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Buzzworthy: Honeybee health blooming at federal facilities across the country

While judges, lawyers and support staff at the federal courthouse in Concord, New Hampshire, keep the American justice system buzzing, thousands of humble honeybees on the building’s roof are playing their part in a more important task: feeding the…

03/06/2023 The Independent

Polymer knee joint ‘could improve quality of life of osteoarthritis patients’

A new kind of artificial knee joint made entirely from polymer could improve the quality of life of people with osteoarthritis who need surgery, scientists have said.

03/06/2023 The Independent

In Guinea, an environmental activist's fight to revive the Kakimbo forest

At age 24, Oumou Hawa Diallo is working to resurrect Conakry's 'green lung', and more broadly to raise Guineans' awareness of environmental issues.

03/06/2023 Le Monde

The double life of a fund manager: one eye on Wall Street, the other on the poker table

Professional gambler Jorge Ufano takes the reins of Spain’s GPM Gestión Activa Alcyon investment fund

02/06/2023 El País

On second thought, it is funny: Comedians and philosophers find common ground

The success of a certain type of monologue and the new attention that the academy pays to humor refresh his old and intimate relationship with thought.

02/06/2023 El País

“I want it rough without being judged for it”: how hardcore sex triumphs in the age of the sexual recession

They say that young people today have less sex than ever, but new forms of intimacy are emerging from this arid terrain that try to move away from the usual formula.

02/06/2023 El País

Analyzing Shiv’s Decision on ‘Succession’ With a Feminist Text

Still grappling with the finale of the hit HBO series? An article by a feminist theorist could be surprisingly helpful with understanding the deals that patriarchal systems offer women.

02/06/2023 New York Times

Field Museum debuts Spinosaurus exhibit featuring largest predatory dinosaur

The newest addition to the Field Museum on Chicago’s lakefront will give visitors a glimpse of the largest predatory dinosaur yet discovered

02/06/2023 The Independent

A Spidey Sense We Haven’t Seen Before

In Across the Spider-Verse, even more thrilling than the dazzling visuals is the hero’s bold psychological journey.

02/06/2023 The Atlantic

Reading DNA from 233 primate species sheds light on what defines the human species and how human diseases emerge

The wealth of genetic information will make it easier to identify pathological mutations, such as the ones that cause cancer

02/06/2023 El País

Julian Casablancas, the lead singer of The Strokes: ‘The direction of mainstream music has been super-depressing to me’

These days, the vocalist is preparing for a summer concert tour and performs with a second band, The Voidz, as well

02/06/2023 El País

Twitch streamer Puppers, who lived with MND, dies aged 32

The gamer, known for playing Dead by Daylight, dies after being diagnosed with motor neuron disease.

02/06/2023 BBC

Pneumatic computer uses pressure instead of electricity

A computer chip made of glass and silicone holds liquids that move from one side of the chip to the other in reaction to pressure changes. This has been used to control and automate miniaturised biochemistry experiments

02/06/2023 NewScientist

Scientists identify key process in cell death that stops cancer from spreading

Scientists have discovered a key process that is involved when the body’s cells die, which also stops cancer from spreading.

02/06/2023 The Independent

Daring baby swans get into more trouble after defying efforts to contain them

Rescuers leapt into action once more on Friday when six of the cygnets got washed over a weir again after learning how to scramble across a boom.

02/06/2023 The Independent

A lullaby really can work magic. Science tells us why and how

Sometimes the right lullaby sends my kids off to dreamland so fast it makes me feel like I have a parenting superpower. Turns out the wonder of lullabies is confirmed by scientific research.

02/06/2023 NPR