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Billions could face dangerous heat if world exceeds 2C

Under current climate change policies, billions will face life-threatening heat. But a global network of heat officers are tackling the problem in their own cities.


Two Saudi astronauts on Falcon 9 rocket to the ISS

The pair are the first Saudi astronauts to travel to the International Space Station (ISS). Breast cancer researcher Rayyanah Barnawi is the first Saudi woman astronaut.


Myths and pseudoscience are causing HIV to spread

Myths and superstitions about HIV and AIDS are causing the disease to spread, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.


Is it a bird or a plane? How nature inspires green design

Plants and animals have evolved over billions of years to live in all sorts of harsh environments. Now scientists are looking to them for sustainable solutions to tricky design challenges.


The science of passion: Why do we kiss?

Humans exchange millions of disease-spreading bacteria when we kiss. Scientists believe that kissing tests the compatibility of mates ― that it all comes down to swapping spit. But where does the behavior come from?


Africa drives global urbanization

Africa's population is largely rural. But now the continent is driving urbanization: The expansion of cities in the coming decades will experience a similar dynamic to Asia. This is only partly due to the metropolises.


Global accord could cut plastic pollution by 80%

As plastic production continues unabated, new findings say that with sufficient ambition, the world could cut plastic pollution by more than three-quarters.


As sea levels rise, is land reclamation still a good idea?

With coastal areas around the world threatened by rising sea levels and increasingly destructive storms, should we still be creating new land in our oceans?


Recycling our poop to grow food more sustainably

Growing food with the help of our repurposed excrement may not ring with gourmet promise, but in some places around the world, it is slowly becoming a thing — again.


Will RBI's green push help India meet climate change goals?

With a focus on reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable growth, India's central bank is preparing a roadmap to achieve its green transition targets.


EU lawmakers take first steps towards tougher AI rules

Two EU parliamentary committees have backed setting up rules on how generative artificial intelligence like ChatGPT can be used in Europe. Once approved, they would become "the world's first rules" on AI technology.


High and dry: African fishermen feel the burn of their own practices

In some countries along the Atlantic coast, African fishermen are running out of fish. Overfishing is becoming a growing issue, due to both foreign ships and harmful practices among local fishermen.


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