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Blue whale mother caught feeding her calf on video for first time ever

A snorkelling tourist in East Timor has filmed a pygmy blue whale calf drinking its mother’s milk for the first time


Mind-reading AI recreates what you're looking at with amazing accuracy

Giving AI systems the ability to focus on particular brain regions can make them much better at reconstructing images of what a monkey is looking at from brain recordings


The benefits of anti-ageing medicines will outweigh the downsides

We shouldn't fear life-extending medical advances based on unintended consequences. If we can make lives longer and healthier, potential problems are a price worth paying


Ancient Denisovans hunted snow leopards on the Tibetan plateau

Thousands of bones found in a Tibetan cave have been analysed to learn how mysterious ancient humans known as Denisovans lived


Multiple nations enact mysterious export controls on quantum computers

Identical wording placing limits on the export of quantum computers has appeared in regulations across the globe. There doesn't seem to be any scientific reason for the controls, and all can be traced to secret international discussions


Ants amputate their nestmates’ limbs to save them from infection

Ants are one of the few animals that tend to the injuries of their peers, and now it seems they are also the first non-humans known to perform life-saving amputations


Take a photographic tour around the world's first fully organic state

All farmland in the Indian state of Sikkim, shown in these images, has been certified organic since 2016, and local authorities say the change is already improving wildlife populations and the area's arid soil


Carbon-negative cement can be made with a mineral that helps catch CO2

A process to dissolve the mineral olivine in acid could provide a plentiful, energy-efficient material for carbon-negative cement


Damaged coral reefs can recover quickly after restoration work

Four years after being restored with steel frames, coral reefs in Indonesia damaged by blast fishing grow at the same rate as healthy reefs, but they have lower levels of species diversity


AI designs bespoke 3D-printed prosthetic eyes

Using an artificial intelligence model and 3D printer to create prosthetic eyes reduces the time required to make such implants, which could make them available to more people


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