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Some metals actually grow more resilient when hot

Pelting metals under high temperatures has revealed that some get even stronger when heated, which could help us choose better materials for making helicopters and planes


Fungus lost to science for 42 years found again in Chilean mountains

The big puma fungus hasn't been seen since it was discovered in 1982 in Chile’s Nahuelbuta mountains – now an expedition has finally rediscovered these tiny, elusive mushrooms


Ships could store their CO2 emissions in the ocean

Researchers have designed a new system to capture carbon dioxide from shipping exhaust after studying how limestone naturally dissolves in the ocean


Zapping spinal cord injuries helps restore hand strength and movement

Electrical stimulation on the back during rehabilitation exercises causes lasting improvements in people’s ability to use their hands.


Keto diet may accelerate organ ageing

In mice, a ketogenic diet increases the build-up of zombie-like cells in the heart, kidney, lungs and brain, which can accelerate organ ageing and lead to health problems


Fragile quantum entanglement may survive chaos of chemical reactions

Strange quantum characteristics of molecules can weather the chaos of chemical reactions, which may benefit quantum technologies or unveil hidden natural phenomena


AI noise-cancelling headphones let you focus on just one voice

You can blank out certain types of background noise and focus on just one conversation using prototype noise-cancelling headphones


Genetic mutation gives cats a 'salty liquorice' coat colour

Researchers have discovered the gene variant responsible for a distinctive colour pattern seen in cats in Finland, named salmiak after a variety of liquorice


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