July 2021

The seaweed farmers with high hopes for their harvest

Kelp grown off the coast of the Isle of Skye could be used in food, packaging and cosmetic products.

29/07/2021 BBC

Man v food: is lab-grown meat really going to solve our nasty agriculture problem?

Americans will eat about 2bn chicken nuggets this year, give or take a few hundred million. This deep-fried staple is a way of profiting off the bits that are left after the breast, legs and wings are lopped off the 9 billion or so factory-farmed…

29/07/2021 The Guardian

Cities Aren't the Wildlife 'Deserts' Scientists Once Feared

As more animals are spotted in urban areas, researchers recognize how cities can play a significant role in fostering biodiversity.

24/07/2021 Wired

A new green air-conditioning system manages without nasty gases

In A Warming world it helps to stay cool. But doing so also threatens the planet. Most air conditioners use refrigerant gases called hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Though these do not deplete Earth’s ozone layer in the way the chlorofluorocarbons they…

21/07/2021 Economist

This Device Could Tune Your Heart—Then Dissolve Away

The latest in “electronic medicine” offers an alternative to temporary pacemakers and could help reduce tissue scarring.

16/07/2021 Wired

Off University: The Free Online University Created by Exiled and Blacklisted Academics

When authoritarian regimes clamp down on freedoms, academics are often the first targets. Now, suppressed academics have teamed with international universities to create a platform that allows their voice to continue to be heard.

16/07/2021 Reset.org

What pairs with beetle? Startups seek to make bugs tasty

Billions of people around the world regularly eat insects but they're not commonly found in Western diets

15/07/2021 The Independent

Papilio: A Wind-Powered Street Light That Only Works When You Need It

Conventional electric street lights not only use up energy - they're also a source of light pollution, affect local biodiversity and can reduce quality of life for city dwellers. A new design for a wind- powered, motion-detecting street light might…

15/07/2021 Reset.org

Device taps brain waves to help paralyzed man communicate

In a medical first, researchers have harnessed the brain waves of a paralyzed man unable to speak to help him communicate better

14/07/2021 The Independent

Bitcoin alternatives could provide a green solution to energy-guzzling cryptocurrencies

Some alternative cryptocurrencies, called 'altcoins', demand far less electrical power than bitcoin.

12/07/2021 The Conversation

Solar energy heats up job market across the globe

Millions of workers stand to benefit from new jobs in the solar industry. But experts still see challenges that could overshadow this golden opportunity

12/07/2021 Deutsche Welle

Smart foam material gives robotic hand the ability to self-repair

Singapore researchers have developed a smart foam material that allows robots to sense nearby objects, and repairs itself when damaged, just like human skin.

12/07/2021 Reuters

Indians plant 250 million saplings in green campaign

Uttar Pradesh state in India has carried out a mass tree planting aimed at increasing forest area. India has pledged to keep a third of its total land under forest cover.

05/07/2021 Deutsche Welle

World’s largest ever four day week trial in Iceland ‘overwhelming success’

The world's largest ever trial of a four-day working week and reduced working time in Iceland was an "overwhelming success" and should be tested in the UK, researchers have said.

04/07/2021 The Independent

Welcome to the Italian hamlet offering free holidays to promote sustainable tourism

The inhabitants of San Giovanni in Galdo had a unique idea: to harness their hospitality to revitalise the economy of the historic village in a sustainable way. Lucrezia Lozza reports

02/07/2021 The Independent

Europe’s night trains are making a comeback amid concern about the climate

Budget airlines pushed them towards extinction, now concern about plane emissions is sparking a night train renaissance across Europe

02/07/2021 Positive News

Imperfect global tax deal is perfect springboard

Just organizing a meeting of 130 people is hard. Getting that number of governments to agree on a corporate tax regime is an astonishing achievement. That makes a new deal, whose signatories account for more than 90% of world GDP, worth celebrating…

01/07/2021 Reuters