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The happy microbiome: how to nourish all of yours - from mouth to gut to vagina

We feel a strange sense of responsibility, in these microbiome-aware times, towards the bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses and protozoa living in and on us.

23/06/2024 The Guardian

Indigenous data sovereignty can help save British Columbia’s wild salmon

Indigenous knowledge is a boon to environmentally responsible efforts, but only if the data — and its holders — are treated with respect.

23/06/2024 The Conversation

New language guidelines for anatomy aim to improve clarity, but they could reduce understanding instead

Changes to medical terminology in Latin may affect how anatomists not trained in the language understand and communicate information.

23/06/2024 The Conversation

More Canadians are paying for news this year, but it’s still too early to celebrate

A new report has found that 15 per cent of English-speaking Canadians are paying for news in 2024, compared to 11 per cent in 2023. But it is too early to rejoice.

23/06/2024 The Conversation

Living with traumatic brain injury: New legislation supports nationwide strategy for care

Traumatic brain injury can have profound long-term impact, but care is often focused on immediate symptoms. Bill C-277 aims to develop a national strategy for treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.

23/06/2024 The Conversation

Are you 80% angry and 2% sad? Why ‘emotional AI’ is fraught with problems

It’s Wednesday evening and I’m at my kitchen table, scowling into my laptop as I pour all the bile I can muster into three little words: “I love you.

23/06/2024 The Guardian

What Came Before the Big Bang?

By studying the geometry of model space-times, researchers offer alternative views of the universe’s first moments.

23/06/2024 Wired

Questions over £40m spend on healthcare taxis

The taxis are being used as ambulances for non-emergencies and to get a patient home after an operation.

23/06/2024 BBC

What the Arrival of A.I. Phones and Computers Means for Our Data

Apple, Microsoft and Google need more access to our data as they promote new phones and personal computers that are powered by artificial intelligence. Should we trust them?

23/06/2024 New York Times

Breaking both legs to get taller: The rise of cosmetic height surgery

The complicated and costly operation to lengthen a femur is nothing new, but it’s traditionally been relegated to people with bone disease or accident victims. Today, with YouTube channels dedicated to its effects and public figures like Rich…

23/06/2024 El País

Contemporary art in the concrete donut: The Hirshhorn turns 50

The national museum was born thanks to a collector’s donation of 12,000 works. An exhibition of its treasures celebrates the anniversary of its Washington D.C. location, an icon of Brutalist architecture

23/06/2024 El País

The battle for lithium: US and China fight over Argentina’s white gold

President Javier Milei is making the most of the global competition to ensure access to a mineral that is critical to making batteries for energy storage and EVs. Residents of boom towns wonder how long it will last

23/06/2024 El País

A simple recipe for onigiri, or Japanese rice balls, with salted plums

Onigiri is a ball of rice with something inside, similar to how a sandwich is two slices of bread with something in between

23/06/2024 The Independent

It's not as world-famous as ramen or sushi. But the humble onigiri is soul food in Japan

The word “onigiri” became part of the Oxford English Dictionary this year, proof that the humble sticky-rice ball and mainstay of Japanese food has entered the global lexicon. The rice balls are stuffed with a variety of fillings and typically…

23/06/2024 The Independent

When the cost of living bites, some things have to give – including the things you love

For Cathi Olivieri, giving up on music would be like giving up on life. To the 55-year-old professional classical musician, who plays and teaches viola and violin, having music in her life is “like an imperative that you have to obey”. But lately,…

23/06/2024 The Guardian

Why a 12-year-old took action against period poverty

A German girl organises a big contribution to a South African charity tackling period-poverty issues.

23/06/2024 BBC

Deaf woman's long road to Buckingham Palace speech

When Hafwen Clarke taught 500 people how to say thank you in sign language on the lawn of Buckingham Palace, it was the culmination of years spent spreading knowledge of signing to those around her.

22/06/2024 BBC

Kenya protests: Gen Z shows the power of digital activism - driving change from screens to the streets

This is a powerful moment for digital activism. The protests have seen significant participation from young Kenyans who are using digital media to organise and voice their opposition.

22/06/2024 The Conversation