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The future of gas

The UK has a target to be net zero by 2050. That means reducing harmful CO2 emissions by 100 per cent. We have to find new ways – greener ways – to do these things. In 2019, the UK emitted 351.

27/09/2022 New Statesman

Taxing non-doms fairly would raise billions

In 1799, William Pitt the Younger introduced Britain’s first income tax, to raise revenue for the war against Napoleon. Back then, Britain was in its colonial heyday, and many people made or maintained their fortunes through foreign investments.

27/09/2022 New Statesman

Chambers of commerce back Firth of Forth green freeport bid

Three chambers of commerce have declared their support for a green freeport in the Firth of Forth. Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, Fife Chamber of Commerce and Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce, which represent nearly 1,500 international and Scottish…

27/09/2022 The Independent

Can reducing plastic production ease the energy crisis?

Plastic production relies on oil and gas, yet reducing output has not been put forward as a response to the energy crisis. Until now. A new report says this is the moment for bold action.

27/09/2022 Deutsche Welle

Discovery of ultra rare diamond suggests Earth’s mantle has oceans’ worth of water hidden inside

Mantle water may affect how volcanoes erupt, and impact Earth’s seismic activity and plate tectonics, scientists say

27/09/2022 The Independent

Siemens Gamesa to fix onshore wind turbine unit in 2022

Siemens Gamesa aims to fix major issues with its flagship onshore wind turbine model over the next three months, its chief executive said, warning that 10 to 15 related loss-making projects would stay a drag until 2024.

27/09/2022 Reuters

The four new driving laws coming into force in UK this month

Motorists have been urged to be familiar with new driving laws that have been rolled out this month, including stricter rules against the use of mobile phones.

27/09/2022 The Independent

APPEC Shell sees 2024 global aviation fuel demand return to level before pandemic

Global aviation fuel demand is expected to fully recover to pre-pandemic levels of 300 million tonnes per year in the next one to two years, the head of aviation at Shell said on Tuesday.

27/09/2022 Reuters

How samovar tea is warming the hearts in Qatar

Doha, Qatar – Mohammed Ali, a restaurateur in Qatar’s capital Doha, has a story about a female customer who would come to his shop every day with a flask and have it filled with karak tea. One day, her driver brought the flask and said the woman was…

27/09/2022 Al Jazeera

A disabled NDIA chair is a great first move in the NDIS reset. Here's what should happen next

The original vision for the NDIS was that it would give people with disabilities a say in how services are delivered. The appointment of an NDIA chair who is disabled is a positive move.

27/09/2022 The Conversation

How we accidentally planned the desertion of our cities

The zoning policies that planners introduced to create vibrant and resilient mixed-use neighbourhoods have had the opposite effect, as services and residential developments crowd out light industry.

27/09/2022 The Conversation

The French town that has lived without tap water for three months

The water has not been potable in the town of Le Castellet in southeastern France since June, after molecules derived from a pesticide were detected at levels seven times higher than the regulatory limit.

27/09/2022 Le Monde

Victoria promises Australia’s biggest renewable energy storage targets

The targets will be met through a $157m package of projects, including a big battery in north-western Victoria and two bio-energy projects at farms in Gippsland and Barwon.

27/09/2022 Sydney Morning Herald

The dangers of TikTok mental health advice

Psychiatrists often recommend coping with trauma by sharing experiences in familiar group settings after first receiving professional help.

27/09/2022 El País

Tim Cook: 'No good excuse' for lack of women in tech

Apple chief executive Tim Cook says there are still "not enough women at the table" at the world's tech firms - including his own. In an exclusive interview with the BBC, Mr Cook said technology "will not achieve nearly what it could achieve"…

26/09/2022 BBC

Siemens automates design process for testing new chips with advanced packaging

Siemens Digital Industries Software, a unit of Siemens AG , on Monday said it launched new software called Tessent Multi-die that automates a design process for testing chips made with advanced packaging.

26/09/2022 Reuters

More than half of the world's palm trees in danger

More than a thousand species of palm tree are at risk of extinction, according to a study. Scientists used artificial intelligence to assess risks to the entire palm family, from tall trees to climbing plants. The data gives a much better idea of…

26/09/2022 BBC