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The Hunt for the Most Efficient Heat Pump in the World

A new generation of engineers has realized they can push heat pumps to the limit, but just how much heat you can extract depends on your setup.


These Electric School Buses Are on Their Way to Save the Grid

Loaded with ever more renewables, the grid will need to store a whole lot of energy. Enter: a new kind of magic school bus—one that can both charge and give power back.


These Artificial Blood Platelets Could One Day Save Lives

Platelets help blood clot, but they have a short shelf life. With blood in short supply, synthetic platelets could help meet demand.


This Bag of Cells Could Grow New Livers Inside of People

Donor livers are in short supply for transplants. A startup is attempting to grow new ones in people instead.


Oregon's Breakthrough Right-to-Repair Bill Is Now Law

Companies will no longer be allowed to use software checks to verify replacement parts in a major step forward for the right-to-repair movement.


People Hate the Idea of Car-Free Cities—Until They Live in One

Removing cars from urban areas means lower carbon emissions, less air pollution, and fewer road traffic accidents. So why are residents so resistant?


A Pill That Kills Ticks Is a Promising New Weapon Against Lyme Disease

Your pets can already eat a chewable tablet for tick prevention. Now, a pill that paralyzes and kills ticks has shown positive results in a small human trial.


A Startup Has Unlocked a Way to Make Cheap Insulin

Houston-based rBIO has invented a new process to churn out insulin at higher yields using custom-made bacteria.


Why Humans Are Putting a Bunch of ‘Coal’ and ‘Oil’ Back in the Ground

Startups are processing plant waste into concentrated carbon to be buried or injected underground. It’s like fossil fuels, but in reverse.


Can Rock Dust Soak Up Carbon Emissions? A Giant Experiment Is Set to Find Out

The idea that sprinkling rock dust on farmland can soak up atmospheric carbon will be tested at large scale thanks to a $57 million purchase from corporations including Stripe and Alphabet.


A New Type of Geothermal Power Plant Just Made the Internet a Little Greener

A new approach to geothermal energy makes it possible to tap the energy of hot rocks just about anywhere. A pilot plant in Nevada is now helping to power Google data centers.


Millions of EV Batteries Could Retire to Solar Farms

A Southern California company is showing how repurposing EV batteries for solar storage can extend their usefulness for several years.


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