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Is selective school right for your child? Here 7 questions to help you decide

Selective schools provide a ‘best of the best’ education in the public system, but can involve added stress for young people.

25/09/2022 The Conversation

Backcountry visitors are leaving poo piles in the Australian Alps – and it's a problem

You’re meant to carry out your poo, if you visit Australia’s alpine backcountry. But not many people do – and it’s leaving plenty of evidence.

25/09/2022 The Conversation

Omicron-specific vaccines may give slightly better COVID protection – but getting boosted promptly is the best bet

As the virus that causes COVID evolves, keeping up with it remains a challenge for variant-specific vaccines. The booster you can get now is the best one to get.

25/09/2022 The Conversation

'Like walking into a crystal': our first preview of the Art Gallery of NSW's new Sydney Modern

The ‘Sydney Modern expansion’ seems a fitting description of a building that effectively doubles the size of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

25/09/2022 The Conversation

We studied 309,544 patent applications – and found inventing is still a man’s world

Although female inventorship has grown over the years, 15 years’ worth of patent outcomes from IP Australia suggests inventing is still a luxury for women.

25/09/2022 The Conversation

How three friends in Spain discovered a heretofore unknown mineral called ermeloite

The International Mineralogical Association has recognized the new finding, which was found by amateur mineralogists on Mount Ermelo in Galicia

25/09/2022 El País

Opinion: 'The Woman King' speaks loud and clear to this Nigerian feminist

The film about female warriors in 1800s West Africa is all too relevant, in 2022, writes Oyeronke Oyebanji: "The inequalities faced by the women in the movie reflect the struggles of women today."

25/09/2022 NPR

Growing Old Online

Millennials, the first generation to be online as kids, are starting to feel like we’ve aged out.  Is there a way to age gracefully on the internet?

25/09/2022 Wired

Red Bathrobe

You’re standing in the doorway in my red bathrobe, one arm stretched out into the sun, a cigarette burning at the tip. You’re leaning on the jamb, talking about ghosts or contrails, the loneliness of Tony Soprano, the compound eye of the housefly.

25/09/2022 The Atlantic