August 2021

Cars have been guzzling leaded gasoline for 99 years. Not any more

Nearly a century of leaded gasoline use on roads around the world has come to an end, the UN Environment Programme announced Monday, after Algerian service stations stopped selling the fuel last month.

30/08/2021 CNN

This Singapore startup is using insects to turn trash into treasure

Singapore-based farmer Chua Kai-Ning spends a lot of her day making sure that her animals are well fed and growing fast.

30/08/2021 CNN

These 3 energy storage technologies can help solve the challenge of moving to 100% renewable electricity

The US is generating more electricity than ever from wind and solar power – but often it’s not needed at the time it’s produced. Advanced energy storage technologies make that power available 24/7.

26/08/2021 The Conversation

This center in Dubai is growing 'future-proof' food in the desert

Rising temperatures and extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change are making farming conditions increasingly challenging and disrupting food distribution. But scientists in some of the world's driest places are coming up with solutions to…

26/08/2021 CNN

The future of flying? Hybrid plane takes to the skies in landmark UK flight

The hybrid aircraft is an important step in the race to decarbonise aviation, but net-zero flights remains some way off yet

25/08/2021 Positive News

A Plan to Slow the Creep of the Sahara—by Planting Gardens

People along the desert’s border are building a kind of circular plot called a tolou keur to keep the soil fertile and to slow desertification.

21/08/2021 Wired

Mushrooms: 4 uses that benefit the environment

As we look to transition from fossil to bio-based materials, fungi is becoming the ultimate biodegradable building block for furniture, fashion, housing and beyond.

19/08/2021 Deutsche Welle

Swedish company makes world’s first delivery of ‘Green Steel’ made without using coal

‘Test delivery is an important step toward a fully fossil-free iron and steel production value chain’

19/08/2021 The Independent

Mallorca marine reserve boosts wildlife as well as business, report finds

A marine protection area established off the coast of Mallorca is proving beneficial not just for the environment but for business, too, according to a study that appears to confirm the long-term benefits of MPAs for both habitats and economies.

17/08/2021 The Guardian

Hydrogen-powered vehicles: A realistic path to clean energy?

Hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, is viewed, along with electric vehicles, as one way to slow the environmentally destructive impact of the planet’s 1.2 billion vehicles, most of which burn gasoline and diesel fuel

13/08/2021 The Independent

Aquaponics: The future of agriculture?

Growing vegetables and fish together in a confined space, and without fertilizers and pesticides. Is this the future of food production?

13/08/2021 Deutsche Welle

California considers human composting as a greener death option

Is there a greener way to honor those who have died? Humans have caused unprecedented and irreversible changes to the climate in our time on Earth – pollution that continues even in death. But, across the US, some are posing an alternative: human…

12/08/2021 The Guardian

Farmers reap double the benefits from solar-powered fields

Solar panels generate electricity in the field, helping both farmers and climate protection. A farm visit - and where else around the world this combination pays off.

10/08/2021 Deutsche Welle

New technology can create treatment against drug-resistant bacteria in under a week and adapt to antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest public health threats in the world. New research, however, may have found a way to keep up with rapidly evolving bacteria.

09/08/2021 The Conversation

Watch Out, Beyond Burgers—the Fungi Renaissance Is Here

While the popular plant-based meats grab all the headlines, a much more humble foodstuff is poised to lead the next wave of alternative proteins.

08/08/2021 Wired

'Female' warrior buried in medieval grave may be non-binary

A medieval grave in Finland that was thought to hold the body of a female warrior or ruler has revealed a surprise — the person buried there may be non-binary. 

06/08/2021 LiveScience

Welcome to Earthship Biotecture, New Mexico’s decades-long experiment in carbon-free living

An effort to cut emissions and empty landfills has guided home designs that prove it’s possible to turn trash into a tourist attraction, writes Elizabeth Miller

05/08/2021 The Independent

Edible packaging – the beginning of the end for single-use plastic?

An edible alternative to plastic has won an award for innovation. It is one of a number of viable alternatives to single-use packaging

04/08/2021 Positive News

Sprakebüll: A German village embraces a solar future

While Germany mulls over better solutions for a climate-friendly future, one northern village has already made the transition. And its residents say the benefits are worth every penny. A visit to Sprakebüll.

02/08/2021 Deutsche Welle