Wired

The maps that show life is getting better

Maps are not just informative, they are empowering. They can help provide a new perspective to age-old problems. But maps are not necessarily fixed – they often need renewing. As Albert Einstein said, “You can’t use old maps to explore a new…

17/10/2020 The Guardian

Prickly business: the hedgehog highway that knits a village together

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. This was the first lesson from my village safari around Kirtlington in Oxfordshire, home to the UK’s longest volunteer-run hedgehog highway.

17/10/2020 The Guardian

National Park Service interns unearthed fossils of a bizarre 220-million-year-old reptile

A species of peculiar burrowing reptiles that evaded scientists for more than 220 million years has been found, fossilized, at last. A team of National Park Service interns are credited with its discovery.

16/10/2020 CNN

Helsinki Makes Sustainability a Guiding Principle for Development

Co-housing is on the rise, as is solar power and geothermal heat. In one neighborhood, trash is collected via pneumatic tubes.

14/10/2020 New York Times

Microwaving plastic waste can generate clean hydrogen

Chemists have successfully used microwaves to convert plastic bags, milk bottles and other supermarket packaging to a clean source of hydrogen

12/10/2020 NewScientist

What if Local and Organic Is Better Than Networked and Global?

Helena Norberg-Hodge has been arguing for localism since the 1970s, but the pandemic is making the Australian activist-scholar’s ideas more relevant than ever.

09/10/2020 New York Times

‘Do Not Track’ Is Back, and This Time It Might Work

California’s privacy law says businesses must respect universal opt-outs. Now the technology finally exists to put that to the test.

07/10/2020 Wired

'It'll be around forever': fossil fuel workers switch to new jobs in renewables

“This is absolutely massive for me,” Mustafa Hamed explains. The 21-year-old from Wigan first came to Britain from Iraq as a child more than 17 years ago in the wake of a bitter war steeped in oil.

06/10/2020 The Guardian

After nearly running out of water in 2018, Cape Town dams are now overflowing

Cape Town's reservoirs have topped 100% for the first time in six years, a magnificent change in the "Mother City" compared to its dire situation just two years ago.

05/10/2020 CNN

Why Some Ecologists Worry About Rooftop Honey Bee Programs

Urban beekeeping has given some scientists pause. They wonder if these efforts are really helping to save the bees—especially native species.

02/10/2020 Wired

Girls from India’s villages ‘break gender barrier’ with football

A Football for Girls initiative in remote areas of Rajasthan is helping them break caste barriers and social taboos.

02/10/2020 Al Jazeera

Climate crisis: Is it time to ditch economic growth?

Growth may be central to mainstream economics but nature has paid the price through pollution, waste and climate change. Some economists say it's time for a completely different approach.

01/10/2020 Deutsche Welle

Heart Aerospace: An All-Electric, Zero Emissions Aircraft Set to Take Off in 2026

Heavy jet liners need vast amounts of fuel to take off and maintain flight, making them by far the least sustainable form of travel. A new Swedish startup believes that a future of completely electric flight could be on the horizon.

01/10/2020 Reset.org