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How to Be Less Busy and More Happy

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18/04/2024 The Atlantic

The Rise of the Carbon Farmer

Farmers around the world are reigniting the less intensive agricultural practices of yesteryear—to improve soil health, raise yields, and trap carbon in the atmosphere back down in the soil.

18/04/2024 Wired

Many baby boomers own homes that are too big. Can they be enticed to sell them?

Lots of older Americans say they'd love to downsize, but it doesn't make financial sense. The housing roadblock has left some would-be buyers stuck. We asked experts what policies could change that.

18/04/2024 NPR

Scientists hopeful for ‘new era’ of blood cancer treatment after breakthrough

Existing drugs could be repurposed following the discovery, according to researchers, who have also developed a new compound using their findings.

18/04/2024 The Independent

Ancient humans hid in Saudi Arabian lava tube for over 7,000 years

A lava tube in Saudi Arabia served as shelter to ancient humans for over 7,000 years, archaeologists have said in a new study.

18/04/2024 The Independent

New types of mosquito bed nets could cut malaria risk by up to half, trial finds

Two new types of mosquito bed nets have been found to reduce cases of malaria by up to a half, raising hopes of combating the disease, which is becoming increasingly resistant to treatments and prevention efforts.

18/04/2024 The Guardian

TikTok Notes is the new competitor to Instagram. What is the app and how does it work?

TikTok has quietly launched its Instagram rival Notes in Australia and Canada on Thursday, testing out a new app dedicated to still images and text.

18/04/2024 The Guardian

Goodbye cod, hello herring: why putting a different fish on your dish will help the planet

Perched on a quay in the Cornish port of Falmouth is Pysk fishmongers, where Giles and Sarah Gilbert started out with a dream to supply locally caught seafood to the town.

18/04/2024 The Guardian

Visualising the 1800s or designing wedding invitations: 6 ways you can use AI beyond generating text

There’s no escaping generative AI as it infiltrates our workplaces and daily lives. Learning what these tools can do will help you understand their full impact.

18/04/2024 The Conversation

Eleven-year-old girl’s fossil find leads to discovery of largest known sea reptile

A fossil find by 15-year-old Ruby Reynolds in the UK has led to the discovery of a new giant sea reptile species that could have been over 25m in length.

18/04/2024 The Independent

Asbestos in playground mulch: how to avoid a repeat of this circular economy scandal

Existing laws and regulations failed to prevent asbestos contamination of mulch. What’s missing is mandatory certification of recycled products so users can be sure they’ve been tested and are safe.

18/04/2024 The Conversation

Could Albanese’s bet on homegrown green industries be the boost our regions deserve?

Made in Australia could be set for a comeback, if federal government promises materialise. But these localisation plans must work for the regional communities hosting new projects.

18/04/2024 The Conversation

Choice and control: will NDIS reforms mean people with disability don’t get to decide who they live with?

Practical reforms are on the table when it comes to disability housing. But there are also potential traps that won’t promote choice.

18/04/2024 The Conversation

How A.I. Tools Could Change India’s Elections

Avatars are addressing voters by name, in whichever of India’s many languages they speak. Experts see potential for misuse in a country already rife with disinformation.

18/04/2024 New York Times

Clean energy’s dirty secret: the trail of waste left by India’s solar power boom

Under the scorching sun, a sea of solar panels gleams in the semi-arid landscape. Pavagada, 100 miles north of Bengaluru in southern India, is the world’s third-largest solar power plant, with 25m panels across a huge 50 sq km site, and a capacity…

18/04/2024 The Guardian

Stop giving dementia patients antipsychotic drugs to avoid risk of strokes and broken bones, says research

Experts say side effects linked to antipsychotics for dementia patients “may be more severe than previously understood”

18/04/2024 The Independent

The West says China makes too much. Its workers disagree

Migrants are caught in China's manufacturing battles with the West, as Beijing tries to save its economy.

18/04/2024 BBC

British Asian artists hope for chart show boost

Trying to find a space in the South Asian music scene has historically been tough for British Asian artists. Faced with competition from Bollywood and the global rise of Punjabi music, recognition in the charts has been limited.

18/04/2024 BBC