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Babbling babies may be warming up for speech, say scientists

It might sound like a stream of jolly nonsense, but the peculiar sounds babies produce could be an attempt to practise the vocal control necessary for speech, researchers have suggested.

29/05/2024 The Guardian

A fifth grader's fundraiser cleared his school of meal debt. It named an award for him

A Missouri fifth grader has won praise and had an award named for him after he raised more than $7,000 to erase school meal debt in his district

29/05/2024 The Independent

Person dies after falling into jet engine at Schiphol airport

A person has died after falling into the spinning turbine blades of a departing passenger jet at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.

29/05/2024 The Guardian

How embracing the cringe can help your dating life

It’s understandable to worry about coming across as awkward, or being seen as cringeworthy. But embracing our cringey selves can improve our self-confidence and even our dating lives.

29/05/2024 The Conversation

Scientists develop antibiotic that spares healthy gut bacteria

Researchers have developed a new antibiotic that kills bad bacteria, but spares healthy gut bacteria. The drug, called lolamicin, also warded off secondary infections with Clostridioides difficile (C. difficile), a common and dangerous…

29/05/2024 The Independent

Engineers find new way to make ‘wonder material’ Graphene that could change the world

Current production is ‘dirty’, say experts – but new process could help it be produced cleanly and at scale

29/05/2024 The Independent

Book borrowed from Finnish library in 1939 returned 84 years late

A book borrowed from a Helsinki library has been returned – 84 years overdue. A Finnish translation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s historical novel Refugees was received by librarian Heini Strand on Monday at the main desk at the Helsinki Central…

29/05/2024 The Guardian

The E2E International 100 track 2024

E2E, in association with The Independent, proudly unveils the E2E International 100 track, a definitive list recognising the exceptional achievements of the top 100 businesses in the UK

29/05/2024 The Independent

Embrace technology, but don’t forget the power of people

I am a food and drink wholesaler, supplying thousands of products to thousands of convenience retailers across the West Midlands and, despite the advances of technology over the years, there is no denying wholesaling is a traditional business.

29/05/2024 The Independent

‘Happiest I’ve ever seen her’: the sports teams giving trans kids a safe place to play

Like many seven-year-olds, Gregory’s daughter discovered her love for soccer on the playground at recess. She started coming home talking about the sport and asked to join her friends’ recreational team.

29/05/2024 The Guardian

Flow: people who are easily absorbed in an activity may have better mental and cardiovascular health

When we are in a state of flow, it is likely that we are spending less time ruminating over our lives or worrying about the future.

29/05/2024 The Conversation

Man who spent $14K to turn himself into border collie reveals surprising new ambition

A YouTuber who spent thousands in an effort to transform into a border collie has decided dogs might best be left as man's best friend – rather than man himself.

29/05/2024 The Independent

Increasing use of renewable energy in US yields billions of dollars of benefits

By increasing its use of renewable energy, the US has not only slashed its planet-warming emissions but also improved its air quality, yielding hundreds of billions of dollars of benefits, a new report has found.

29/05/2024 The Guardian

The dark side of the AI revolution

As artificial intelligence reshapes the world, digital rights advocates warn of the downsides, ranging from the technologies' environmental footprint to surveillance and "data colonialism."

29/05/2024 Deutsche Welle

What would happen if we pulled out Mars’s iron core with a magnet?

Mars is a planet much beloved and much maligned, and in this episode of Dead Planets Society it is getting a dramatic makeover via an enormous orbiting magnet

29/05/2024 NewScientist

Not a gym rat? Here’s how to get started on an outdoor exercise routine

Between the sweat smell, fluorescent lights and omnipresent television screens, April Herring has never connected with going to the gym. Instead, she runs, bikes, hikes, plays tennis, pickleball and football — anything to get her exercise outside as…

29/05/2024 The Independent