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$5m worth of oysters wiped out after fresh rainwater overwhelms their Texas home

Oysters thrive in brackish water — a mixture of fresh and salt water — and a severe imbalance can cause mass die-offs

12/06/2024 The Independent

Archaeologists reveal how a town in Syria survived the Bronze Age collapse of civilizations

Analysis of remains at Tel Tweini reveals what they ate more than 3,000 years ago, and how they overcame the climate change and chaos that overwhelmed great empires

12/06/2024 Haaretz

Rapid UTI test that cuts detection time to 45 minutes awarded Longitude prize

An £8m prize for a breakthrough in the fight against superbugs has been awarded, after a decade-long search for a winner, to a test that can identify how to treat a urinary tract infection in 45 minutes.

12/06/2024 The Guardian

Microrobots made of algae carry chemo directly to lung tumors, improving cancer treatment

Green algae carry drug-loaded nanoparticles directly to the lungs, reducing side effects in other organs and increasing treatment efficiency.

12/06/2024 The Conversation

Magic mushrooms helped a Navajo woman deal with trauma. Now she wants to help others

Even though therapy helped Marlena Robbins better understand her intergenerational trauma, she wanted to delve deeper into her healing practice.

12/06/2024 The Guardian

Pairing shelter dogs together ‘could cut stress and help them find homes sooner’

The findings offer one possible solution for animal shelters struggling with limited space, researchers say.

12/06/2024 The Independent

Who's practicing yoga in America? The CDC has answers

Around 1 in 6 U.S. adults practice yoga. The mind-body activity has grown and evolved over recent decades, into more accessible versions that reflect a current focus on mental health and mobility training, researchers say.

12/06/2024 NPR

Bruce Hood, psychologist: ‘Happiness focused on oneself doesn’t go very far’

In his new work ‘The Science of Happiness’, the expert and former teacher of Laurie Santos compiles dozens of studies on what helps improve psycho-emotional well-being in a lasting way

12/06/2024 El País

DNA uncovers the mystery of the children sacrificed by the Mayans in Chichén Itzá

The analysis of 64 sets of human remains suggests that the civilization selectively sacrificed twins or brothers — always boys and in pairs — as a religious ritual

12/06/2024 El País

Canada must make communication more inclusive for deaf people

To create a more accessible society, we need to increase awareness about diverse perspectives and lived experiences communicating, and learn about what types of barriers exist.

12/06/2024 The Conversation

How the health of honeybee hives can inform environmental policies in Canadian cities

Urban bee hives in Canada face unique challenges and making our cities healthier for bees may just help them become better places for us all.

12/06/2024 The Conversation

Bridgerton: tips on how to dress and hold yourself in London society straight from the Regency period

As viewers of Bridgerton know, finding the right suitor is an art, requiring charm and beauty. It helped to be a diamond (the most eligible woman of the season, as chosen by the Queen), but all young ladies benefited from careful attention to their…

12/06/2024 The Conversation

Fossil fuel ads work on you too – here’s how

If countries cannot keep fossil fuels in the ground then they should at least keep their ads off the air.

12/06/2024 The Conversation

No commercial incentive to develop gene therapy – hospitals will try to fill the gap

Great Ormond Street Hospital plans to apply to the UK drugs regulator for a gene therapy to cure a rare genetic disorder called ADA-SCID.

12/06/2024 The Conversation

Just thinking about a location activates mental maps in the brain – study

Simply thinking about where you are going may be able to activate mental maps in the brain, new research suggests.

12/06/2024 The Independent

Your smart watch could help track Parkinson’s disease

Wearable devices, like smartwatches, could help scientists to better understand Parkinson’s disease and speed up the approval of new treatments, research suggests.

12/06/2024 The Independent

Lithium discovery hails new era of cheaper and more environmentally friendly electric cars

A new method to extract lithium in a more environmentally friendly and efficient way could have profound implications for the electric vehicle industry, according to researchers.

12/06/2024 The Independent

Design revealed for Aids memorial near Diana ward

Artist Anya Gallaccio will design London's first permanent Aids memorial, just meters from the site of the UK's first specialist HIV ward, opened by Diana, Princess of Wales.

12/06/2024 BBC