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Do we live in a giant void? It could solve the puzzle of the universe's expansion

If we lived in a cosmic area with below average density, it would explain recent contradictory measurements of the universe’s expansion.

30/11/2023 The Conversation

A greener clean: three ways to eco-proof your cleaning routine

A spotless house is deeply satisfying. But when that cleanliness comes at the cost of our health and the environment, it loses some of its luster.

30/11/2023 The Guardian

Did Homo naledi really bury its dead? Now there are ways to find out

A new paper argues the case of using geoscientific techniques to diminish uncertainty about archaeological finds – such as whether a small-brained hominin carved its walls and interred its deceased

30/11/2023 Haaretz

How Frozen became the catalyst for Disney's shift from male-centric tales

The landscape of animated musical films has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Male storylines, once the hallmark of the genre, have taken a back seat, thanks to the revolutionary success of a film that centres around the…

30/11/2023 The Conversation

Cicadas Are So Loud, Fiber Optic Cables Can ‘Hear’ Them

In 2021, scientists experimenting with fiber optics picked up a strange signal: the cacophony of cicadas. It could lead to a new way of monitoring insects.

30/11/2023 Wired

Does having children make you happier? Here’s what the research suggests

Our own study resoundingly finds that you can still be happy even if you want to have a child but are unable to.

30/11/2023 The Conversation

Being child-free has been deemed 'selfish' for decades – the history of this misconception explained

Choosing to be child-free is more common than ever before in some countries, including the US. Many people see not having children an ethical and ecological choice, made to protect the environment, people and other species. Being child-free is about…

30/11/2023 The Conversation

Doctor Who: what the show gets wrong about climate change and energy justice − new research

Our study of five episodes across its 60 years shows Doctor Who has failed to support the idea that people should be able to advance their own climate interests

30/11/2023 The Conversation

WhatsApp update adds ‘secret codes’ for chats

WhatsApp has added “secret codes” for chats, allowing them to be locked and hidden. The feature is intended to let people have a chat that will not even be visible within the list of conversations. Instead, they can only be found by typing that code…

30/11/2023 The Independent

Church pensions board publishes climate plan to align portfolio with net zero

The Church of England Pensions Board has published its first Climate Action Plan to align its investment portfolio with net zero. The Pensions Board said the framework focusses on transitioning the economy away from fossil fuels and aligning…

30/11/2023 The Independent

As plastic production grows, treaty negotiations to reduce plastic waste are stuck in low gear

A central question remains unresolved in the draft treaty: Is plastic pollution basically a waste management problem, or can it be solved only with a cap on production?

30/11/2023 The Conversation

'Baldur's Gate 3' became the surprise hit of 2023 by upending conventional wisdom about what gives video games broad appeal

For years, the biggest video game publishers have operated under the assumption that compelling stories and captivating characters don’t offer a good return on investment.

30/11/2023 The Conversation

COP28 begins: 4 issues that will determine if the UN climate summit is a success, from methane to money

A veteran of UN climate talks lays out the top themes and their sticking points, including concerns about the host country’s oil interests.

30/11/2023 The Conversation

DeepMind’s AI discovers ‘800 years’ worth of knowledge’

Google’s leading AI division DeepMind claims to have unlocked “800 years’ worth of knowledge” after discovering 2.2 million new crystals.

30/11/2023 The Independent

Airlines face formal complaints over contested sustainability claims

Virgin Atlantic and British Airways are facing formal complaints over their sustainable flight claims after being accused of misleading potential customers about the environmental credentials of aviation.

30/11/2023 The Guardian

Traces of cannabis found in pre-modern human bones for the first time

A 17th century hospital crypt in Milan, Italy has yielded the first archaeological evidence of cannabis' psychoactive components in human bones

30/11/2023 NewScientist

Three Ways to Tell If Research Is Bunk

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30/11/2023 The Atlantic