June 2021

Four ways to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises simultaneously

A landmark report by the world’s most senior climate and biodiversity scientists argues that the world will have to tackle the climate crisis and the species extinction crisis simultaneously, or not at all.

30/06/2021 The Conversation

New Zealand to ban most single-use plastics by 2025

New Zealanders will be farewelling their plastics – bags, ear buds, spoons and straws – as the government attempts to match the country’s reality to its “clean green” reputation.

28/06/2021 The Guardian

He Inherited A Devastating Disease. A CRISPR Gene-Editing Breakthrough Stopped It

Scientists successfully treated a rare disease with the experimental gene-editing technique. It could open the door to new ways of treating other common disorders in the future.

26/06/2021 NPR

Project to map entire ocean floor by 2030 passes 20% mark

About 70% of Earth's surface is covered in water, and researchers are trying to map every last inch of it.

23/06/2021 LiveScience

DeepMind uses AI to tackle neglected deadly diseases

The company’s technology maps out the shape of proteins, an otherwise costly and time-consuming process.

23/06/2021 BBC

Bee-friendly urban wildflower meadows prove a hit with German city dwellers

To escape the Berlin bustle on a summer afternoon, all that Derek O’Doyle and his dog Frida have to do is lap the noisy building site outside their inner-city apartment, weave their way through the queue in front of the ice-cream van, and squeeze…

20/06/2021 The Guardian

People in Oregon will soon be allowed to compost dead friends and family

Oregon has become the third state in the US to legalise a new end-of-life process of human composting or “natural organic reduction” of the human body.

18/06/2021 The Independent

Where No Plywood Has Gone Before: A Space Agency Will Launch A Tiny, Wooden Satellite

In Europe, engineers are planning to send a plywood-sheathed satellite into orbit to test how well the venerable construction material holds up in space.

17/06/2021 NPR

Scientists convert used plastic bottles into vanilla flavouring

Plastic bottles have been converted into vanilla flavouring using genetically engineered bacteria, the first time a valuable chemical has been brewed from waste plastic.

15/06/2021 The Guardian

‘Action time’: Ghanaians plant 5m trees to fight forest depletion

People from all walks of life take part in 'Green Ghana' project aimed at saving depleting forest reserves.

11/06/2021 Al Jazeera

Timber’s time: wood is making a comeback in construction, bringing many benefits

It’s versatile, light, carbon-capturing and may even make us feel better when we’re surrounded by it

11/06/2021 Positive News

New discovery could help take down drug-resistant bacteria

Scientists have found a new way to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The new approach disarms their natural defense mechanism, making existing antibiotics more lethal.

10/06/2021 LiveScience

Vegan 'spider silk' created by Cambridge scientists could replace single-use plastic

A novel material, dubbed 'vegan spider silk', has been created by researchers at the University of Cambridge and may be a long-term replacement for single-use plastic.

10/06/2021 Telegraph

Modified mosquitoes reduce dengue cases by 77% in Indonesia experiment

An experiment to infect mosquitoes with bacteria that stop them from transmitting viruses appears to have helped reduced the spread of deadly dengue virus in Indonesia, researchers reported Wednesday.

10/06/2021 CNN

Tasmania's reached net-zero emissions and 100% renewables – but climate action doesn't stop there

Rather than considering the job done, Tasmania should seize opportunities including renewable energy, net-zero industrial exports and forest preservation.

07/06/2021 The Conversation

‘This isn’t ideological’: reluctant activists behind Exxon coup

The activist hedge fund behind ExxonMobil’s boardroom coup last week has claimed another seat from the oil giant’s board, to take the number of new directors who will push for climate action from within the company to three.

04/06/2021 The Guardian