February 2022

Future cities could be 3D printed – using concrete made with recycled glass

Glass is produced from sand, is easy to recycle, and can be used to make concrete without any complex processing.

28/02/2022 The Conversation

Scientists identify hundreds of nutrient-rich edible plants with untapped potential to treat vitamin deficiencies

Scientists have identified over 1,000 edible plants with untapped potential which they say could address vitamin B deficiencies for thousands of people across the world.

25/02/2022 The Independent

Two new ways of extracting lithium from brine

Around 60% of the world’s lithium, a metal in high demand for making batteries, comes from evaporation ponds, like that pictured overleaf, located in deserts in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

25/02/2022 Economist

Sickle cell: ‘The revolutionary gene-editing treatment that gave me new life’

Jimi Olaghere thought he would have to wait decades to be freed from his sickle cell disease - but now scientists have engineered his blood to overcome the disease which left him in constant pain.

20/02/2022 BBC

Scientists develop device to test if water is safe to drink – it shows results in minutes

The device uses DNA, RNA and proteins to replicate the functions of electronic circuits in the device

19/02/2022 The Independent

Creating 'universal' transplant organs: New study moves us one step closer.

Scientists successfully converted donated lungs into "universal" transplant organs in a proof-of-concept experiment. That means, theoretically, the lungs could be transplanted into any recipient, regardless of their blood type, as long as the organs…

16/02/2022 LiveScience

These gummy bears taste delicious. They are made from locust

Israeli company Hargol wants to convince Westerners of the benefits of eating locusts, including serving them as candy or chocolate-flavored protein shakes

16/02/2022 Haaretz

Basic income: Wales pilot offers £1,600 a month to care leavers

Every 18-year-old leaving care will be offered £1,600 a month under the Welsh government's basic income pilot. It is expected about 500 people will be eligible to join the scheme, which is being launched this year and could cost up to £20m over…

15/02/2022 BBC

Third known case of HIV remission reported after stem cell transplant using umbilical cord blood

A US woman has become the third known person who's gone into HIV remission, and the first mixed-race woman, thanks to a transplant of stem cells from umbilical cord blood, according to research presented at a conference Tuesday.

15/02/2022 CNN

Scientists accidentally stumble on ‘holy grail’ of batteries for electric vehicles

Scientists have come across an unexpected way to commercialise a breakthrough form of battery technology, opening up the possibilities for a new generation of long-range robots and electric vehicles.

15/02/2022 The Independent

New Smart Roofing Material Can Automatically Heat or Cool With Zero Emissions

The new smart roofing material could help reduce emissions from the heating and cooling of buildings throughout the year.

14/02/2022 Reset.org

Solar-powered car that can ‘drive for months without charging’ to hit roads this summer

A solar-powered car has travelled hundreds of kilometres on a single charge, marking a major milestone towards bringing the “world’s most efficient and sustainable” vehicle to the market.

10/02/2022 The Independent

Rare earth elements for smartphones can be extracted from coal waste

Recycling rare earth elements from the ash left over from coal burning is cheaper, easier and more environmentally friendly than digging them out of mines

09/02/2022 NewScientist

Spinal implants allow paralysed people to walk, swim and cycle again

Four Years Ago Michel Roccati was involved in a motorcycle accident. He suffered what neurologists call a “complete” spinal-cord injury—he lost all sensation below the site of the damage to his spine and he could no longer move his legs.

08/02/2022 Economist

Green construction: Fixing concrete's carbon footprint

The cement and concrete industry is one of the most neglected in the fight against climate change. It's responsible for about 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions, more than double those from flying or shipping.

04/02/2022 Deutsche Welle

Record-breaking rapid DNA sequencing promises timely diagnosis for thousands of rare disease cases

Record-breaking technology can sequence an entire human genome in a matter of hours. The work could be a lifeline for people suffering from the more than 5,000 known rare genetic diseases.

03/02/2022 The Conversation

T-cell therapy called possible cure for leukemia after 10-year remission in two patients

Two people with leukemia achieved remission over a decade after being infused with CAR-T cells, immune cells that had been modified in a lab, according to a new study. The findings suggest that this approach could be a long-term therapy for leukemia…

02/02/2022 CNN

How Collaring Cheetahs Reduced Human-Wildlife Conflict in Namibia

Namibia is home to one of the world's last remaining cheetah populations. But for years, cheetahs have decimated livestock herds, leading to a bloody human-wildlife conflict that further threatened the already vulnerable species. New technology and…

02/02/2022 Reset.org