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A treaty to end the age of plastic

At the global plastics treaty talks, we, the people, need to speak louder than the plastic-addicted corporations.

27/11/2022 Al Jazeera

The common vegetable that could be key to losing weight

Eating potatoes can help people lose weight, according to a new study. Scientists say the vegetables are packed with important nutrients and can be part of a healthy diet.

27/11/2022 Telegraph

Wellcome Collection closes 'racist, sexist and ableist' Medicine Man display

A museum in London is closing one of its main exhibitions following concerns over "racist, sexist and ableist theories and language". The Wellcome Collection says the Medicine Man display will end on Sunday after a 15-year run.

27/11/2022 BBC

Credit Agricole is weighing foray into German car-sharing: media report

French bank Credit Agricole is weighing plans to offer car-sharing financial services in Germany because the growing market offers opportunities to challenge incumbent players, an executive told trade publication Automobilwoche.

27/11/2022 Reuters

Diversity in the workplace isn't enough: Businesses need to work toward inclusion

If organizations truly want to retain diverse employees and have them be successful, they need to make consistent and sustained efforts to support inclusion.

27/11/2022 The Conversation

Zoom and a butter mint recipe bring a mother and daughter together

A long-distance video lesson from Mom also offered a chance to write the recipe down. Cold weather and a marble slab work best to cool this homemade confection, which has helped the family bond.

27/11/2022 NPR

All jokes aside, this fruitcake is legendary. It was even served at a wedding

Parents, kids, aunts and a cousin gather on Black Friday to make a big batch to mail around the country. It's shared far and wide at Christmastime and was featured on a bike ride across Iowa.

27/11/2022 NPR

How a 'Martian droppings' cookie got its out-of-this-world name

Friends, family and co-workers clamor for the quirky, pistachio-flavored pudding cookie treats that come out looking green.

27/11/2022 NPR

Her father's fudge recipe brings back childhood memories of the Midwest

A young Jan Kincaid Clifford wasn't even tall enough to reach the stove. That didn't stop her from stirring the pot. And stirring. And stirring. Her dad's recipe requires patience, but it pays off.

27/11/2022 NPR

Hernan Diaz on Vastness and Claustrophobia

“Although the scope of ‘The Generation’ may seem, literally, cosmic, it is in fact intimate and highly personal.”

27/11/2022 The Atlantic

The Generation

We’re gathered around Victor’s body. I can’t look at his face and don’t want to look down like the others. Find myself staring at the glass of water on the counter. The nervous little ripples. This is why I know the hum is there, although I can’t…

27/11/2022 The Atlantic

The High-Temperature Superconductivity Mystery Is Finally Solved

An atomic-scale experiment all but settles the origin of the strong form of superconductivity seen in cuprate crystals, confirming a 35-year-old theory.

27/11/2022 Wired

Neolithic site in Ukraine reveals early settlers ate porridge with a special ingredient

The enigmatic Cucuteni-Trypillian culture reached Western Ukraine much earlier than had been thought, new excavation in wetland reveals

27/11/2022 Haaretz

'A sense of reassurance and belonging' Campus religious groups tackle mental health services

A Stanford psychiatry professor found herself in a strange position at the start of 2017. The Trump administration had just banned travel to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries, and Stanford’s Muslim community was in despair.

27/11/2022 USA Today

What the Body Means to Say

Patient: Mechanism of injury: self-immolation. Pt conscious upon EMT arrival. Lighter fluid and matches on scene. When asked about the incident, pt reported intent to “turn herself into a phoenix.” Psych eval ordered. The summer before last, I met a…

27/11/2022 The Atlantic

Diamond diggers in South Africa's deserted mines break the law — and risk their lives

Photos show the desperate search for scraps left by big diamond operators. But amid rampant poverty and unemployment, zama-zamas see no other way to provide for their families.

27/11/2022 NPR

As Gen X and Boomers Age, They Confront Living Alone

More older Americans are living by themselves than ever before. That shift presents issues on housing, health care and personal finance.

27/11/2022 New York Times