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Apple's Biggest AI Challenge? Making It Behave

Apple Intelligence will make apps and services smarter. But Apple’s most notable innovations focus on ensuring the technology doesn't disappoint, annoy, or offend.


Apple Intelligence Will Infuse the iPhone With Generative AI

At its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced its first serious foray into generative AI, with a focus on app integrations and data privacy.


How Game Theory Can Make AI More Reliable

Researchers are drawing on ideas from game theory to improve large language models and make them more correct, efficient, and consistent.


The Science of Having a Great Conversation

Forming meaningful bonds with others can improve your health, make you mentally sharper, and fuel creativity. Making friends can feel daunting, but research shows there are many ways to build better connections.


The World’s Largest Fungarium May Unlock the Mysteries of Carbon Capture

Research is uncovering the key role that fungi play in getting soils to absorb carbon, and how humanity’s actions aboveground are wreaking havoc in the mysterious fungal world below.


An AI Cartoon May Interview You for Your Next Job

As if trying to land a new gig isn’t demoralizing enough, job seekers are meeting with characters powered by generative AI who are capable of meeting with infinite candidates to judge their skills.


The Case for MDMA's Approval Is Riddled With Problems

The FDA is considering approving MDMA alongside psychotherapy as a treatment for PTSD. But evidence of the drug’s effectiveness isn’t clear cut.


OpenAI Offers a Peek Inside the Guts of ChatGPT

Days after former employees said the company was being too reckless with its technology, OpenAI released a research paper on a method for reverse engineering the workings of AI models.


Starship’s Successful Test Moves SpaceX One Step Closer to Mars

The vehicle mostly survived launch and reentry—key stepping stones toward operational flights of the largest rocket in history.


Chatbot Teamwork Makes the AI Dream Work

Experiments show that asking AI chatbots to work together on a problem can compensate for some of their shortcomings. WIRED enlisted two bots to help plan this article.


How Much Energy Would It Take to Pull Carbon Dioxide out of the Air?

A physicist runs the math on direct air capture and warns: This tech won't save us from climate catastrophe.


The Lords of Silicon Valley Are Thrilled to Present a ‘Handheld Iron Dome’

ZeroMark wants to build a system that will let soldiers easily shoot a drone out of the sky with the weapons they’re already carrying—and venture capital firm a16z is betting the startup can pull it off.


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