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Record number of dollar millionaires worldwide, study says

The world has never had so many rich people, according to the World Wealth Report. And they are richer than ever, thanks to their investments in the stock market boom.


How to store summer heat for the winter

It is possible to warm houses in winter using heat generated in summer. What storage technologies are available and how good are they? An overview of four methods.


Sustainable energy community in Poland generates green energy for a popular spa town

After choking on polluted air for many years, the Polish spa town of Ladek-Zdroj turned to renewables to clean up its act and improve its air quality. It managed to slash electricity costs in the process.


India on the verge of eliminating 'black fever' kala-azar

Kala-azar, also called visceral leishmaniasis, is the second deadliest parasitic disease after malaria, affecting 200 million people in dozens of countries.


4 ways megacities are tackling air pollution

Air pollution kills millions of people each year, especially in the world's biggest cities. But it can get better! Here's how megacities around the world are making their air cleaner and safer.


Nepal same-sex marriage a milestone for LGBTQ rights in Asia

In Nepal, a cisgender man and a transgender woman, legally considered a man, became the first couple in South Asia to have their "same-sex" marriage legally recognized.


Dengue rates plummeted in Colombia after lab-infected mosquito release

The world sees up to 100 million cases and 22,000 deaths due to dengue every year. Researchers may have found a way to cut those numbers significantly.


EU bans microplastics added to consumer products

The European Commission has adopted a series of broad measures to fight microplastics pollution. What do the new rules entail, when do they come into effect and what are the consequences for industry and consumers?


What you need to know about solid-state batteries

Big companies and car manufacturers like Samsung and Toyota are betting big on solid-state batteries. The next step in battery development. Here's how they work and why we need them.


AIDS: Tanzania makes progress in fight to end epidemic by 2030

Tanzania is prioritizing early testing efforts and effective treatments to meet the global target of ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030. One man is leading his community by example, opening up about his own struggle.


Global accord could cut plastic pollution by 80%

As plastic production continues unabated, new findings say that with sufficient ambition, the world could cut plastic pollution by more than three-quarters.


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