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Novavax needs 6 months to produce annual COVID shots that match new variants

Novavax Inc said on Thursday it would require six months to produce a COVID-19 vaccine designed to match whichever coronavirus variants are circulating for an annual immunization program each fall season in the United States.

26/01/2023 Reuters

Science discovers: Your cats may not hate each other after all

You may not observe cuddles in your clowder, but now researchers distinguish between playful aggression and actual fighting in the cat

26/01/2023 Haaretz

Horror comedy 'The Menu' delves into foodie snobbery when you're dying for a cheeseburger

The Menu’s real horror comes from the ways food, eating, and cooking lose their carnal pleasures under capitalism.

26/01/2023 The Conversation

'Fastest superyacht of its kind' inspired by American sailboats can fly across water

An $86.7 million superyacht that can "fly" across water was recently unveiled and is based on the design of America's Cup sailboats.

26/01/2023 USA Today

What happens to our data when we no longer use a social media network or publishing platform?

Social media and publishing platform users have generated vast amounts of data. This data remains online long after people have stopped using the platforms, and can impact people’s lives.

26/01/2023 The Conversation

Egypt archaeology: Gold-covered mummy among latest discoveries

Archaeologists say they have found a gold leaf-covered mummy sealed inside a sarcophagus that has been unopened for 4,300 years. The mummy, the remains of a man named Hekashepes, is thought to be one of the oldest and most complete non-royal corpses…

26/01/2023 BBC

FDA declines to regulate CBD; calls on Congress for fix

The Food and Drug Administration says there are too many unknowns about CBD products to regulate them as foods or supplements

26/01/2023 The Independent

Preterm babies have a similar BMI at adolescence to peers born at term

By the time premature babies reach 14 to 19 years of age, they have, on average, a similar body mass index to peers born at term, according to an analysis of more than 250,000 people

26/01/2023 NewScientist

Earth's 'geological thermostat' is too slow to prevent climate change

Rock weathering has helped keep Earth’s climate relatively stable for millions of years, but the process isn't fast enough to keep up with human carbon emissions

26/01/2023 NewScientist

Australian teachers are dissatisfied with their jobs but their sense of professional belonging is strong

A national survey of 5,000 teachers found many plan to leave their jobs. But it not all bad news. Teachers also report a strong sense of belonging.

26/01/2023 The Conversation

Molly Meldrum at 80: how the 'artfully incoherent' presenter changed Australian music – and Australian music journalism

Ian Alexander “Molly” Meldrum is 80 on January 29 2023. The Australian music industry would not be where it is today without his work as a talent scout, DJ, record producer, journalist, broadcaster and professional fan.

26/01/2023 The Conversation

Philosophers have studied 'counterfactuals' for decades. Will they help us unlock the mysteries of AI?

AI models are increasingly being used to make important decision about people’s lives – just take Robodebt. Yet the complexity of these systems means we hardly understand them.

26/01/2023 The Conversation

Spain's Iberdrola sounds out sale of $700 million wind, gas portfolio -sources

Iberdrola is looking to sell a portfolio of gas, wind and solar assets in Spain which could raise more than $700 million, three sources with knowledge of the plans told Reuters.

26/01/2023 Reuters

Gold from old cell phones regains its sparkle

Companies are using precious metals and other minerals from electronic waste to create necklaces, rings and bracelets

26/01/2023 El País

ChatGPT passes exam at Ivy League business school

ChatGPT is smart enough to pass prestigious graduate-level exams -- though not with particularly high marks.

26/01/2023 CNN

Politics aside, China's CATL ramps up cell production in Germany

Chinese battery giant CATL is putting down roots near the small central German town of Arnstadt, ploughing ahead with the ramp-up of battery cell production despite uncertainty over Germany's future relations with China.

26/01/2023 Reuters