May 2020

An inmate's love of mathematics leads to discovery in number theory

Christopher Havens came upon his love of math while in solitary confinement. A decade later, he published a paper on number theory in a top mathematics journal.

30/05/2020 LiveScience

Costa Rica celebrates first same-sex weddings

The country is the first in Central America to allow same-sex couples to marry in landmark ruling.

26/05/2020 BBC

Farms of the future: Rotterdam’s dairy with a difference

This floating farm in the Netherlands was designed to be a solution to rising sea levels but that's not the only benefit

25/05/2020 Positive News

New solar cells extract more energy from sunshine

Solar Energy has had a good crisis. In many parts of the world skies clear of pollution have helped photovoltaic power stations, which convert light into electricity, become more productive and reliable. Declining demand, meanwhile, has seen coal-…

21/05/2020 Economist

Farms of the future: the chicken farm run by a vegetarian

Chicken farming has an appalling reputation but can it ever be done ethically? This vegetarian farmer is hoping to prove it can be

21/05/2020 Positive News

Coronavirus: Running a campaign from home in lockdown

Campaigners are not letting restrictions hold them back in fighting for what they believe in.

20/05/2020 BBC

NASA Names Dark Energy Telescope for Nancy Grace Roman

Dr. Roman was a pioneer at NASA, joining the agency in its early days and becoming its first chief astronomer.

20/05/2020 New York Times

Farms of the future: growing greens below the city

Growing Underground is a hydroponics farm below the streets of southwest London, which is powered by renewable energy

19/05/2020 Positive News

Lab Grown Coral Breakthrough Could Help Save Our Dwindling Coral Reefs

An aquarium in Florida achieves a world first by artificially growing ridged cactus coral in their specialised laboratory nurseries.


Wild white storks hatch in UK for first time in six centuries

Hopes the species can now be reestablished in south of England after break of 600 years

16/05/2020 The Independent

The end of plastic? New plant-based bottles will degrade in a year

Beer and soft drinks could soon be sipped from “all-plant” bottles under new plans to turn sustainably grown crops into plastic in partnership with major beverage makers.

16/05/2020 The Guardian

Have We Entered the Era of Climate Engineering? Cloud Brightening Technology Trialed Over Great Barrier Reef

Until recently, climate engineering was considered too risky to warrant serious attention, but as we edge closer to irreversible climate tipping points, that has begun to change. In April the first-ever tests of cloud brightening technology were…


Malaria 'completely stopped' by microbe

Scientists say the microbe - found in the wild near Lake Victoria - has enormous potential.

04/05/2020 BBC

Phosphorus in our pee — the new gold?

Phosphorus is essential for growing crops, but global reserves are shrinking fast. Now researchers are looking for ways to recycle the valuable mineral — by harvesting human urine.

04/05/2020 Deutsche Welle