December 2021

Ketamine therapy swiftly reduces depression and suicidal thoughts

Analysis of 83 research papers by academics at the University of Exeter showed that patients’ symptoms were reduced in just one to four hours.

30/12/2021 The Independent

UK zoo helps lost Mexican fish live to see another Tequila sunrise

A “charismatic little fish” declared extinct in the wild has been reintroduced to its native Mexico after being bred in an aquarium at Chester zoo.

29/12/2021 The Guardian

‘An act of rebellion’: the young farmers revolutionizing Puerto Rico’s agriculture

Puerto Rico was once a thriving agricultural hub thanks to its tropical climate, rich biodiversity, and sustainable farming traditions.

23/12/2021 The Guardian

50 years after the US declared war against cancer, the fight continues. These are the 10 biggest victories.

The National Cancer Act's 50th anniversary offers the chance to reflect on the Top 10 improvements in care.

23/12/2021 USA Today

‘Near impossible’ plant-growing technique could revolutionise farming

For the first time, grafting has been made to work in monocots, a type of plant including oats, wheats and bananas – and it might improve disease tolerance among these important crops

22/12/2021 NewScientist

Experimental treatment in Spain puts 18 cancer patients in complete remission

Barcelona’s Clínic Hospital announces hopeful results for people with multiple myeloma. Developed through the public system, the cost is lower than commercially available products

21/12/2021 El País

From Grand Theft Auto to world peace: can a video game help to change the world?

It was while fleeing the civil war in South Sudan that Lual Mayen’s mother gave birth to him 28 years ago. She had four children in tow and was near to the border with Uganda, in a town called Aswa. The journey was difficult; Mayen’s two sisters…

21/12/2021 The Guardian

Latest trials confirm the benefits of MDMA – the drug in ecstasy – for treating PTSD

Some psychedelic drugs – paired with therapy – hold great potential for helping sufferers of PTSD, depression and other mental health disorders.

16/12/2021 The Conversation

Lab-grown meats and cow-free dairy can meet the demand for protein and help address climate change

Technological advancements in food production have created new ways to meet the growing demand for protein. Canada’s investment in this industry may create jobs and reduce carbon emissions.

15/12/2021 The Conversation

Malta Becomes First E.U. Country to Legalize Marijuana

The government said that the new law was aimed at ending the criminalization of people for smoking the drug and at reducing criminal trafficking.

15/12/2021 New York Times

Wind power becomes Spain’s leading energy source for 2021

Renewable sources already cover almost half of the country’s consumption needs – so far this year, they have contributed almost 47% of the total compared to less than 30% a decade ago

14/12/2021 El País

A simple Israeli invention could help 2.5 billion people – and NASA

Prof. Moran Bercovici and Dr. Valeri Frumkin developed cheap technology for making optic lenses, with the potential to produce glasses for developing nations where many have no access to them. Now, NASA says it could be used to make space telescopes

11/12/2021 Haaretz

This Copenhagen neighbourhood is leading the way for sustainable cities

The Nordhavn district, 20 minutes from central Copenhagen, is positioning itself as a model sustainable community. Shilpa Ganatra takes a look

10/12/2021 The Independent

Fish ‘sing’ as Indonesian coral reef restored back to life

Never-before-heard fish noises, which scientists say sound like “whoops, croaks, foghorns and growls”, suggest a restored coral reef in Indonesia has fast returned to its non-damaged state.

09/12/2021 The Independent

Tropical forests can recover surprisingly quickly on deforested lands – and letting them regrow naturally is an effective and low-cost way to slow climate change

As governments and corporations pledge to help the planet by planting trillions of trees, a new study spotlights an effective, low-cost alternative: letting tropical forests regrow naturally.

09/12/2021 The Conversation

Canada bans conversion therapy, a practice Trudeau calls 'despicable and degrading'

Canada on Wednesday banned conversion therapy, which are treatments that claim to be able to change a person's sexual orientation or identity.

09/12/2021 CNN

Californian firm touts ‘mushroom leather’ as sustainability gamechanger

Vegan alternatives to leather could save more than just animals. The scientists behind fashion’s new latest must-have – the “mushroom leather” handbag – believe that mycelium, a material grown from fungi which can be engineered to look and feel…

02/12/2021 The Guardian

Zapping cow dung with lightning is helping to trap climate-warming methane

A Norwegian technology company has found a way to stop livestock slurry from releasing methane -- by zapping it with artificial lightning.

01/12/2021 CNN

“We grow meat from cells, they are just not connected to a cow”: Didier Toubia on the future of farming

Reducing the environmental impact of meat is becoming big business. The CEO of Aleph Farm explains why he is betting on lab-grown meat.

01/12/2021 New Statesman