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Kenya needs to embrace mother tongues at school or lose them

Kenya is a multilingual nation with dozens of Indigenous languages. But it risks losing this language diversity unless Kenyan children are taught them at school.


Mother tongue: How kids grow up with multilingualism

More and more children are growing up learning a second or third language at home. There's no perfect strategy — you can even mix languages.


How unhealthy are processed foods?

Processing food is a method in production. It doesn't always mean the food is unhealthy, but it is more likely to be high in calories and low in nutrition.


Why are Europe's farmers struggling with mental health?

Research suggests many of the same pressures driving farmers to protest on the streets are also impacting their health and wellbeing.


Japan aims high with climate bonds for clean tech and energy

Faced with the climate crisis, Japan is betting on its biggest strength — technology. The country is the first in the world to issue sovereign bonds aimed at funneling private money into the green transition.


Sustainable energy community in Poland generates green energy for a popular spa town

After choking on polluted air for many years, the Polish spa town of Ladek-Zdroj turned to renewables to clean up its act and improve its air quality. It managed to slash electricity costs in the process.


India on the verge of eliminating 'black fever' kala-azar

Kala-azar, also called visceral leishmaniasis, is the second deadliest parasitic disease after malaria, affecting 200 million people in dozens of countries.


4 ways megacities are tackling air pollution

Air pollution kills millions of people each year, especially in the world's biggest cities. But it can get better! Here's how megacities around the world are making their air cleaner and safer.


Nepal same-sex marriage a milestone for LGBTQ rights in Asia

In Nepal, a cisgender man and a transgender woman, legally considered a man, became the first couple in South Asia to have their "same-sex" marriage legally recognized.


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