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Extinct 'mountain jewel' plant returned to wild

A plant that went extinct in the wild has been re-introduced to the UK mainland. We can’t tell you the exact location - it’s a secret, to keep it safe. It’s just one small plant but with one in six species in the UK endangered, you’ve got to start…

25/05/2024 BBC

New malaria vaccine delivered for the first time

The Central African Republic is the first country to receive thousands of doses of a new malaria vaccine recommended by the World Health Organization last October.

24/05/2024 NPR

Google Is Playing a Dangerous Game With AI Search

Doctors often have a piece of advice for the rest of us: Don’t Google it. The search giant tends to be the first stop for people hoping to answer every health-related question: Why is my scab oozing? What is this pink bump on my arm?

24/05/2024 The Atlantic

The world urgently looks for alternatives to lithium batteries

The shortage of materials for common storage systems accelerates research into sodium and calcium as cheaper and more ecological substitutes

24/05/2024 El País

This week in Australia energy and climate collided; it’s a global story

Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. The announcement that the NSW government would extend the life of Australia’s biggest coal-fired power station was neither a surprise to energy observers in this country nor unique in a…

24/05/2024 Sydney Morning Herald

From Asia to Americas, German cockroach conquered the world

Disgustingly resilient, the German cockroach is the most widespread roach of all roachkind. A recent study reconstructed its origins and charted its unstoppable rise.

24/05/2024 Deutsche Welle

The surge in hydroelectric dams is driving massive biodiversity loss

Around the world, free-flowing natural rivers are being fragmented by dams, weirs and other barriers. It’s one of the biggest, yet least acknowledged, causes of biodiversity loss worldwide.

24/05/2024 The Conversation

Taquería El Califa de León Went From Local Favorite to World Famous

Taquería El Califa de León, in Mexico City, became the first Mexican taco stand to win a Michelin star. Since then, it has been deluged with customers and fame.

24/05/2024 New York Times

Eiffel Tower ticket prices to rise by 20%

The increase will help help pay for urgent renovation work. Paris city hall on Friday, May 24, voted to increase the Eiffel Tower adult admission price by 20% from next month to help pay for urgent renovation work. Visitors currently pay €29.40…

24/05/2024 Le Monde

Discovering Degas: new exhibition in Glasgow reveals boldness and foresight of early British collectors

Glasgow shipbuilder Sir William Burrell collected Degas in the painter’s lifetime, demonstrating a keen eye at a time when the impressionists were shocking the public.

24/05/2024 The Conversation

Depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder linked with ancient viral DNA in our genome – new research

Around 8% of human DNA is made up of genetic sequences acquired from ancient viruses. These sequences, known as human endogenous retroviruses (or Hervs), date back hundreds of thousands to millions of years – with some even predating the emergence…

24/05/2024 The Conversation

Does ‘whining’ really make you happier? A therapist gives his verdict

A problem shared is a problem halved. Research by Age UK shows that only 29% of adults share their worries, but of these 36% feel brighter as a result; 26% feel relief having confided in someone, and 8% feel that the problem recedes once shared.

24/05/2024 The Conversation

Why Are We Seeing These Crazy Northern Lights?

The aurora borealis is usually seen near the Arctic, but solar winds and magnetic turbulence are sparking some of the best light shows in centuries throughout the US.

24/05/2024 Wired

Don’t sweat it: how to find an effective deodorant

Despite an ever-growing selection, finding a “holy grail” deodorant is tough. Over the years, I’ve slathered my pits with pure salt crystal (bad), lemon juice (even worse), DIY rubbing alcohol and essential oil spritzes (the dryness!

24/05/2024 The Guardian

How to rewild your teenagers: a parents’ guide to reconnecting them with nature

From sniffing dandelions to prodding frogspawn and chasing butterflies, young children are often automatically and unashamedly drawn to nature. Then a chasm opens.

24/05/2024 The Guardian

Hispanic-owned businesses in the US employ 3.5 million people. How many would there be if the playing field was level?

Financial obstacles and fewer opportunities limit the development of numerous projects set up by Hispanic entrepreneurs. This has a negative impact on the national economy

24/05/2024 El País

Animals self-medicate with plants − behavior people have observed and emulated for millennia

Humans have watched and learned from animals who treat their ills with bioactive plants. This animal wisdom has a scientific name: zoopharmacognosy.

24/05/2024 The Conversation

Colorado takes a new – and likely more effective – approach to the housing crisis

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has signed two new zoning bills into law, which could help reduce the state’s homeless population.

24/05/2024 The Conversation