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The Swedish Startup Cutting Down on Methane Emissions by Curbing Cow Burps

When people think environmentally damaging emissions, their minds often conjures up images of automobiles and smoke belching factories. However, a much more literal type of belching also has a major impact - the burps of cows.


Lab Grown Coral Breakthrough Could Help Save Our Dwindling Coral Reefs

An aquarium in Florida achieves a world first by artificially growing ridged cactus coral in their specialised laboratory nurseries.


Have We Entered the Era of Climate Engineering? Cloud Brightening Technology Trialed Over Great Barrier Reef

Until recently, climate engineering was considered too risky to warrant serious attention, but as we edge closer to irreversible climate tipping points, that has begun to change. In April the first-ever tests of cloud brightening technology were…


The New Super Porous Sponge Material Looking to Make Hydrogen Cars Cheaper and Safer

Hydrogen vehicles come with major pros and cons. One of their biggest downsides is that they require expensive fuel tanks. A new material looks to change that.


Glass-Like Solar Panels Could Help Greenhouses Become Completely Energy Neutral

Swapping out glass panels for transparent solar modules, and harnessing the energy from wavelengths of light not used during photosynthesis, could help turn greenhouses into self-sufficient solar power plants.


Masakhane: Using AI to Bring African Languages Into the Global Conversation

Researchers from across the continent are collaborating on an open source AI project to develop machine translation for African languages – facilitating communication, increasing accessibility and opening doors to the world’s youngest continent to…


The Omni Processor: Turning Sewage Into Drinking Water in Senegal (and Beyond?)

Taking the idea of one man's trash being another man's treasure to new lengths, the "omni processor"


Yalla Cooperative: Coding for Impact Between Europe and Gaza

Yalla is a group of web developers, separated by continents, but united by a shared desire to use their digital skills for positive impact.


5 Innovative Ways to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

For many, a cup of coffee is part of their morning ritual - as is throwing the used coffee grounds into the bin. Why not use it for something else instead, like growing your own mushroom farm or making a fragrant fuel?


Wetland Exploration in India Reveals a Plastic-Eating Bacteria That Could Help Tackle Global Plastic Pollution

While investigating their local wetlands, an Indian university stumbled upon bacteria which could be used to break down plastics.


Paris's Public Bike Sharing Schemes: Win or Fail for the Environment?

City-bike share schemes have long been touted as an eco-friendly form of urban mobility, part of the sustainability package of any modern city. But has Paris’s adoption made it a greener city? And does bike sharing in general have genuine…


Smart Seeds and Drones Could Plant 10 Million Trees in Ten Years

Spanish ecopreneurs are turbo-charging reforestation efforts by combining drones and "smart seeds" to make the tree-planting process more efficient, faster and cheaper too.


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