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Canada's participation in the world's largest radio telescope means new opportunities in research and innovation

Canada’s partnership in the world’s largest radio telescope, located in South Africa and Australia, creates new opportunities for research, but the benefits go beyond astronomy.

21/09/2023 The Conversation

Lyme disease: The pathogen's cunning strategies for persistent infection offer clues for vaccine development

The bacterium that causes Lyme disease is a master of disguise, changing its appearance to evade the immune system as it moves from the ticks that carry it to humans or animals.

21/09/2023 The Conversation

Why we should stop using acronyms like BIPOC

Acronyms like BIPOC can highlight the similar ways racism impacts different people. However, they can also gloss over the distinct experiences of communities.

21/09/2023 The Conversation

'Nature positive' isn't just planting a few trees – it's actually stopping the damage we do

Nature positive is the new rallying cry to reverse environmental decline. But it could easily become greenwash – if we’re not careful.

21/09/2023 The Conversation

LSU football player undergoes brain tumour surgery after ‘dizzy spell’

Greg Brooks Jr, a football player at Louisiana State University (LSU) had a brain tumour removed last week after suffering from dizziness, according to the athlete’s family. “Greg Jr was diagnosed last week with a large brain tumor that required…

21/09/2023 The Independent

Governments and individuals debate: Are mandates needed to reach climate change targets?

Governments, organizations and businesses have set ambitious goals to combat climate change. But it is far from clear that those goals can be met without forcing people to do -- or not do -- certain things.

21/09/2023 The Independent

Prada explores lightness with translucent chiffon for summer 2024

Designers Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons achieved an unbearable lightness in a series of translucent chiffon dresses that gently cosseted the form, trailed by wispy strands of chiffon

21/09/2023 The Independent

Europa’s underground ocean seems to have the carbon necessary for life

Observations from the James Webb Space Telescope have shown carbon dioxide on the surface of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa – that’s a good sign for the habitability of its buried seas

21/09/2023 NewScientist

Tech companies try to take AI image generators mainstream with better protections against misuse

Artificial intelligence tools that can conjure whimsical artwork or realistic-looking images from written commands started wowing crowds last year

21/09/2023 The Independent

Metal-mining pollution impacts 23 million people worldwide

They live on flood-plains contaminated by potentially harmful levels of toxic waste, research reveals.

21/09/2023 BBC

Scientists excited to find ocean of one of Jupiter’s moons contains carbon

The vast subterranean ocean of Europa, one of Jupiter’s many moons, contains carbon, one of the crucial ingredients for life, scientists have discovered.

21/09/2023 The Guardian

Can we give plants advance warning of dangers by ‘talking’ to them?

Early laboratory experiments with tobacco demonstrated that a plant’s natural defence mechanism can be activated by using light.

21/09/2023 The Independent

Why delaying the ban on petrol and diesel cars won't slow UK's shift to electric vehicles

The UK has delayed its ban on the sale of new cars which burn petrol or diesel in internal combustion engines (ICE) from 2030 to 2035. In some ways, this is no surprise: the original plan was to ban them from 2040, a deadline brought forward by the…

21/09/2023 The Conversation

Microsoft unveils new Copilot AI assistant for Windows

Microsoft has unveiled a new AI-powered assistant for its Windows PCs that is able to help users with any computing task.

21/09/2023 The Independent

The U.N. plan to improve the world by 2030 is failing. Does that make it a failure?

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals — starting with an end to poverty — were set in 2015. At the halfway mark, the world is reeling from crises. Progress is stunted. Do the goals still help?

21/09/2023 NPR

Enough Talk, ChatGPT—My New Chatbot Friend Can Get Things Done

An experimental AI assistant called Auto-GPT can use the web to solve problems. When the automated helper works, it can feel like the future.

21/09/2023 Wired