December 2023

Colombian farmers swap coca crops for rice, pineapple and yucca

Local communities in Cauca Department transform the violence-wracked area into an agri-food corridor

30/12/2023 El País

World's tallest wooden wind turbine starts turning

Wood and glue is better for the environment than steel, says manufacturer, and could see taller turbines.

28/12/2023 BBC

Buildings kill a billion US birds a year. These architects want to save them

Chicago’s 82-story Aqua Tower appears to flutter with the wind. Its unusual, undulating facade has made it one of the most unique features of Chicago’s skyline, distinct from the many right-angled glass towers that surround it.

27/12/2023 The Guardian

Firm develops jet fuel made entirely from human poo

A new aviation company has developed a type of jet fuel made entirely from human sewage. Chemists at a lab in Gloucestershire have turned the waste into kerosene. Dr Sergio Lima, research director at Firefly Green Fuels, said: "What we are producing…

27/12/2023 BBC

Montpellier makes public transport free for residents

From Thursday evening, residents of the southern French city with a special pass can ride trams and buses free of charge.

21/12/2023 Le Monde

AI discovers new class of antibiotics to kill drug-resistant bacteria

Artificial intelligence helped screen millions of chemical compounds to find a class of antibiotics capable of killing two different types of drug-resistant bacteria

20/12/2023 NewScientist

Breakthrough battery powers electric car 1,000 km from single charge

An electric car maker in China has demonstrated a new battery capable of powering a vehicle for more than 1,000 km on a single charge.

20/12/2023 The Independent

Canada to require all new cars to be zero-emission by 2035

Canada will require all new automobiles to be zero-emission by 2035 as the country looks to curb its fossil fuel output.

19/12/2023 The Guardian

The Nordic way: why the alternative Finnish approach to psychosis is going global

Developed by Finnish doctors in the 1980s, 'open dialogue' dramatically improves outcomes for those in crisis

11/12/2023 Positive News

Native American community makes US history with clean energy project

The Gila River Indian Community will be the first in the US to construct a solar-panel-lined water canal.

10/12/2023 The Independent

Cows in Rotterdam harbor, seedlings on rafts in India; are floating farms the future?

Visitors walking along the river that flows through downtown Rotterdam might be surprised to see a three-tiered structure moored in the water, with a top level occupied by brown and white cows grazing on hay dropped from a conveyor belt

10/12/2023 The Independent

India unveils ‘flatpack’ field hospital with mini x-ray for use in disaster zones

India has designed and built a “flatpack” field hospital that can be flown to a disaster area by helicopter and assembled faster than an Ikea bookcase.

08/12/2023 The Guardian

Can Rock Dust Soak Up Carbon Emissions? A Giant Experiment Is Set to Find Out

The idea that sprinkling rock dust on farmland can soak up atmospheric carbon will be tested at large scale thanks to a $57 million purchase from corporations including Stripe and Alphabet.

07/12/2023 Wired

Sony debuts first PS5 controller for disabled gamers

The Access Controller is a 'highly customisable kit' of buttons, triggers and sticks, the firm says.

06/12/2023 BBC

Implementing a basic income means overcoming myths about the 'undeserving poor'

Momentum on basic income is growing in Canada. However, pervasive myths about poverty are making implementing the idea challenging.

04/12/2023 The Conversation

Nepal same-sex marriage a milestone for LGBTQ rights in Asia

In Nepal, a cisgender man and a transgender woman, legally considered a man, became the first couple in South Asia to have their "same-sex" marriage legally recognized.

04/12/2023 Deutsche Welle

Ultrasound can push vaccines into the body without needles

Vaccinations could be made less painful by treating skin with a vaccine-laden liquid and using ultrasound to push it into the body

04/12/2023 NewScientist