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Cosmic cloud exposed Earth to interstellar space 3 million years ago

The protective bubble around the sun retreated dramatically after colliding with a freezing interstellar cloud, leaving much of the solar system exposed to radiation that shaped our evolution, a study suggests


Tiny great ape fossils identified as new species from Europe

A kneecap and two teeth found in Germany have been identified as belonging to a new species of ape from 11.6 million years ago, thought to have weighed as little as 10 kilograms


Male lemurs grow bigger testicles when there are other males around

Dominant male Verreaux’s sifakas always have the largest testicles in their group to make the most sperm, and they can grow their gonads to make sure of it


Single-celled predator extends its 'neck' with the help of origami

The mystery of how a single-celled predator extends its "neck" by more than 30 times its overall length has finally been solved


Striking image lets you see inside a deep-sea anglerfish's killer jaws

This astonishing image may look like a deep-sea monster, with its big teeth and gaping mouth, but the humpback anglerfish is really no bigger than your hand


There's a simple solution to our salt addiction - we must adopt it now

Efforts to curb the amount of sodium we eat have mostly failed, so governments must now try a new strategy: adding potassium to table salt


Forests may grow more slowly than expected as CO2 levels rise

Rising CO2 levels will spur the growth of forests, which store carbon, but an experiment suggests this effect could be restricted by the availability of phosphorus in the soil


Tiny brain sensor implanted without surgery dissolves after weeks

In animal tests, a cube of hydrogel the length of a rice grain was implanted in the brain with a needle to monitor temperature or pressure, and then dissolved away after a few weeks


Glasses coated in lithium could let us see in the dark

A film made of lithium niobate and gratings of silicon dioxide converts infrared light into visible light better than the other leading compound, potentially allowing nighttime vision


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