August 2020

Getting ahead isn't a nasty business, US study reveals

The question has puzzled humans from the earliest philosophers to the ranks of home workers who have swapped water cooler gossip for rants on Zoom: does being a jerk help people get to the top?

31/08/2020 The Guardian

Are Radioactive Diamond Batteries a Cure for Nuclear Waste?

Researchers are developing a new battery powered by lab-grown gems made from reformed nuclear waste. If it works, it will last thousands of years.

31/08/2020 Wired

Menstrual cups make your period easier. Why aren't they more popular?

A few years ago, I was having dinner with a group of girlfriends when one of them suddenly began raving about menstrual cups. A longtime devotee, she lit up describing how this one little product had changed her life.

31/08/2020 The Guardian

These New Shape-Shifting Materials Get Super Cool, Super Fast

Shape memory alloys and a kind of plastic crystal chill quickly under force or pressure. They could lead to eco-friendly fridges and air conditioners.

30/08/2020 Wired

Coating our gut walls with glue could treat lactose intolerance

A glue that coats the interior of the gut when swallowed can be enhanced with enzymes to treat lactose intolerance, tests in pigs show – and it could also help treat obesity

26/08/2020 NewScientist

‘A catalyst for a kinder world’: one city’s mission to spread altruism

Leeds will launch its first Festival of Kindness next weekend with organisers seeking to foster unity after years of division

26/08/2020 Positive News

Army of a million microscopic robots created to explore on tiny scale

Roboticists have produced a million microscopic walking robots on a silicon wafer – in future, similar robot armies could roam inside the human body

26/08/2020 NewScientist

The World Health Organization Declares Africa Polio-Free

Nobody will ever know the identity of the thousands of African children who were not killed or paralyzed by polio this year. They would have been hard to keep track of no matter what because in ordinary times, they would have followed thousands last…

25/08/2020 Time Magazine

Green is the new black: how biotech is making fashion more sustainable

From lab-grown spider silk to ‘living dyes’, biotechnology is being used to make clothes that don’t cost the earth

24/08/2020 Positive News

Major investment firm dumps Exxon, Chevron and Rio Tinto stock

A Nordic hedge fund worth more than $90bn (£68.6bn) has dumped its stocks in some of the world’s biggest oil companies and miners that are responsible for lobbying against climate action.

24/08/2020 The Guardian

Germany to give people £1,000 a month, no questions asked, in universal basic income experiment

Researchers in Berlin want to know how 'unconditional flow of money' affects people's behaviour

19/08/2020 The Independent

This Cobalt-Free Battery Is Good for the Planet—and It Actually Works

Reducing the cobalt content in lithium-ion batteries is good for the environment, human rights, and maybe even the performance of the battery itself.

17/08/2020 Wired

Robot boat completes three-week Atlantic mission

A UK uncrewed ocean-going vessel provides a glimpse of the future of robotic maritime operations.

14/08/2020 BBC

AI Magic Makes Century-Old Films Look New

Denis Shiryaev uses algorithms to colorize and sharpen old movies, bumping them up to a smooth 60 frames per second. The result is a stunning glimpse at the past.

12/08/2020 Wired

Gene manipulation using algae could grow more crops with less water

Tobacco plants have been modified with a protein found in algae to improve their photosynthesis and increase growth, while using less water, in a new advance that could point the way to higher yielding crops in a drought-afflicted future.

10/08/2020 The Guardian

Thousands of baby turtles released into sea off Bali

More than 10,000 baby turtles were released into the sea off the Indonesian island of Bali, as part of conservationists’ attempts to boost the population of a vulnerable species and promote environmental protection.

08/08/2020 The Guardian

Can Killing Cookies Save Journalism?

A Dutch public broadcaster got rid of targeted digital ads—and its revenues went way up.

05/08/2020 Wired

A Plan to Grow 90,000 Trees in Los Angeles

What is the most effective thing an individual can do about climate change? There are lots of possible answers: what…

04/08/2020 The Atlantic

Tree walks in Chennai: The people building urban forests in India

By growing native trees in Chennai, volunteers help push back against water shortages and the loss of green spaces.

03/08/2020 Al Jazeera

Bangladesh university turning women garment workers into leaders

Special programme aims to inspire female workers to become leaders and boost women's rights across industries.

01/08/2020 Al Jazeera

Genetic privacy: We must learn from the story of Henrietta Lacks

Henrietta Lacks's cells are used in experiments in laboratories around the world but were cultivated without her consent. The lessons from her story are more important than ever, says Maninder Ahluwalia

01/08/2020 NewScientist