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‘Joyful madness’: ANU scientist wins global prize for ‘dancing his PhD’ about kangaroos

The former Canberra scientist Dr Weliton Menário Costa said it “felt like winning Eurovision” when he learned he had won the global “Dance Your PhD” competition, for his quirky interpretive take on kangaroo behaviour.

27/02/2024 The Guardian

Infrastructure projects '£2.5bn more than planned'

The original cost was £5.63bn for 77 projects but has increased by 44% according to NI Audit Office.

27/02/2024 BBC

New Zealand moves to abolish Maori health authority despite protests

Centre-right government says health agency set up to improve access for Maori people will be abolished by end of June.

27/02/2024 Al Jazeera

Scientists find how one of world’s smallest fishes gets as loud as a jackhammer

Special cartilage, unique rib, and fatigue-resistant muscle are key to the fish’s loud sounds, scientists say

27/02/2024 The Independent

How to be kind to yourself (without going to a day spa)

A one-off trip to a day spa is unlikely to transform your mental health. But these expert tips might help you cut yourself some slack.

27/02/2024 The Conversation

Alabama ruling frozen embryos are equivalent to living children has worrying implications for IVF

A recent ruling from the Supreme Court of Alabama implies frozen embryos are legally equivalent to living children. This creates risks for IVF providers, and therefore problems for patients.

27/02/2024 The Conversation

‘Very happy’ 93-year-old makes Bronx medical school free for all students for ever

The $1.5 billion donation is notable not only for its staggering size, but also because it is going to a medical institution in New York’s poorest suburb.

27/02/2024 Sydney Morning Herald

The US just returned to the Moon after more than 50 years. How big a deal is it, really?

A private company has successfully delivered cargo to the Moon’s surface for the first time. Here’s what that means for future space exploration.

27/02/2024 The Conversation

Gills Aloud? Tiny fish found making very big noise

A tiny, transparent fish makes a sound as loud as a jackhammer, scientists have discovered. They were prompted to investigate after hearing mysterious clicking noises coming from the fish tanks in their lab.

27/02/2024 BBC

Jon Kortajarena: ‘I’m an imperfect ecologist. I do what I can. Of course, I do it poorly sometimes, but that’s better than not doing anything at all’

He’s been working towards responsible consumption for 10 years. Al Gore’s foundation gave him a prize for it. Now, he’s embarking on a new fight against the dictatorship of the new

27/02/2024 El País

Microsoft inks deal with France’s Mistral AI, an OpenAI rival that has its own chatbot

The French startup also announced its newest large language model, Mistral Large, which it claims is in the same league as competitors such as OpenAI’s GPT-4, Anthropic’s Claude 2 and Google’s Gemini Pro

27/02/2024 El País

As Varroa spreads, now is the time to fight for Australia’s honey bees – and you can help

Australia could still take action in the fight against Varroa that wasn’t possible elsewhere. But to do so, we need to fill urgent gaps in bee research.

27/02/2024 The Conversation

The Deeper Problem With Google’s Racially Diverse Nazis

Is there a right way for Google’s generative AI to create fake images of Nazis? Apparently so, according to the company. Gemini, Google’s answer to ChatGPT, was shown last week to generate an absurd range of racially and gender-diverse German…

26/02/2024 The Atlantic

The simple act of getting dressed: Milan’s catwalk finds succor in the everyday

Sabato de Sarno’s second collection at Gucci, cave couture at Mari, Ferragamo and Jill Sander’s conceptual protective coats and the sensual imaginings of Dolce & Gabbana: here’s what the second segment of the Italian fashion week brought

26/02/2024 El País

Renewable energy innovation isn’t just good for the climate — it’s also good for the economy

Recent research about energy industry restructuring options for a green transition indicates that innovation in renewable energy positively influences GDP.

26/02/2024 The Conversation