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What went right this week? The good news you should know about

The world got a roadmap for kicking its plastic habit, a fashion magazine scored a win for inclusivity, plus more good news


The shop where the currency is kindness

Introducing the shop that’s pioneering a new type of retail – one where goods are exchanged not for cash, but time. Will the idea catch on?


The best advice for boosting your mental health, according to you

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, Positive News readers share the best advice they have received for improving mental wellbeing


What happened when a designer confronted fashion’s waste problem?

‘Trash becomes fashion,’ says the Estonian designer who’s bringing new meaning to upcycling. Big brands are starting to take notice


What went right this week: eco wins in Paris and New York, plus more

New York became an eco pioneer, Paris cleaned up the Seine, and Ukrainian folksongs were saved from obscurity, plus more


International Nurses Day: three projects empowering care workers

For National Nurses Month, we take a look at the projects that celebrate this vital and often undervalued role


Seaweed solutions: why are people getting so hyped about kelp?

Seaweed has gone from being a tasty side dish, to a way to rewild the seas, make plastics and absorb CO2. Can it really help fix the planet?


Six lifestyle choices that can slash your risk of developing dementia

A new drug has been found to slow Alzheimer’s disease, but prevention is better than a cure. Here’s how to cut your risk


Why three-day weekends are great for wellbeing – and the economy

Today’s holiday for King Charles’s coronation will likely give us all a boost, regardless of whether you’re a royalist. Here’s why


Hotting up: the meteoric rise of the humble heat pump

Some experts say heat pumps are the single most impactful lever to reducing emissions. Here’s why


What went right this week: medical breakthroughs, restoring species, and more

There was an Alzheimer’s breakthrough, the ‘biggest ever’ species reintroduction, and some good news for a giant fish


The UK’s ‘lost’ lidos are coming back from the dead

A clutch of old lidos are reopening across the UK, as people rediscover the joys (and health benefits) of open-air swimming


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